The Six of Cups meaning: reversed and upright

The Six of Cups shows two children in the yard. The boy leans over the girl and gives her a cup with flowers. She looks at him with respect and gratitude in return. The card talks about co-operation and harmony in the team. Children symbolize childhood and bright memories from that time.

A large house can be seen in the background, which symbolizes comfort and safety. The adult man walks nearby looking after children. He allegedly says that there is no need to worry, just enjoy the moment of joy. There are also four cups with flowers standing in the foreground and the fifth one on a pedestal next to the boy.

Six of cups in upright position

The Six of Cups speaks of memories from the past. This can be a visit to the hometown, first school, meeting childhood friends or first love. Anyway, these moments bring joy to the heart and positive energy. The card often means the renewal of old relationships, but the person is not obliged to accept them.

Sometimes the card indicates harmony in a working or love relationship. All team members support each other and make an equal contribution. The Six of Cups means to give without expecting to receive.

It also means childhood, joy from carelessness and foolery. One should turn on the inner child and be more playful. The Six of Cups recommends drawing a picture, playing hide-and-seek with children, dancing while no one sees or do something that adults don’t. Freedom of action affects the connection with our inner world and intuition.

Besides, the Six of Cups symbolizes children in a person’s life. This may mean pregnancy or birth, work associated with children, playtime with nephews, and so on. Kids have an incredible gift that is lost over the years, creativity and curiosity. An adult can learn this by spending a lot of time with them.

Six of cups — reversed

The appearance of the reversed Six of Cups means the loss of a sense of reality due to constant thoughts about the past. Nostalgia can be associated with pleasant or negative moments. However, anyway, it hinders the development of a man. Reflection prevents to see new opportunities. In case of anxiety due to past mistakes, a person must find peace and harmony before moving on. Instead of focusing on the problem, take it as a lesson not to let it happen again. In the case of offense or self-blame, forgiveness is the best way out.

The Six of Cups reversed may indicate the return of an old relationship but an unwillingness to tell others about it. For example, regular dates with the ex. Both lovers keep it secret because of the fear of being disapproved by the public. This may apply to other areas of life, such as work, hobbies or bad habits.

The card in a reversed position can also symbolize the loss of a connection with the inner child. This leads to a loss of interest in life and boredom. The card means seriousness in business and the absence of a relaxed look at things. It reduces curiosity and creativity. The person thinks that he is limited in the abilities, but he simply doesn’t notice them. Surprisingly, the childish attitude can fix “adult” problems. Games and foolery help to relax, forget about issues for a while and open up a solution.

Six of Cups meaning in love


For couples, the Six of Cups means that partners have known each other since childhood. Also, the card indicates the stability of the relationship. If everything is good, it will last for some time. If lovers often quarrel, this is not a problem as this can be fixed. The couple must make an effort, and everything will work out. If the Six of Cups is surrounded by positive cards, there is a possibility of pregnancy or childbirth.

However, the Six of Cups may also be negative. Sometimes the card indicates the immature behavior of one of the partners. Childish games destroy the relationship so this may let to separation. Alternatively, the Six of Cups means that past love still has an impact on a person and his current relationship too. It may be just thoughts about the ex and the desire to return him. The initiative may be from the former partner who regularly appears and reminds about himself.

If the one hopes to return the ex, the Six of Cups means that it will happen very soon. Romantic dates will be more and more often, but this does not indicate reunion. There is a reason why the couple broke up, so decisions to try again should be deliberate. Besides, the card symbolizes the relationship with a childhood friend. If the person is looking for love, he should try to search where he grew up.


For those who are in a relationship, the Six of Cups reversed means boredom and lack of passion. Despite this, the person considers home a safe place. However, the feeling of being limited and the desire for something new and bright without the possibility of getting it are depressing.

If one of the partners behaves incredulously, it may be because of his childhood. There is a need to talk about the problem because childhood traumas have a strong influence on a person and manifest themselves throughout life. The conversation should take place in a calm atmosphere without pressure. This is a very delicate topic that may require the help of a specialist. If the person is single for a long time, childhood issues can cause difficulties in trusting people and finding love.

For singles, the card in the reversed position indicates that the person is ready to leave past relationships behind and move forward. Alternatively, the Six of Cups reversed means that the person always compares potential partners to the ex. This is not the right approach, and it is worth remembering that there was a reason for the breakup. Keeping the past in the head is not the best idea to build a new relationship. Give someone new a chance.

Six of Cups for money and career

  • Upright: a good sign for a career. It means teamwork on a project. A group of creative people gets together to share ideas. Alternatively, the card involves working with children. For finance, the Six of Cups symbolizes gifts, charity or inheritance. The card also appears when a person plans to prepare a will.
  • Reversed: means that the person is bored in the workplace because of the creative control. The one is even ready to leave a steady income to find a position that provides greater freedom of action. The card also means working with children or teenagers who suffer from any kind of trauma. This may require complete dedication, so the person must spend some time to take care of himself and recover. As for the money, the Six of Cups reversed speaks of financial independence. The person has full control over earnings and expenses. If the card appears to a young guy or girl who lives with parents, this indicates readiness to move out.

Six of Cups advice

The card recommends forgetting about problems and responsibilities for a while to have some fun. However, this should not overgrow into immature behavior. Communicating with children is especially useful as it reminds of the carelessness and creativity of thinking. Now it is the best moment to pay attention to the past, visit hometown, the first school, etc. Alternatively, the Six of Cups advises to leave the past behind and move forward.

Yes/No Tarot Reading

The Six of Cups is about the past and the need to recognize and then leave it. The best way is to go back and uncover all the skeletons in the closet. The answer to your question is yes.