Two of Pentacles meaning in tarot readings

The Two of Pentacles shows a deft man who juggles 2 coins with his both hands. The sign of infinity connects these coins and means the endless possibilities and resources of the man which help him to continue his actions for a long time. The background is minimalistic. You can see the raging sea and two ships trying to conquer the wild waves. This requires a significant focus of both captains. This is a sign that you, like the captains of both vessels, should be focused on overcoming obstacles to defeat them.

General meaning: 2 pentacles


The Two of Pentacles appearance says that you play many duties and roles the same as the man on the front side of the card juggles his coins. You are a responsible parent, a successful businessman and a manager of your own life. You know how to balance between all matters and properly allocate resources, but remember that there is a small line between coping and failure. The best option for you now is to assess the situation and set priorities. The Two of Pentacles is a sign that you must carefully monitor that bills are paid and meetings are not missed.

The card in an upright position indicates that you are in a hurry from one business to another, forgetting about rest. But, in fact, the break is necessary as it fills up your energy. Alternatively, you work every day and get used to the routine, but you don’t notice the whole picture of your life. You could dream bigger for you. Think about your desired future and the actions to achieve it.

The Two of Pentacles also appears to those who stand the balance but still cannot find peace and success. The card reminds that control of all areas of life is not possible, and when you pay attention to one business, the other slows down. This is not bad; you just have to be more patient now. Life can also give you last-minute tasks, so you need to be flexible.


The reversed position of the Two of Pentacles talks about your inability to find the right balance in life. You overload yourself, do not keep to the schedule and are constantly late. With this, you do not control finances and bills. Depression overpowers you, but people around still do not see your problems; although, these will soon become obvious. You need to structure your actions and time with plans and “to do” lists. Not all of your priorities lead to a goal, so avoid high-cost but low-value tasks.

The appearance of a card in a reversed position means that you pay more attention to one area of life and ignore others. For example, you are building a career forgetting about your family. Your parents, children or partner feel lonely at this time. Remember that work, no matter how important and beloved it is, can wait while you spend time with your loved ones.

The reversed Two of Pentacles advises deciding on a single area for development. Only by focusing on one goal you can maximize success. Direct all your strengths, time and other resources for a guaranteed victory.

Two of Pentacles for love and relationships


If you are in a relationship, the Two of Pentacles means that you have difficulties interfering with your couple’s development. Maybe, you have very different characters and temperaments, so you doubt the necessity of each other in your lives. However, the situation can be solved, only a little (or a lot) of efforts are needed. Thus, you are faced with the fact that you have to make a choice in terms of the future of the relationship. You can give your all or break up. Your love should become a priority, but remember that such commitment can harm other areas of life.

Alternatively, the Two of Pentacles means an important financial decision that your couple must make. For example, buying a house, car, opening a savings account or taking out a loan of a large amount together.

If you are single, the Two of Pentacles represents a deliberate choice of the need for relationships right now. Do you have a place and time for a new partner? Can you keep the balance between personal life and work? Think twice about the answer to these questions before starting a new relationship. Remember that you must be responsible to yourself and the new person in your life.


The appearance of the Two of Pentacles reversed suggests that you cannot cope with juggling several responsibilities. You spend too much time on work and financial management forgetting about your loved one. If you have a family, maybe you give your love more to the children and your partner suffers. Besides, you do not take part in the development of the relationships; that can lead to scandals. Disagreements may already be present but you “solve” them by ignoring. Depression due to problems in the workplace can aggravate the situation and lead to the end point.

Alternatively, the card in a reversed position may indicate a need to choose between two relationships. Background and conditions may be different: from the choice of a profitable union to a decision between the saving and destruction of the family.

If you are single, the Two of Pentacles reversed does not recommend you start a new relationship soon. Most likely, you understand this because you have a lot of other things that completely take your time and energy. You are developing other areas of your life and cannot find a place for a new person in the schedule. Successful relationships require attention and effort, but you cannot provide them right now. If you want to find a partner, make the search for love a priority.

2 Pentacles for money


The appearance of the Two of Pentacles means making an important career risk decision. You may have been thinking about your own business otr new job, but you are not sure if this is a good option. Well, every great achievement requires risks. You can only minimize the chance of loss and failure. In a financial context, the Two of Pentacles recommends monitoring the balance of income and outgoings. Avoid unnecessary expenses and control profits to cover losses. The card also means important financial decisions so you may find yourself depressed. However, your stress is temporary. Despite the complexity of the situation, you must be flexible, be able to adapt and think rationally. Now you have a real opportunity to succeed.


The Two of Pentacles reversed says that you take too much responsibility on yourself. Redistribute responsibilities and pay your attention to something one; otherwise, you risk failing all. Alternatively, you have already faced a lousy balance and control failure. Take it as a lesson and go ahead or start a new business. In a financial Tarot reading, the card foreshadows financial problems due to bad decisions. Perhaps you did not evaluate your opportunities properly and took out an unbearable loan or invested in a failed project. Anyway, it’s too late to redo something. Think more rationally and wisely next time. Use the services of professional assistance if necessary.

Card Advice

The Two of Pentacles talks about balance and the possible difficulties associated with it. You have to control and distribute your strength equally to all areas of life, but sometimes something can work worse, and it’s okay. Remember that inconveniences are temporary. If you are not able to find a balance, focus on one area or goal. The card also indicates possible risks that may lead to success. In this case, you should think twice, calculate all potential consequences and make a rational decision.

Yes / No Tarot Reading

The Two of Pentacles talks about balance and the need to juggle your actions and priorities. There may be risks that turn into wealth. The card does not have a definite answer.