The Three of Wands tarot card meanings

The main elements of the card appearance are 3 wands. It has a person standing between them, mostly a man, sometimes a woman turned away. He stands on a cliff and looks in the direction of the sea with calmly floating ships.

3 of Wands main meaning


The Three of Wands, in this case, talk about the readiness of your plans to be implemented. You will experience fresh opportunities in the future that will increase the realization potential. It is only necessary to remember that all achievements come bit by bit and your actions should be smooth and well planned. Reading tarot, in this case, means completely new opportunities in different areas of your life through study, travel or business partnerships.

Perhaps you should look around because the Three of Wands believes that some opportunities are open to you right now. The best advice for you right now is to be focused on the goal and remain open-minded. The card also means possible obstacles to the discovery of new abilities and territories. You must be in constant motion to open new doors and opportunities even by yourself. The upright position of the card indicates your total control over your life and that you are also ready to accept and explore new perspectives. So try to think and dream wider than your current limitations.

Water on the card means traveling far from your home, outside the country or even the continent. The upcoming trip promises incredible impressions, acquaintance with fresh views and learning of unknown things. Be confident and open to new discoveries.


The Three of Wands in a reversed position suggests your fatigue from long study and self-development, which ultimately did not lead to the fulfillment of your plans and desires. The reasons may be different, from lack of inspiration and motivation to blocking your actions by someone else. Unfortunately, the result is a disappointment and a sense of wasted time. However, the card considers that failures are also training, which also affects your life.

You may also have difficulty in taking action and moving towards the implementation of plans. You think about the fact that your goals and tasks for their implementation are impossible for you. Perhaps you really made a mistake and didn’t notice the risks or didn’t evaluate your possibilities initially. The Three of Wands considers that the only thing you can do now is to temporarily stop your thoughts about the big ultimate goal and try to solve small obstructive tasks. Spend more time planning and calculating all factors.

Three of Wands for love and relationships


If you are in a relationship, First, it is worth saying that the Three of Wands means that you or your partner personify the qualities inherent in the card. In general, this is a good sign as a love tarot foreshadows a trip for two that will bring a lot of new things to your relationship. You are satisfied with your relationship with your chosen partner, and you are expected to share a happy end. The upright Three of Wands can mean the occurrence of an event that will cause you and your partner to experience a relationship at a distance.

If you are single, then most likely you are happy in your loneliness. If not, you will clearly experience the benefits of living without relationships soon. The Three of Wands recommends just spread your wings and enjoy the free flight. Now you definitely do not need a connection as you think about other things and have other plans for your free time. However, a small holiday romance may happen during your traveling or business trip. Perhaps it will grow into long-term relationships at a distance.


In this case, the card indicates disagreement with your partner about the future of the couple, which is the reason for the lack of progress. Most likely, your loved one does not want to put a lot of effort into the development of your relationship but do traveling far from you. This is contrary to your plans for living together. The desire to move away from your partner may also be in you, so you feel that your wings are being cut. In this case, the Three of Wands recommends to talk and resolve the differences with a compromise.

The Three of Wands reversed can mean that you cannot move away from past relationships and forget them. You feel guilty of your resent partner exit because of your wrong approach and afraid that this can happen with a new relationship. This prevents you from feeling all the benefits of being single. Speaking about your future relationship, avoid short-term holiday romance and do not make plans for a person who travels a lot. Relationships at a distance can only bring a sad outcome for you.

Three of Wands for money and career


The Three of Wands foreshadows a trip abroad related to your current or future job. Perhaps you will go to discover fresh opportunities, knowledge, and ways to earn money. If this is a business trip, it will bring you success and global recognition of your company. Maybe you will establish foreign trade and find new partners. On the other hand, this may be a sign to reconsider your attitude to work or find a replacement for the method of earning money. Tarot card foreshadows the success of your finances and replenishment of your wallet. Use the extra money to get new skills and travel for a holiday or self-development.


This means the failure of a business trip or refusal of an employer abroad. Most likely your plans will change for the worse due to constant delays or obstacles. Your business can fail in the global market or lose foreign partners. Also, it is not necessary to start a fresh partnership, as it is likely that you will be manipulated to obtain benefits. The Three of Wands also says that you feel frustrated in choosing your current job and the inability to reveal yourself. You are also entirely chaotic about spending, and your finances are constantly at a loss. The Minor Arcana card advises thinking more about your investment to avoid problems.

Three of Wands advice

The card means the presence or future appearance of completely new opportunities for you that may affect different areas of your life. All you have to do is be open to new things and knowledge. However, this does not mean that you should only wait; the Three of Wands advises constantly moving forward to achieve your goal and obtain new opportunities. Do not be afraid of obstacles as they are educational in nature. Try to take the chance and go on a journey for relaxation, self-development or the discovery of new views.

Yes / No Tarot Reading

The Three of Wands means a successful start, new opportunities, and a positive partnership. The card will significantly affect your working position, and by its appearance in your tarot spread, it says that you are on the right way to success. The positive tone of the card indicates unconditional yes.