The World Tarot card meaning in the future, love and career readings

Naked girl with a piece of purple cloth inside a large laurel wreath, continual cycle, is shown on the World card. She walks through the wreath finishing one phase to start the next one immediately. Her pose says that she is looking back into the past, but moving forward, into the future. She holds two rods like the Magician’s one in both hands. This indicates that these cards complement each other.

A lion, bull, cherub, and eagle in the corners of the card symbolize four fixed zodiacal signs — Taurus, Leo, Aquarius, and Scorpio. Besides, they refer to the four suits of the Tarot, the four seasons, the four elements, the four points of the compass. These four figures preserve harmony during the journey between the phases of life.

Fast meaning: сompletion, satisfaction, accomplishment, reward, victory, success, journey, travel, wholeness, certainty.

The World card interpretation (upright)

The appearance of the World card means the completion of a process and a sense of accomplishment. This may be related to studies, relationships, marriage, career, etc. The person made his mission and feels whole and complete. The card calls to celebrate success and analyze past mistakes if there were any. This difficult path with the triumph makes the individual stronger and wiser. There is no need to rush to start a new project.

If the person has not yet reached a victorious end, the World says that this moment will come very soon. The card recommends looking back at the path behind in order to see both achievements and mistakes. It helps to gain motivation for the last phase and to avoid problems. However, if things are going badly, and it’s useless to wait for a positive end, the World advises to clear a place for a good new start.

Alternative meaning: a big journey, where the person reveals all the secrets of the Universe and learn about new cultures. It can be a six-month overseas journey, vacation with loved ones or business trip. It takes a long time and is a separate phase of life.

Meaning in love readings

The World for those in a relationship means a sense of completeness and satisfaction. Partners have long built their happy life together and now enjoy harmony. It can also symbolize the wedding, the birth of a child or the success of a joint project. Now the whole world is open to lovers and they can enjoy it and each other.

Alternatively, if the couple has not yet fully reached the goal, the appearance of the card reminds to go to the end. It’s just a little bit left, but it’s not time to relax. Partners should keep the same level of communication and dedicate themselves to the purpose equally. Emotional bond should be supported by both parties. Turn back to see a huge path that is already behind and more complicated than what is left.

For singles, the World means success in self-discovery and self-improvement. The person has achieved harmony and an ideal point of comfort. Things are great at work and in other areas of life too. However, what to do with a romantic relationship that is missing for completeness? A happy person is very attractive to other people. So the World means a lot of communication and attention.

However, it’s a bad idea to just sit and wait until love comes by itself. The World calls to go out and meet new people. Alternatively, the card means a relationship with a traveler or meeting the one during a trip. It is possible to have an affair with someone whose work is connected with flights and travels.

What does the World mean for career and finance?

This tarot card means achieving career goals or completion of an important project that promises reward and recognition. For business, this means the end of the doubts usual for the start-up phase. Perhaps this is not the final, but definitely the last stage. Alternatively, the card means business trip. For finance, the World indicates the flow of money. However, gambling and risky investments can destroy financial stability. The card often indicates rewards and large contracts.

The reversed World meaning

Card in reversed position means having to complete a phase of life or action in order to take it and move on. For example, the person is still waiting for reconciliation with a former partner or can’t accept the fact that his sports career is over. Finding closure is necessary and maybe a special journey requiring attention, meditations and a visualization of taking and forgiving.

Alternatively, The World reversed means inability to achieve a big goal because of ignorance of all necessary steps to it. The person expected an easier way to the top but life always ask for effort. Instead of climbing the mountain on foot, he wants to use a helicopter. The outcome is one, but the sensations are different and the feeling of satisfaction goes out. The importance of achieving is calculated in the difficulties that must be passed. Challenges make a victory sweeter.

On the other hand, the reversed World appears when the person loses focus during the last steps to the goal. Thoughts about future success and life after victory help to return motivation. However, delays in completion can be caused by the loss of an important piece in the process of achieving the goal. The creative approach helps to fix it.

Meaning for love and relationships

The World reversed means stagnation in a relationship. Partners have not resolved the past conflict fully or are not making enough efforts to strengthen their bond. Open conversation is something that can fix the situation.

However, if partners feel that their efforts don’t bring proper results, they must decide whether they need such a relationship. Sometimes lovers break up because of different goals and priorities. In this case, the best option is to choose different roads. But this is only an extreme decision. Before, the couple must honestly express their wishes and try to find a compromise.

For singles, the reversed card is a sign of the need to view all efforts before complaining about the unfortunate love life. Most likely the person was doing not enough or even nothing at all. Love doesn’t come to those who are always at home, but to those who lead an active social life. There is a need to find a new hobby and attend related events to meet a potential partner with common interests.

Alternatively, the reversed World means that past relationships have ended too instantly and it is difficult for the person to recover. The ex made the decision independently and didn’t give the partner the opportunity to prepare for this emotionally. The main thing is not to want to get him or her back. The process of acceptance and completion requires a lot of efforts. This should be the priority for the person, but he shouldn’t forget about the love opportunities around.

Reversed World for career and money

The main meaning: a person sets impossible goals in his career and can’t achieve them. However, creativity and lack of fear can change the situation. The main thing is not to think about the possibility of making a mistake since we are all not perfect. The card in a reversed position means a difficult financial situation. There is a need to avoid risky investments. The person should give up expensive purchases and find a more stable budget spending scheme.

The tarot card advice

The World means victory and achievement. The card recommends enjoying this moment and being grateful. People who have helped the person achieve the goal also deserve a reward. It’s not necessary to rush to new affairs. If the case hasn’t yet been completed, it’s necessary to use all the strength and attention to reach the victory. In addition, the World advises to accept and forget what is impossible to return.

Card answer: Yes or No

The World is associated with the end of a journey and satisfaction. The card means a positive outcome and reward. The answer to your question is YES.