The Judgment — tarot card interpretation and meaning

The Judgment card shows Archangel Gabriel — the Messenger of God — standing over a naked man, woman, and child. They rose from their graves and stretch their arms to Archangel. People are ready to be judged, and they want to know if they are worthy of heaven. The mountains in the background symbolize the obstacles, the difficulty of the path and the impossibility to avoid judgment.

Judgment general interpretation

Main keywords: Rebirth, change, spiritual reflection, transformation, self-knowledge, important decision, choice.


The Judgment card invites the person to plunge into the spiritual world. Communication with the Highest Good helps to realize that the individual deserves more. It’s a sign of a cosmic level up. The person becomes a new version of himself. The card often indicates the need for an important decision. The choice made will result in long-lasting effects. It must be based on intuition and intelligence. The human must see all the facts and use the knowledge of the past.

The appearance of the Judgment also means a very important stage of the journey. The past has brought invaluable experience and lessons. The card symbolizes the moment when all the pieces of the puzzle get into the overall picture of life. Old wounds and offenses don’t seem as significant as before. The person has reached the highest point and is ready to let the past go. Obstacles don’t scare him.

In the case of anxiety or problems, Judgment recommends sharing the pain with someone. This may be a group of people who have already undergone a similar path. They can give support and teach to cope with troubles.


The Judgment reversed appears when there is a need to work on old offenses and mistakes. The person is forced to hide his feelings and thoughts for fear of being judged. He must learn self-acceptance and self-love to let the past go. Rest, meditation and time alone help overcome self-blame.

The card in a reversed position may be a message from the Universe. It tries to say that the person deserves more, but he does not listen. Perhaps the individual is not yet ready for a new stage or is afraid of losing stability. However, this issue cannot be postponed forever. Is ordinary life better than a chance to get something more significant? Fears and doubts should not interfere with happiness.

Sometimes, the reversed Judgment means an internal critic who stops the person on the path to success. Negative thoughts and self-doubt prevent the realization of potential. The individual must consider the criticism a separate part of himself to cope with the obsessions. He must be aware that this is just the voice of fear and that only a human knows what’s right for him. Discipline and positive thoughts are also needed.

Judgment’s meaning in a love reading


The Judgment has two completely opposite meanings for love. Sometimes the card indicates genuine feelings, a long-term relationship, success of partners and a happy ending. Lovers complement each other and share experiences of the past. On the other hand, Tarot points to a short romance that leaves a painful mark on the heart. In this case, the person must use failures to build a happy relationship in the future.

When a person receives the Judgment card, his current relationship is significant. However, this does not mean that this is true love. In most cases, Judgment means a partner who has an influence on the person and his fate. Tarot does not show if it’s good or bad relationships.

The Judgment recommends couples to communicate more. Partners must be open to each other. Also, an important issue is how lovers behave during conflicts. Do they ignore the problem, and then come to terms with the cause of its occurrence? This is a bad tactic. The couple should discuss each other’s shortcomings and find a compromise.

For singles, the Judgment means having to consider potential partners who don’t meet the criteria. The person must forget about beauty or wealth to find love. Also, the card recommends revising the attitude towards relationships. Ignorance of real needs can be the cause of past failures. There is no need to rush as the Judgment is about deliberate decisions.


For those in a relationship, the reversed Judgment indicates unpreparedness for progress. The person refuses to take the next steps because of internal fears. The couple can be together for a long time, but it never comes to a wedding. One or both partners slow down the process. It is worth noting that this is not related to the sincerity of feelings. People may love each other but are afraid to live together.

Alternatively, the card in a reversed position means that the person is stuck in the wrong relationship. He does not feel satisfied and happy, but something keeps him. Instead of looking for a more decent partner, he clings to uncertain stability. The person must take into account all the pros and cons to make the right choice.

For singles, the reversed Judgment means fear of rejection. As a result, the person does not even take the first steps towards a new relationship. Many people lose their true love because they are afraid to tell them about it. There is a need to leave the comfort zone and show initiative.

Sometimes a person may think that he doesn’t need love and care. Therefore, he ignores opportunities to create a new relationship. But this can’t last forever. The Judgment reversed recommends reconsidering the attitude to love life.

The Judgment in a money reading


The Judgment portends a career promotion or a new opportunity. The person shows good results at work and can’t go unnoticed by the boss. However, this is not the time to relax. Do not let managers change their mind. If a person is looking for a job, the card recommends paying attention to the positions related to politics and law. The Judgment is considered not the best sign for finance. There is a need to save and buy only the most necessary things. It is better to avoid risky investments. The person should think about purchasing additional insurance for the most valuable things.


The appearance of the card means new opportunities. Experience and good reputation attract promotions and exciting offers. However, it seems that the person is not in a hurry to take steps towards success because of self-doubt. Talented people lose their chance because of fear. The Judgment recommends believing in oneself and letting the potential to unfold. For finances, the card foreshadows stability. The person can even make some risky investments. Intuition will tell the right decision. It can also be a time for relaxation and a pleasant experience.

The card advice

The card means transformation and private reflections. The person should reconsider the concept of life, love and determine what he needs. This may be an excellent time to explore the inner world and the subconscious. Meditation is the best way to self-knowledge. The Judgment also indicates important decisions, where intuition is the main assistant in any matter. Despite difficulties and obstacles, the person must always keep the mind clean.

Yes/No Tarot Reading

The Judgement card is about change. It speaks of spiritual transformation and the idea of rebirth. Decisions made during this period lead to success. The answer to your question is yes.