Simple Tarot spread for business

This 3-card Tarot spread can be used when you want to clarify the situation in your business. If you own a firm or a company or even work as a freelancer, then it will be a great help. The same spread will prompt people how to deal with the problems at work, which steps should be taken to minimize the loss if it happens.

Carefully formulate the question regarding work, and then remove three cards from the deck. The resulting reading will help with the concerns you are having and may point to facts that need to be considered.

Here are the questions that can be asked in reading (as examples):

  1. Does my business partner cheat me?
  2. Should I sign the contract with X (the name of the company or a person)?
  3. Is it the best time to deal with new work?
  4. Should I change the direction of my business?