The Page of Cups meaning: love, money, future

The Page of Cups meaning: love, money, future

The Page of Cups is in a blue tunic with a floral print and a beret of the same color with a scarf. He stands on the shore and holds the cup in his right hand. The little blue fish jumped out of the raging sea straight into the cup. It looks at the guy who is surprised by such a gift. Water, blue color and small fish refer to the element of water, the symbol of creativity, emotion, and intuition. The card shows an unexpected inspiration when we are ready to accept it.

Page of cups general meaning in readings


The Page of Cups means the appearance of the idea. However, the recipient doesn’t yet understand what to do with it. Think about possible ways to implement what is only in mind. Or it’s better to give the idea to someone else? Develop the thoughts.

Remember that inspiration does not appear to those who are closed from it. Your mind is like a cup that should be open to new ideas. Be curious and interested in all aspects of the world. Dream, open new boundaries of the potential. Wake up the inner child to rediscover the world and learn that it is much more than it seems. The Page of Cups recommends finding a hobby to show and develop creativity. It can be some art classes or a simple book reading. It should be a way of self-expression and spiritual saturation.

The cart also often speaks of the need to trust intuition. If you can’t find the answer, turn around. The Page of Cups means the appearance of numerous signs and messages. Be attentive and analyze them all to understand the meaning. The rational mind does not even see the point in all this mess, but intuition can feel the essence. Follow to answer grabbing every clue.

Sometimes, the Page of Cups means an unexpected surprise, which evokes bright emotions. The Pages bring news, and you should be ready to receive it. It might be the birth of a baby, an engagement, a new project or promotion.


The reversed Page of Cups suggests keeping ideas in secret because of the fear of losing them or being ridiculed. Maybe the internal critic prevents from believing in dreams or plans. You are not confident in your abilities or the profitability of your intentions. Think about all aspects of the issue. What will happen if the idea fails? What if it was supposed to succeed? Listen to your intuition and be prepared to leave if necessary. Alternatively, you may be waiting for the final formation of thoughts or even the beginning of actions to announce about the idea to everyone.

Sometimes, the Page of Cups reversed symbolizes a creative block. This is due to the fact that one side of you has many ideas and wants to show them to the world, but the second one rejects this for various reasons. For example, because of the fear of not meeting your own expectations or that people don’t need what you do. The ideas are inside; the problem is in finding ways of implementation.

If the problem is that you do not fully understand the essence of the idea, listen to external clues. The reversed Page of Cups is about listening to details and intuition. It can be an inner voice that leads to a decision.

The reversed Page of Cups, as a person, is a very emotional and immature creature, very dramatic and vulnerable. It is a dreamer with “Peter Pan Syndrome,” an adult who does not want to grow up.

Page of Cups for love: reversed and upright


If you are in a relationship, the Page of Cups means engagement, marriage, pregnancy or childbirth. Look at the supporting cards to find out the exact forecast. The card speaks of positive emotions in love. Many romantic moments are coming your way. If there is a need to make an important decision, refer to the heart and inner voice.

Speaking of qualities, the card gives you or your partner a gentle soul and a creative mind. The Page of Cups is an incredible romantic who lives in dreams. This is a very caring person who wants to create comfort around loved ones. His negative side is over-sensitivity. If you are waiting for love, look around and search for a guy or girl with these characteristics, this could be your potential partner. Maybe this person is already interested in you since the card symbolizes a secret admirer.

Also, if you are single and in love, the Page of Cups recommends telling this person about your feelings. There is a high probability that your crush or the potential partner is younger than you. Show the interest, and you will receive a mutual response.


If you are in a relationship, the Page of Cups reversed is a sign of frustration and canceled plans. A romantic trip, engagement, a wedding can be closed. There is a high probability of breakup. The problem is the immaturity of one of the partners. The card also means over sensitivity and overkill of drama. Alternatively, the Page of Cups reversed means loss of virginity and the beginning of an active sex life to young girls and boys.

The card in a reversed position can also represent individual qualities. This person has a sincere feeling to a partner but does not know how to show it correctly because of the immaturity. He does not fully understand what a relationship is and often shows his selfish side. If these qualities are inherent in you, fix them to find happiness. Assess priorities and learn how to make more mature decisions. The reversed Page of Cups may also indicate your current or potential partner. If such features are not noticeable now, they can be disguised and appear later.

For singles, the Page of Cups reversed means bad relationships in the future. Be picky in choosing a potential partner not to fall in love with an immature, over-emotional person accidentally. The card warns about children’s behavior with bouts of unreasonable jealousy. These features may be inherent in you, and this prevents from finding love. Flirting is not bad, but know the limits. Be mindful and consider only those variants that promise the relationship you want. The card indicates a high risk of being seduced by a heartbreaker, so be careful.

Page of Cups for money and career


The appearance of the Page of Cups means good news for a career. Alternatively, the card says that you are more a dreamer than a doer. Stop thinking negatively about work and find positive aspects to motivate yourself to action. A person cannot achieve success by just thinking of a better career, but without working. If you are looking for direction, consider the creative specialties associated with art, poetry or the fashion industry. For finance, the Page of Cups also symbolizes good news. However, do not make rash investments and purchases. Do research before choosing.


If you are expecting confirmation of hiring or promotion, the Page of Cups reversed means a great likelihood of failure. Alternatively, the card suggests that dishonest actions in the workplace will result in problems. Be honest, work hard and maintain a good reputation and communication with colleagues. In a financial context, the card recommends not spending a lot and beware of risky investments. Buy what you need and save money for a rainy day.

Page of Cups advice

The appearance of the card symbolizes unexpected ideas. However, they won’t come to one who doesn’t wait for them. Be open to inspiration. If you already have thoughts in your head, make a plan and start to realize them. To make important decisions, pay attention to external signs and internal sensations. Intuition will help find all the clues and lead to success.

Yes/No Tarot Reading

The Page of Cups brings good news and unexpected beginnings. The card is associated with dreams, emotions and has a positive nature. The answer to your question is yes.