The King of Swords — tarot card meanings

The King of Swords sits on his throne and looks in front, which speaks of his readiness for everything that life prepares for him. He is dressed in blue and purple: the blue tunic symbolizes spiritual development, and a purple cape means intelligence. His right hand, a sign of rational decisions, holds a sword that is directed to the left, a side of intuition. The King is smart and knows that the right decisions are made with the help of the intellect, but he never forgets about the inner voice too.

His throne is decorated with butterflies, a sign of transformation, crescent moons and a little angel near his left ear, which is seemed to be whispering something to him. The sky is clear, the clouds do not move, and the trees stand quietly. Calm environment speaks about stability.

The General  Meaning — King of Swords

Upright position

The King of Swords is an authoritative and significant person. If you have a card in your tarot reading, you are in your power and in full control of your life. Your opinion has weight and people listen to you. You have reached this position because of your clear mind and leadership qualities. Emotions are never over you. You could be a great judge who has the power to make meaningful decisions. A unique gift to look right in the heart of a problem allows you to be as efficient as possible in solving difficult problems.

In addition to rationality and an inner voice, you must also consider the needs of others. The King of Swords recommends being honest and caring in relation to your relatives, colleagues and loved ones. You must find a balance between solutions that are beneficial to you and the ability to help other people.

Sometimes, the King of Swords is an expert who should give you valuable advice. This is a person with a good reputation and experience in the necessary field, who is ready to share the secrets of the craft. It is worth noting that this person helps you not for free and your progress is not interesting to him. He will surely ask for a fee for his services. The appearance of the card often means the need for legal and financial advice. This is especially true if you try a new area of work or open your own business for the first time.

Reversed position

The King of Swords reversed means that you are the “silent leader” in the company. You do not lead people behind you, but your influence is undeniable. Your decisions are based on your personal beliefs and desires to act correctly and honestly. Spiritual peace is very significant as you draw energy from there. You do not allow others to penetrate your thoughts and motives.

Alternatively, the King of Swords in a reversed position says that you are using your power and intellect for the wrong purposes. This applies to both your work and personal life. The reversed card means a narcissist who uses clever words and conversations that are clear to no one except him as a way of self-expression. Besides, he often criticizes others and is rude to people. It is worth noting that he is really intelligent and authoritative, but uses it as a weapon for destructive purposes. He uses any methods to satisfy personal desires. The King is you or someone from your environment.

The reversed King of Swords also talks about your lostness and uncertainty about further actions. You do not see profitable opportunities around you and do not know your potential. Your mind is not clear, which causes panic. The King reversed is the exact opposite of the upright one, who thinks logically, rationally and purposefully. Endless fears and anxieties prevent you from making the right decisions.

King of Swords for relationships


First, the appearance of the King of Swords in your love Tarot means a partner who has the qualities of the card. Besides, you can also be the King in your relationship. It also symbolizes that your couple has a special intellectual connection, which is complemented by common interests, emotions, and physical actions. The King means fatherhood and responsible parent. If you have been together for a long time, it’s time to think about becoming a family.

Alternatively, the King of Swords speaks of high standards in love relationship. Most likely, your partner requires you to adhere to strict rules and keep within the generally accepted norms. This can be quite difficult for you.

If you are single, expect to meet the King of Swords in your life soon. This is a smart and intelligent person with leadership qualities. Perhaps, you can possess the features of the King in the context of a future relationship. You are looking for a mental connection in potential partners. Also, the card can mean a freedom-loving man who is used to bachelor life. He is also very demanding and expects certain standards to start a relationship.


If you have a card in a reversed position, it means that you or your partner personifies the negative side of the King of Swords. The most dangerous feature of such a person is his mind and desire to manipulate. If this is your partner, be careful as he can show aggression and cruelty towards you. This is a real abuser, which can sometimes involve violence to achieve the desired.

Besides, the King of Swords means that your emotions lead you to rash decisions. Your heart is over your head when it comes to action, and you do stupid things. You lose balance, which leads to loss of control. The card is also a bad sign if you want to conceive a child because it means infertility or problems in this area.

If you are single, the King of Swords reversed means the appearance of a person with qualities of the card in this position in your life soon. In this case, you must be careful as this person can be abusive and dangerous. In addition, you can also have this characteristic. Alternatively, it means a relationship with a bachelor or single father. Also, you should not let emotions take over the mind in order to prevent fatal mistakes. Do not let anyone have your trust for no particular reason.

King of Swords for money and career


The King of Swords means the appearance of an experienced man in your work environment who wants you to follow specific standards. You have to show yourself as a smart and honest employee to gain his trust. In this case, he will share his experience with you. Besides, this Minor Arcana card recommends being rational, responsible and methodical when making decisions. Business is no place for emotion so you must have a cool head. To achieve success, teach yourself to discipline and structure. The King of Swords advises looking at finances realistically and always making only rational purchases and investments.


The appearance of the card in a reversed position means the presence of the King in your work environment. This is a mature man who uses his intellect and authority to manipulate and even bullying you. In addition, the appearance of the card means that you do not use your head and a rational approach to making decisions that can lead to problems. If you have problems in business, they can be solved by adding clarity and structure to your plan of work. The King of Swords also means legal issues and losses. This is also a sign that you lack financial discipline, so make sure you act responsibly towards money.

King of Swords advice

The King of Swords is a smart, authoritative and rational man who knows how to control his emotions. You, the same as he, should be responsible for your power and use it considering the needs of others. Make decisions for the benefit of yourself but not for the loss of your friends and colleagues. Discipline and a specific structure of behavior will help you achieve success.

Yes / No Tarot card Reading

The King of Swords is a leader and a professional, who uses intelligence as his main weapon. The card means further important decisions that will affect your success. It doesn’t have an answer to your question.