The Ten of Wands tarot card meanings

The main character of the card holds a bunch of heavy wands. It is incredibly difficult for him; however, he sees that the city is not far and it motivates him to go ahead.

10 of Wands general meaning


The Tens signify the end of a long action in Tarot. The Ten of Wands symbolizes that you have gone through hard work to get a result and are now you are collecting rewards. The card tells about a difficult period and your efforts to achieve your dreams, goals.

However, victory is not only happiness and praise. The Ten of Wands warns that a positive result may require responsibility and even more work as a consequence. Your path is not finished yet as you must continue to be active and persistent to keep the result. Sometimes, the responsibility can be very heavy for your shoulders and the card clearly hints you about it. For example, you have been working on creating your company for a long time, and recently it has produced a massively popular product and brought you profit and recognition. However, you also got the need to comply with the quality level set and manage the more significant number of employees. As you can see, the creative side goes into the background, and you have to do the hard work. Find helpers and share responsibility.

The card also says that you have more work than you can handle. You experience depression, fatigue, and frustration. Perhaps, you already see the edge of your work and the achievement of the goal is near, but you are very tired of the path. You clearly overestimated your capabilities or underestimated the needed work. Rest or share some of your duties with others.


The reversed position of the card indicates that you are holding a load that is not required. Your real actions will not bring much success. Look around and try to find other options to achieve your goal. Perhaps, you should give your responsibilities to others. Most likely you are worried for no reason and do a little, but energy-intensive work. You do not correctly assess the situation and consider yourself a martyr, but this is your fault since you have taken unrealizable duties. If you are experiencing difficulties, the Ten of Wands speaks of the imminent end of your challenges. A burden will fall off your shoulders soon.

Another interpretation of the Ten of Wands reversed is your desire to get rid of the unnecessary burden. You have come to the realization that your past actions do not bring profit and you want to stop it. Perhaps you are in general undergoing a cleaning process with the removal of things from the past, throwing out old clothes and selling furniture, as an example. Try to be more organized in the new stage of your life.

The card may also mean that you did not entirely fulfill your duties or even ignored them. You avoid responsibility and shift it to others. You leave work, which needs to be completely redone by subsequent people. The expression “You have made your bed, now lie in it” perfectly describes the situation.

Ten of Wands for love and relationships


The Ten of Wands has no cardinally negative implications for your relationship. However, a problem exists. If your relationship lasts a very long time, then it is not surprising that the card appeared in your Tarot spread. Romance has passed and has been replaced with duties and responsibilities. At the same time, you feel that the load is distributed incorrectly between you and your partner. You solve all problems and do all the hard work while your loved one takes a back seat. Such a relationship only burdens your life. You feel frustrated about choosing a partner and depressed. The card can also appear to a young couple, which means the same scenario.

If you are single, then the upright Ten of Wands talks about your frustration in love life. This area does not bring you joy because you do not even have new meetings in order to find a partner. You have a lot of other things to do and don’t even have time for a relationship. Maybe your last partner left you for the same reason. The only advice is that you should become more organized and also spends time with your relatives and then love will come into your life.


The reversed Ten of Wands has two different meanings in love Tarot. On the one hand, you have shared the load that was lying on you earlier with a partner. This way you strengthen your relationship because of the teamwork and get rid of the stress that was lying on your shoulders. It also gives strength and adds a little bit of lost romance.

On the other hand, the appearance of the card can be a bad sign for your relationship. Perhaps, you already feel that you are moving away from your partner and are trying to fix the situation with all your power. However, this is the problem as you are trying to pull a dead horse by taking on all the obligations. You are overloaded with duties and stresses, but you can’t help the sinking ship, which your relationship is at the moment.

Single people will receive a chance to get a loved one soon. Because of your overload in other areas, you could not afford new acquaintances and high-quality relationships. The Ten of Wands hints that you will be free from duties and will be able to improve your love life. Your future partner will bring joy to your boring life.

Ten of Wands for money and career


The Ten of Wands says that you did not choose the right workload for yourself in the hope of getting a better result. For example, you started a new project waiting for promotion but cannot cope with the difficulties of execution. You are tired, irritated, weak and insecure. Try to find an opportunity to hire assistants. The card means additional responsibility in planning your finances. Perhaps, you have debts or are forced to share your salary with relatives. You take it as a burden and experience stress. Think about how to correct the situation, perhaps contact an adviser.


The reversed card in your Tarot spread means that you have found the opportunity to reduce the workload; maybe help from colleagues or an easier way to do it. In any case, it improves the balance between work and personal life. Alternatively, the card can mean that you cannot cope with the burdens, which can cause negative consequences. You are trying to perform too many tasks at the same time, which leads to the collapse. Plan your actions according to your abilities. The Ten of Wands assumes that you have thrown off a load from your finances or have found the ideal way to distribute the budget. You control your money and are responsible for spending. On the other hand, you may need the help of a consultant in financial matters, since you have lost control because of unplanned expenses.

Ten of Wands advice

The Ten of Wands warns us that it is necessary to know our limits and to approach our duties with the mind. Plan your actions and focus on what is more effective to achieve the maximum result. Drop assignments that take a lot of time, effort and can bring small benefits. Assess the significance of the goal as well. Learn to relax to avoid overloading. Find people who can share your responsibilities.

Yes / No Tarot Reading

The Ten of Wands is associated with pressure, overload, and responsibility in different areas of life. You can lose control of the situation, which leads to negative consequences. So the answer to your question is no.