Two of Swords meaning for love, money and future

The Two of Swords shows a girl in a white robe with a blindfold. Her eyes cannot see her surroundings and the facts that prevent her from realizing the problem and finding a solution. She is misinformed and lost. However, you should not consider her helpless, as she holds two swords in both hands. They are in perfect balance, which speaks of her ability to control thoughts and pay attention to both sides of the issue.

Water occupies almost half the background of the card, which indicates emotions. However, Swords cards traditionally symbolize intellect and mental strength. Therefore, the card shows the need to use both the head and the heart in making decisions. Small islands mean obstacles because the girl’s choices are not perfect enough and she should work out her plans more carefully. The crescent moon on the right says that she must trust her intuition.

The card general meaning


The Two of Swords symbolizes two choices. Both have the same potential, good or bad. You are standing still because you do not know where your decision will lead. In this case, you must evaluate the pros and cons to make the most accurate judgment. At the same time, you must use your intellect, emotions and inner voice. You can also draw two or four cards more as a help to make a decision.

You, as well as the girl in the Two of Swords, do not see the environment. You do not notice important details or do not have the necessary information to see the full picture. The situation may have hidden risks, critical issues or alternative options. You will see this after removing the blindfold. Understand the essence and avoid the opinions of others. Regularly check small parts not to miss anything. The Two of Swords is a reminder that the right decision comes after complex calculations of probabilities and facts.

Alternatively, the blindfolded woman in the Two of Swords assumes that she has closed her eyes by herself to avoid responsibility. Maybe, you think that ignoring the problem is the best way out, and things will be solved over time by themselves. However, this is not the case, and you should pay attention to the issue and find a solution. The card also means that you are delaying an important answer or action. You can’t avoid it forever, so it’s time to move on.


The Two of Swords reversed says that you have two options and do not know what to choose. You think that both of them will lead to negative consequences. However, standing still is not an option as the situation only worsens. Maybe you do not have enough information that you cannot get because of restrictions. As well as the blindfolded woman, you are close to the solution, but you cannot see it because your eyes are closed. On the other hand, you are overwhelmed by the opinions of others and cannot concentrate. Rely on trusted people and their advice.

Listen to your intuition. The outside world can drown your thoughts with numerous opinions and advice. Cut them off and spend time alone with your inner voice in a quiet environment. Trust your wisdom and knowledge you are confident in.

The Two of Swords reversed often means a dead point in a dispute or relationship. You can find such a situation in the workplace or in personal life. The problem is that none of the participants wants to look at the issue from the other angle. Remove the blinders to find a compromise.

Alternatively, the reversed Two of Swords means that you are between two warring parties. You want to end the conflict, but it’s not easy. For example, you have two quarreling friends and wish to return harmony, but you just listen to their complaints about each other. If you can’t handle the two opposing parties, better leave the battlefield.

Two of Swords for love and relationship


The Two of Swords appearance means a dead point in the relationship or discussion. You and your partner often quarrel and cannot find a solution or common ground. A temporary break is a good way out. Maybe you need to switch to another topic or routine life before returning to the issue with fresh vision. Stay alone with your thoughts and let your partner do the same. So you can consider all the pros and cons of the matter and think about a compromise.

The card means a difficult decision, for example, separation for various reasons. If you really understand that you cannot be with your partner and your arguments are correct, break the relationship. The consequences can be painful, but you have to take it and move on. Understand that this is better for both of you.

Alternatively, the Two of Swords means choosing between two relationships. This does not say that you have two partners, but for example, you must choose between love and friends. Use all the facts to make a decision and accept any of the outcomes.

If you are single, the Two of Swords means two fans in your life, and you should choose one. Both potential partners are good, which makes the decision difficult. However, you must do it for the good of all. Choose not only with your heart but with your mind too. Alternatively, the card says that you are in love, but you don’t dare to tell the person about it, because you are afraid of failure.


If you are in a relationship, the Two of Swords reversed symbolizes fear because of the need to make an important decision. You are under stress. Instead of solving a problem with a partner, you are detaching from him. The choice is difficult but possible. Get rid of anxiety and look at the facts. Alternatively, the reversed card means that you are worried about petty quarrels and do not want to see the global problem that causes them. You must solve this to avoid a crisis.

On the other hand, the Two of Swords in a reversed position can indicate an awareness of the nature of the problem after a long period of misunderstanding. Previously, you did not know where to go, but now you know where the positive future is. However, remember that you must move with your partner, so do not rush if he or she is not ready yet.

If you are single, the Two of Swords reversed speaks of your anxiety and fear of love relationships. You refuse to date because you feel uncomfortable due to the lack of romance for a long time. Be gentle with yourself and get out of this state slowly. Start with public meetings like a party or cafe, before a one-on-one date.

Two of Swords for money and career


For a career, the Two of Swords indicates that you are in the middle of a conflict and must choose between two parties. Perhaps you should choose between two available positions. The card warns you that you do not know all the facts and risk making the wrong choice. Analyze all the details before taking the next step. In the financial tarot, the Two of Swords means the need for a difficult decision to solve the problem. Do not ignore the question and pay attention to the details. Ask a professional for advice.


The Two of Swords reversed can mean that conflicts in the workplace lead to stress and overwhelm you. Delays and problems associated with your project or promotion are possible. Alternatively, the card talks about the situation that bothers you clarifying. Now you clearly see ways to solve the problem. In addition, all “dirty laundry” can come to light. Make sure you are not involved in illegal matters. For finance, the Two of Swords reversed means realizing the causes of the problem and finding a solution. Be realistic and do not waste your money.

Two of Swords advice

The Two of Swords appears to those who do not want to see the truth or are limited in information. In this case, you must remove the blindfold and see the full picture. This is important for decision-making. The card also recommends using your intellect and intuition in solving the issue, without forgetting your personal interests.

Yes / No Tarot Reading

The Two of Swords symbolizes the decision to be made. It should be a compromise of mind and heart or of two parties. The answer to your question is maybe.