The Temperance card meaning

The Temperance card shows an angel with big wings. The heavenly being has both masculine and feminine features. The light blue robe on her has a triangle enclosed in a square on the chest. It represents humanity are bound by the Earth and nature. She pours water from one cup to another, which is a symbol of the movement of life. Angle’s one foot stands on a stone, and the second one is in water. It symbolizes the balance between the need for being down to earth and moving with the flow. The background shows the long road to the mountains, a symbol of a journey. A crown with golden rays in the sky means the Higher path and dedication to one idea.

The Temperance card symbolizes peace, balance, and self-control, harmony and rest.

Temperance main meaning


Temperance is the card of balance and calm. This is an invitation to bring stability to life and obeys the flow without resistance. Despite stressful situations, the person must maintain peace within himself. There is a need to learn to control emotions and defend oneself from external stimuli. Only those who achieve harmony can fulfill themselves in all spheres of life.

The person should not only seek peace but also help others in this matter. First, it is essential to avoid conflicts and aggressive behavior. Now is not the best time to defend a point of view or to have an uncompromising opinion. The individual should bring people together and resolve disputes. It is a moment for the teamwork of different talents and experiences. The Temperance card is also about mixing and combining opposing elements. This creates an incredible result.

The Temperance card indicates that a person has a long-term vision and plans to achieve his goal. There is no need to hurry. Making sure that the work is done correctly is important. Discipline and self-control also help manage the situation. This journey shows the person the right place and teaches calmness. The inner voice will lead to success.

Reversed position

The appearance of the reversed Temperance card is a sign of excessive consumption and an invitation to restore balance. Over-eating, regular clubbing, excessive spending, and quarrels with loved ones run down physically and spiritually. It also changes the person and distracts from the primary goal. Self-control will help break this circle.

Alternatively, negative circumstances may occur without the person’s intervention. External factors have an invisible influence and complicate the flow of life. However, the inner voice suggests that something is wrong. Temperance reversed calls to hear this voice and act to solve the problem. Focusing on the long-term purpose helps to feel the flow again and find harmony. In the case of significant damage, self-healing is essential. The person must go through this process privately because only he knows what is needed.

The reversed Temperance card also means a reflection period and self-evaluation. The person feels that his original beliefs are not satisfying. This indicates the need to find new goals based on deeper desires. This may cause a conflict between the inner and outer world. However, it is necessary for finding balance. The card calls for changing habits, behavior, work, people around or location.

Temperance — love meaning


Temperance is a great sign for those, who are in a relationship. The card means harmony and balance in the couple. Partners can spend weeks alone and never stop finding topics for discussion. Lovers share the same goals and interests, have mutual respect. Other people call the couple a match made in heaven.

However, even soul mates can quarrel sometimes. In the case of disagreement in the past, Temperance means the end of the conflict. Partners will find a mutually beneficial compromise, but it may not be easy as it seems. Lovers should understand the need to preserve relationships and make some efforts. After a short recovery period, things will bounce back to a calm flow. The card promises that any problems in the future will be solved quickly and without damage.

For singles, Temperance talks about the need to devote more time to the love life. The person wants a relationship, but he pays attention to other things or other people. For example, constant thoughts about work prevent noticing potential partners. It is necessary to find a balance between different areas of life to achieve success everywhere including love.

Another thing that prevents the person from finding love or causes problems in relationships is a lack of harmony. There is a need to find peace inside before looking for a soul mate. Stress, troubles at work and other things take a lot of energy. Unsuccessful experience of previous relationships can also prevent a quiet life and new love. The person must let the past go to gain happiness in the future.


Temperance reversed indicates a lack of balance in the couple. This is the cause of many scandals that keep the partners in constant tension. Doubts and mistrust arise between lovers. One of them feels that love has lost its former brightness or has even become one-sided.

The card in a reversed position also indicates a conflict caused by disagreements between partners. Both are trying to do their best to preserve the relationship, but everyone thinks that he or she is the only one interested in this. The best way out of the situation is a conversation with an explanation of the point of view of each partner. Don’t expect the conflict to evaporate instantly. Lovers should go through a period of recovery and some side effects, such as a clear dominance in the couple.

In addition, the Temperance reversed card recommends partners to work on the internal balance individually. Problems in the couple negatively affect the outer world of both. There is a need to engage in spiritual restoration to find peace and clean the mind. It also improves the well-being of partners and brings harmony back to the relationship.

For those who are single and have many failures with potential partners, Temperance reversed recommends reducing persistence. Other people perceive such obsessive behavior as despair. There is a need to wait and get to know each other closer before revealing feelings next time.

Temperance for work


Temperance empowers with patience and perseverance to achieve any career goals. Those who worked hard can expect promotion, but it may not come soon. Also, the card recommends not to jump at the first opportunity offered, since something even better may be further. Finances are promised to stabilize. Temperance does not say that money will fall from the sky. The person will simply feel comfortable with the budget he has. Debts and other financial issues will be solved soon. There is a need to revise the attitude towards money.


Now is not the best time for a solo project or business. Temperance reversed sees the person as a team player and recommends surrounding himself with support and talented people. The card indicates undervaluation, but this is only temporary since the person will receive recognition of his work very soon. The reversed Temperance card speaks of a well-balanced budget. Successful investments and financial opportunities are promised in the future. The main thing is not afraid to take risks.

Temperance advice

The card is about harmony. The person should take care of his calm despite external factors. Careful and slow reflection is the best way to make the right choice. Also, Temperance recommends thinking about rest for recuperation.

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