The Wheel of Fortune tarot card meaning in reversed and upright position

Tarot Card description

The giant wheel of fortune is depicted in the center of the card. Four Hebrew letters – YHVH (Yod Heh VauHeh), the unpronounceable name of God, and the letters TORA, representing Torah, meaning “law”, or TAROT, or ROTA for “wheel”. The inner wheel has the alchemical symbols for sulfur, mercury, water, and salt, which form life and symbolize the four elements.

Three mythical figures are around the wheel. The snake, the Egyptian god Typhon, crawls on the left side and represents a man’s immersion into the material world. The Anubis, the Egyptian God of the dead and the guide to the underworld, is shown on the right. Sphinx on top of the wheel means wisdom and knowledge.

The corners of the Wheel of Fortune are occupied by four creatures with wings, a symbol of stability during change, which refer to four zodiac signs — Aquarius, Scorpio, Leo, and Taurus. They all read the Torah, a sign of wisdom.

The Wheel of Fortune meaning in upright position

General interpretation

The Wheel of Fortune refers to the cyclical nature of life, constant movement and change. If everything is bad now, it will get better soon. However, if the person is pleased with what is happening now, the card reminds that it is temporary and everything will bounce back to “normal”. The upright position is positive and means that the Universe will fix everything for the better. The main thing is to keep the mind open to hear its sign. The power of fate and the magic of miracles are on the man’s side.

Alternatively, The Wheel of Fortune represents Karma and “what goes around comes around.” Kindness returns as well as evil and envy. The man shows his desires with his actions and the Universe gives him what he deserves. The map indicates the need to help and ask for help.

The Wheel of Fortune also means a shocking twist. These can be unpleasant changes caused by external factors. It is impossible to resist; the only way out is to accept. On the other hand, it may be a sign of new opportunities. The person gets something he hasn’t dreamed of and uses it to change everything.

In love readings

Without a doubt, the Wheel of Fortune means change for those who are in a relationship. Upright card position promises things to go in a positive direction. This may be a sign of the beginning of a new, more serious stage in the life of a couple or a common project. The Wheel of Fortune often means real soulmates.

However, change is not always easy. The Wheel of Fortune often indicates forced transformation, when partners push progress with quarrels. Whatever happens, it leads to the necessary point of development for each participant of the couple.

Sometimes the card tells about a breakup. This is true if the lovers have nothing in common, only the feelings. But there is no need to be disappointed because it gives both partners freedom and the chance to find a better relationship. They need to talk about their goals and plans before making a decision.

For singles, the Wheel of Fortune means that the potential partner is already in progress. This is a lucky card that promises a new romantic relationship. However, even the Universe is not able to do everything without human intervention and asks for help. Tarot recommends being sociable, attending social events to meet the right person. There is a need to choose carefully as the person actually has a large selection of candidates now. Besides, the Wheel of Fortune indicates finding true love.

In career and money readings

The Wheel of Fortune in a reversed position means a bad workplace. The person doesn’t like his position, doesn’t receive enough money, or his superiors treat him disrespectfully. He must think about what he is doing wrong and what he wants to achieve in his career in the future. But it’s dangerous to make some cardinal decisions as the card promises that the Universe will give the signal of a better time for a change. The reversed Wheel of Fortune is a good moment for risky investments and gambling. But don’t make big purchases.

The Wheel of Fortune meaning in reversed position


The reversed Wheel of Fortune is a sign of bad luck. Things change in a negative direction and the person can do nothing or try to take control of the situation. It is important to understand what actions led to this outcome and take responsibility for the consequences. There is always something that can lead to a more positive result. The person should remember that nothing passes just like that and all that happened to him is an important life lesson.

Alternatively, the Wheel of Fortune in a reversed position means conscious or subconscious resistance to change. Things were decided without human intervention, which led to stress and the desire to avoid irreversibly. But this is impossible, so the person can only accept the will of fate and move on.

The reversed Wheel of Fortune also has a positive prediction. It’s a sign of the end of a series of negative events. Things can be solved on their own or with human intervention. Perhaps the person has realized the cause of the problems and accepted the consequences. On the other hand, the card warns that the end comes only when the situation reaches its fatal peak.

Reversed card for  relationships

The reversed card means stagnation in a relationship. However, the partners shouldn’t make hasty conclusions and decide to break up. Each couple has its ups and downs. Usually, this is just a calm period before a new phase. The situation may be complicated by old mistakes that constantly remind of themselves.

But this doesn’t mean that lovers should wait for better times. They must work together to strengthen their bond and return the love that was at the beginning of the relationship. The reversed Wheel of Fortune recommends bringing back the feeling of first romantic dates and doing what both partners like. If this does not help to rekindle the fire of passion, then parting is probably the right decision.

For singles, the Wheel of Fortune reversed means having to learn from old mistakes. Failures in the love life are caused by improper behavior and habits. The person should think about what he does wrong and fix it in the next relationship. There is no need to be sad because mistakes are a valuable experience. It is also worth noting that a new love won’t appear soon.

Alternatively, the Wheel of Fortune in a reversed position indicates that the person hasn’t yet recovered from the past relationship. It makes it difficult to live a happy life. The main thing is not to think and try to return the old as this will only lead to negative consequences. The person should accept it and go with the flow.

For money and career

The Wheel of Fortune is a sign of good luck in a career. The card means a promotion, successful launch of a project or getting a dream job. If the person has financial problems, it will end soon. Besides, there is no need to be afraid to ask for help from friends and colleagues. Alternatively, if the person feels financially comfortable, the Wheel of Fortune means a series of money-related troubles. It promises to last not long and the savings should help to survive this period.

The Wheel of Fortune advice

The card speaks of irreversible changes and fate. Whatever happens to the person, he must accept it as it is his path. The only thing he can do is analyze what led to such consequences and learn from mistakes if necessary. The Wheel of Fortune also symbolizes Karma. Therefore, there is a need to shear kindness to get it back.

Yes or No Tarot Reading

The Wheel of Fortune is associated with change, luck, and the flow of life. The card has a positive aura despite the possibility of little troubles. The answer to your question is yes.

Fast keys: change, luck, destiny, karma, life cycle, go with the flow, a turning point, shock, ups and downs.