The Knight of Swords tarot card meanings by position

The Knight of Swords is in motion. He is in full armor, sitting on a white horse and rushing forward without looking back. Trees and clouds say that the weather doesn’t do a favor and the wind is an obstacle for the knight. His gaze is focused on the target, and nothing can stop him. He has the strength, energy, and knowledge to overcome all difficulties. The white horse symbolizes intellect and pure intentions that help the rider accomplish the mission.

Knight of Swords card — general meaning


All Knights in Tarot mean a man on the move who fulfills his mission. Swords cards talk about the power of intelligence that helps the owner in everything. Thus, the Knight of Swords means an ambitious and strong human who cannot be stopped by anything. He knows what he wants and that a difficult path awaits him, but he only moves forward. The card states that you do not like to plan ahead and prefer to make choices during actions. You are inspired by adrenaline, which fills you with energy on the way to the goal.

The Knight of Swords recommends being assertive and always acting first. Do not expect good weather, but rush forward despite the wind. Therefore, you must think ahead to succeed. Remember that you are the creator of your own future and you are the one who is responsible for the fulfillment of your desires. Use your intelligence and communication skills to get support and approvals faster. You reveal yourself well in a team game where all members have the same vision. You can receive the necessary dose of motivation and inspiration from your circle of like-minded people.

However, it is worth considering that quick actions can be a disadvantage of the Knight of Swords. You rush into the business without understanding all the rules and details. If you are not vigilant enough, troubles can catch you unarmed. Maybe you just want to do your job as quickly as possible which leads to disastrous consequences. It is worth remembering that without a proper plan and calculations, you can get lost on your way or find the final of your mission not as successful and necessary as you wanted.


The Knight of Swords reversed means that you have enough energy and motivation to rush forward, but something is holding you back, causing frustration. Most likely you are faced with a funding problem or incompetent, slow partners. Try workaround options and replace the unavailable resource with your diligence. Perhaps your time has not yet come.

Besides, the Knight of Swords reversed says that you don’t know what you want. People who work with you suffer because of your changing opinions and compulsive decisions. Even if you are a single player, your defocus prevents you from winning. Teach yourself discipline and find an idea that will not stop inspiring you until the end of your journey.

Alternatively, the card in the reversed position warns you to act slower or to take a break as you risk falling from fatigue. You want to engage yourself in all matters, but you can cope with none of them. So you do quite a bit but come home broken in the end. You need rest in order to gather thoughts and decide what interests you most. The Knight of Swords reversed also means finding yourself as a mature person. It is time to become independent and go on a journey for one to life experience.

Knight of Swords for love


If you are in a relationship, the Knight of Swords means that you or your partner has qualities that are personified by this card. This is an active and determined person who can make quick decisions in a hurry. However, his choices may not always be deliberate, especially if he does not have an initial plan and is lost in the direction of the goal.

Also, the Knight of Swords means a spontaneous event that can change your relationship. For example, it could be an unexpected marriage proposal or something that makes you dedicate yourself fully to love. Expect more serious commitment. Anyway, you should not be afraid of change and jump in it with both feet. However, the card can indicate that your partner wants to end the relationship as the Knight of Swords means a departure. Or the decision will be made by you. In this case, you or your loved one must fight for each other.

If you are single, expect to meet someone with the qualities of the Knight of Swords in your life. Alternatively, you can have the main features of the card. Something cardinal is expected in your love life. Perhaps this is a romantic offer or surprise that sweeps you off the feet.


If you are in a relationship the card in a reversed position means that someone in your couple personifies the negative sides of the Knight. This is an irresponsible person who is prone to changes of opinion and desires. If this is your partner, be careful, as he can show aggression towards you. This is an abusive and sometimes dangerous person who wants to control you all the time.

Talking about your relationship in general, it risks ending very soon. The Knight of Swords reversed says that you or your partner is not felt belonged to each other. The disconnection between lovers comes from the lack of depth of your feelings. One or both of you have been thinking about break up for a long time.

If you are single, the Knight of Swords reversed foreshadows the person with the card qualities in your life. Be careful as your potential partner can be dangerous and aggressive. If you are in love, then the relationship with this person has a small chance of success. The reason is that your loved one is not ready for the responsibility, so he is not interested in you. However, you can show yourself and fight for his attention.

Knight of Swords for money


Speaking of career, you are an ambitious and active person. You know what you want and go to the goal without stopping and turning in another direction. The Knight of Swords recommends being daring and brave. The card also means a breakthrough, such as a career promotion or a positive atmosphere for improving the influence of your business at the industry. Be sure, the changes are positive and bring you closer to what you want. If you have not yet decided on the direction of your profession, the Knight recommends choosing something related to the military or the police. Your finances also expect positive changes in the form of a successful proposal for investment or the money flow.


The Knight of Swords reversed means you feel uncomfortable in the workplace. Alternatively, the card means that you are arrogant towards your colleagues, so control your manner of communication. In addition, it may be a sign that you are missing good opportunities because of the fear of losing control. Do not miss your chance or you risk being left behind. Talking about finances, the Knight of Swords reversed indicate criminality, so watch out for your money, investments, and people you trust. Your business should be as transparent as possible to avoid troubles. Check contracts and companies you cooperate with.

The card advice

The Knight is an active person who is used to solving problems as they arrive. It is your advantage in business that can sometimes cause problems. Planning in advance always helps to navigate in overcoming barriers on the way to success. Choose goals that you are entirely sure of.

Yes/No Tarot Reading

The Knight of Swords means control of the situation but in a ruthless manner. The card means unexpected changes of ideas and beliefs that have a terrible effect on your work. The answer to your question is no.