Three of Pentacles tarot card meanings

The Three of Pentacles shows a young stonemason standing against a wall with a hammer ready to hit a nail. Two architects stand next to him and check the plan of action. According to the stylish design of the cathedral walls, these two are professionals. The stonemason, despite his youth, is a very skillful guy and shows the work done with pride and architects appreciate him. Their body language shows that everyone makes the same contribution.

General meaning

Upright position

The Three of Pentacles is about teamwork for success. Neither stonemason nor architects could build the cathedral without each other’s help. Everyone has their own talent and cannot reach the goal without the contribution of another person with a different skill.

The card speaks about the need for people with different ideas and skills to collaborate. In this case, each of the participants should appreciate the contribution of other members of the group in the way architects and stonemason respect each other. Everyone can have different working methods, experience and attitude, but together they achieve a better result. An essential aspect of a successful team is the ability to listen to each other and accept something for yourself.

The Threes of all the suits talk about the initial stage of work, and the Three of Pentacles is no exception. You have already formed an idea, a plan, and prepared the resources and the team of performers and are ready to start the action. You are still far from the finish, but you will not only get closer to your goal over time but also realize the immensity of your abilities. The Three of Pentacles also talks about work management and following a schedule.

Reversed position

The Three of Pentacles reversed means conflicts in the team that hinders the implementation of the project. No one wants to listen to the ideas and opinions of other members. The problem can be solved by a general meeting to remind the original goal and create a new agreement on mutually beneficial terms. If someone is not happy with the size of his contribution to the business, review this issue and make everyone equal. This also applies if someone tries to take sole control over everyone or exceeds his duties.

The card in reversed position may indicate a feeling of depression at work. Your efforts are not appreciated sufficiently, or you understand that you do not have the opportunity for career growth or at least skills improvement. The Three of Pentacles may be a sign of changes and the search for a new job.

The Three of Pentacles reversed can appear to people, who are used to doing all the work by themselves. They are often called lone wolves. You think that only you know how to do the job best and you don’t like to wait until others finish their part. Maybe, this is the right approach. However, if you do not withstand the load, you risk ruining the whole thing with your stubbornness; therefore, ask for help.

3 of Pentacles — love and relationships

Upright position

The Three of Pentacles has a good meaning for couples in love Tarot. If you have been together for a long time, the card means that you have learned each other and are aware of all the negative and positive qualities. You grew up together and developed the same way, which gives you a unique harmony. Alternatively, the Three of Pentacles says that you are committed to the relationship a lot. At the same time, there are still problems, and it is best for you and your partner to contact a family psychologist or ask advice from experienced couples.

If your relationship is at the initial stage, it’s most likely that you and your partner have very different personalities. Both of you should not only get used to each other but also learn how to apply your characters to improve the quality of relationships and living together in general.

If you are single but in love, the Three of Pentacles may mean that the person you are interested in is also interested in you. If you do not have a potential partner on the horizon, the card says that you can meet him through work or study.

Reversed position

The appearance of the Three of Pentacles reversed in your love Tarot can mean the presence of third parties that interfere with your relationship. All the problems between you and your partner come from the fact that your relationship is not very beneficial to someone. It can also mean that you lack the maturity and responsibility to resolve all issues peacefully. Besides, both of you are not making efforts for the positive development of relationships and mutual growth. It doesn’t matter how long you are together, you feel distant because of selfish approach.

If you are single, the Three of Pentacles reversed means your apathy towards romantic relationships. You do not make the maximum possible effort to find a partner as you consider it is not necessary. The problem is possible in you, and you are not happy with the idea of dating someone. You may just not be ready for responsibility or have other more important things. Alternatively, you often change partners while your relationship develops equally unsuccessful. The problem is that you make the same mistakes every time and do not want to learn from failed attempts.

Three of Pentacles  meaning for money


The appearance of the Three of Pentacles in your career Tarot spread is a sign of excellent business approach and commitment. You already have previous successes as a base and multiply it with your dedication to the business. You may be engaged in additional education or special courses for advanced training. The card is an indicator of rewards and recognition, so your work does not go unnoticed. Alternatively, the Three of Pentacles foreshadows teamwork or collaboration for the implementation of an important project. This is a great chance to demonstrate your skills and learn new things. If you have recently started a business, you will find a series of difficulties; however, you will successfully cope with them. The card is foreshadowing rewards for your work.


For a career, the Three of Pentacles means a loss of motivation and deterioration in the quality of work. The problem is not the lack of resources or opportunities, but you. You lack experience, qualification; you do not want to learn and do not take criticism as a lesson. If you participate in a project with other specialists, the collaboration will not go well. If you recently started your business, problems will arise because of your lack of readiness and motivation. The appearance of the card in a reversed position means the need for additional actions to achieve financial security. Only decent work can bring decent money.

Card Advice

If you are involved in teamwork, you must respect your colleagues, show yourself with dignity and accept the opinions of others as useful information. You should also be responsible and make the most useful contribution to the business. The Three of Pentacles is a sign of good work and valuable skills. Study new professions or improve your set of qualities.

Yes or No — the Three of Pentacles

Represents teamwork, improvement, and final success. The answer to your question is yes.