Two of Cups: meaning for future, love and money

Two of Cups: meaning for future, love and money

The Two of Cups shows man and woman, who exchange cups as a sign of mutual love. The Caduceus of Hermes, a winged staff with two snakes, flies over them. It is an ancient symbol of exchange and trade. The head of a lion at the top of the caduceus is a sign of passion and energy. This means that lovers have a strong sexual attraction to each other. The background is minimalistic and doesn’t distract from the main characters.

General meaning: reversed and upright position


The Two of Cups symbolizes sincere love between two people. The basis of this relationship is shared values and deep connection. Often the appearance of the card means the initial stages. However, an intangible attraction is already present. Partners experience physical and spiritual intimacy. Lovers must unlock the potential of each other. Such a union can achieve a lot.

In addition, the card may indicate strong friendships and business partnerships. The essence of cooperation is the exchange of energy and mutual benefit of both parties. The participants respect each other’s ideas and views. The Two of Cups may be a sign that friendship grows into a business idea or people find a love partner at work.

The Two of Cups can mean the perfect union of people with different talents. Such a duet can achieve a lot in business as they complement each other’s skills. For example, a talented artist and experienced trader found each other and succeeded. Neither one nor the other would have achieved this independently. A relationship is supported by mutual trust and respect. However, it is worth remembering that the business world is cruel. Parties should sign a contract with clearly defined rules for both. It’s better to continue companionship outside work to keep the spirit of friendship.


The reversed Two of Cups is about self-love. A person who loves and respects himself is always happy and attractive. He takes success as he knows that he deserves it. Before asking others for respect, a person must find inner harmony and accept himself as he is. If one has no balance, he becomes desperate or clingy. This behavior attracts wrong relationships. No one else can give a person self-confidence except himself.

Besides, the Two of Cups in a reversed position may indicate the state of the victim. In this case, the card appears as a warning. The person must avoid people who may harm him. If abuse or bullying has already happened and continues on a regular basis, the one should ask for help.

The Two of Cups reversed is more related to love relationships, but can also talk about toxic friendship. The card can indicate a dishonest, hypocritical person, or one-sided companionship. It’s about imbalanced relationships with a lack of mutual respect. Alternatively, it means the end of a relationship with a longtime friend.

The card in a reversed position often warns about insidious plans of someone from a close circle. The person should pay attention to friends, relatives, love or business partners. The reason for a sudden deception or action behind the one’s back may be recent arguments.

2 of Cups meaning for love and relationships

Upright position

The Two of Cups means a perfect union. Partners share the same interests, attitudes, and lifestyle. Their love is limitless, and the sexual energy is intense. They can be not just lovers, but also friends and business partners too. The couple is harmonious, loving, and supportive. If the relationship is still at the initial stage and the lovers only learn each other, they can be sure that they are soulmates. The Two of Cups foreshadows a great perspective of a successful relationship.

The things are promised to move on to the next level when the Two of Cups appears. This will come along with a new wave of emotions and a deeper connection between the partners. The couple can expect many romantic dates with passionate nights. The appearance of the card also means a romantic proposal, engagement, and marriage.

The Two of Cups is also a good card for those who are single. The one can expect an incredible romance with soulmate soon. Tarot foreshadows the ideal partner who will understand and share the interests of the person. A relationship is promised to develop quickly and easily. It will grow into a long-term and robust union. The Two of Cups can also mean romance with someone from the past.

Reversed card

For those who are in a relationship, the appearance of the Two of Cups in a reversed position is a bad sign. The card means arguments, breakup, divorce or canceled wedding. The reason is the lack of emotional connection that attracted lovers to each other earlier. The situation may be aggravated by the absence of deep dialogue and distrust. One or both partners do not make efforts to develop the relationship. Also, it is possible that someone in the couple is attracted to another person.

Alternatively, the Two of Cups reversed means that the partners are highly dependent on each other. As a result, both suffer because of over-saturation with each other and lack of personal time. Everyone must find an individual hobby and spend time alone or with friends. Another option is that one partner behaves clingy towards another. This leads to arguments and offense. There is a need to find harmony within each of the partners first to gain it in the relationship.

Also, the person must be careful. Sometimes, the Two of Cups reversed means a toxic relationship. It warns about the manipulation, dominance and control behavior of one of the partners. Refer to supporting cards for accurate prediction.

For those who are single, The Two of Cups reversed means a future relationship with an unsuitable person. Partners are far emotionally from each other and have nothing in common. The card can also indicate a potential partner that suddenly appears and then disappears. This behavior brings only disappointment.

Two of Cups for money and career


The Two of Cups symbolizes a successful business partnership. In the case of the signing of an agreement or contract, the person can expect that cooperation will be smooth and productive. Both parties have similar interests and goals. The card means harmony and balance. The one feels comfortable in the workplace, gets along with colleagues and does not overwork. The Two of Cups foreshadows a calm period in the career without ups and downs. About finance, the card indicates stability. The person has enough money to pay bills and buy what is needed, but nothing more.


The Two of Cups reversed means the end of a business partnership because of the inability of the parties to trust each other. The card may also indicate a failed collaboration. If a person works in a team, there are some arguments with colleagues. Sometimes, the appearance of Two of Cups in a reversed position speaks about bullying or harassment from co-workers. The card also indicates a lack of balance in money management. The person spends more than he earns.

Two of Cups advice

The Two of Cups has a clear prediction for lovers. Appreciate your partner as this is the person you have been waiting for all your life. Working as a team, treat the ideas of others as your own, with respect and passion. This is especially important being in a circle of people with different talents.

Yes/No Tarot Reading

The Two of Cups symbolizes love and perfect relationships, where both parties get what they want. The card means friendship and partnership. It has a positive aura. The answer to your question is yes.