The reversed Star tarot card meaning

General meaning

The reversed Star means despair and fatigue due to challenges. A person asks why I am and why it’s happening now? He begs for a miracle that can save him from suffering, but the Universe doesn’t hear him. But don’t give up, because salvation may not appear today, but tomorrow. Each difficulty is a lesson and experience. The individual should evaluate this as a part of a blessing. The card reversed often means loss of interest, inspiration, and boredom due to the daily routine. Although, the unique vision was excellent motivation initially.

Often, the Star in a reversed position symbolizes the test of faith. The card is about believing in yourself and the Divine around. At the end of the path, the person understands that he is a vessel that is filled with wonderful energy and confidence.

In case of failures and fatigue, the reversed Star recommends forgetting everything and taking time out for self-care. There is a need to move away from work and everyday fuss. Meditation, warm bath, massage — anything that relaxes a body and soul is a great way to restore energy. Rest near the water helps to concentrate on the inner world.

Meaning in love readings

The reversed Star means negative feelings that have appeared in relationships recently. One or both partners focus only on the negative aspects of each other or living together. It destroys love and any existing positive moments. A card in a reversed position also means the end of illusions and disappointment. Partners spend a lot of time separately because they find communication boring and useless.

Similarly, the reversed Star symbolizes the end of a romantic period at the beginning of a relationship. For more mature couples, this is a sign of crisis. Life together seems routine and monotonous. However, the appearance of the card does not mean separation or divorce. A difficult period may last a long time, but it will definitely end. Lovers should try to survive this time with minimal damage.

The couple should talk about past problems and offenses to solve them once and for all. The only way to move forward is to forget the old. Love is much more important than pride and principles. After that, lovers will also need time to recover. Wounds are easiest to heal when partners are together.

The Star reversed for singles means tiredness of loneliness and disappointment in love. A series of unsuccessful relationships weakened the person. He or she has lost hope and ignore personal needs. Fear of never meeting a decent partner makes it difficult to realize that love can be everywhere. It usually comes when we expect it the least.

Interpretation in career readings

The reversed Star is great for career Tarot. Unfortunately, it means routine and dissatisfaction. The person loved the work and had ambitions at the beginning of his career, but now he feels only boredom. Negative mood overlaps any advantage of the current position. There is a need to revise the approach and look at the situation from a different angle. If the motivation is not returned, it is better to find another job. As for finances, the Star reversed recommends not taking risks and only doing what 100% makes a profit.