The Death — tarot card meaning

The Messenger of Death is depicted on the card. The rider is a skeleton, which means a body after death. He is dressed in black armor, a symbol of invulnerability and inevitability of death. Its dark color is about mysticism and mourning. The white color of the horse indicates purity and power. The Death holds a black flag with five-petal rose, the sign of beauty and immortality. The number five speaks of change. Thus, the card speaks of the beauty of death. The end means rebirth, transformation, and a new beginning.

The dead royal figure lies at the feet of the horse. The priest and the young woman with the child beg for mercy, but the Death knows no mercy. A boat in the background means a mythical death ship sailing to the afterlife. The sun between the two towers on the horizon is a symbol of rebirth.

Main death meanings: endings, failures, losses, rebirth, a new beginning, changes, transformation, painful transition, death, recovery, rehabilitation, breakup.

General Interpretation


The Death card isn’t interpreted in the literal sense. It doesn’t mean the end of life but the completion of a phase or stage. At the same time, it is about the beginning of something new and significant. To get the maximum in the future, the person must let the past go. Rebirth can be painful but positive thoughts soothe the pain.

The card also means a change in Tarot. The person must be cleansed from the old to complete the transformation successfully. One door must be closed before opening the new one. It is important to note that death comes unexpectedly and at the most inappropriate moment. The same can be said about the change. If the person feels caught in a particular situation, he should use this as a chance for a transformation.

The appearance of the Death also indicates an unhealthy lifestyle and bad habits. The card calls for the fight against this to open a new, deeper meaning of life. The moment has come to break the dangerous pattern of behavior and get rid of excess.


The Death is a card of transformation. However, when it is reversed, it means that the person resists change. The reason may also be ignorance of the need for something new or lack of knowledge of how to achieve this. Thoughts of the past overshadow the potential success.

The reversed Death card recommends taking change. A person must concentrate on the present to see the opportunities of the future. Mental instructions and motivating words about successful transformation speed up the transition to the next phase. New doors open only to those who are ready to enter them.

On the other hand, the Death in a reversed position means a deep spiritual rebirth that the person experiences in private. The most important thing is to forget about fears and restrictions. The card can also symbolize the recovery period. Supporting cards provide accurate prediction and help determine the correct path. It is also worth remembering that a person is not obliged to share feelings and thoughts with others if he is not ready yet.

Death meaning for love relationships


The Death may mean unexpected changes in love life. For example, if a person is in a relationship, he will know the secret associated with his partner, which will change his mind about the loved one. It can be like a pleasant discovery or something that will lead to a separation. It is important to note that the Death very often indicates the end of a relationship. The reason for this may also be external factors, such as job changes.

However, in the case of a breakup, the card recommends not to be sad and remember that the end also means a new beginning. The recovery process can be painful and take some time. But, the Death promises that change leads to a better. In the end, the person will find happiness and understand that the past was not in vain.

For singles, the Death points to the beginning of a new relationship. First, it should be said that this will be a completely new experience. A potential partner is not the same as the previous one and offers a fresh look at relationships and love in general. Thus, the card also indicates a new level of feelings.

However, before plunging into the next wave of love, the person must get rid of the past. New relationships are impossible with old patterns. Transformation and cleansing may take some time. After this, an individual, with a fresh mind and empty heart, can allow a new person into his life.


The reversed Death has different meanings so be sure to refer to the supporting cards for accurate prediction. The Death in an inverted position, as well as the upright card, indicates the end of a relationship. The reasons may be different, but problems within the couple don’t allow partners to be together. If the person is in doubt, leave or try to save the situation, the card in a reversed position indicates breakup.

However, some claim that love has a chance of being saved. Partners must understand the nature of the conflict and find common ground. Open dialogue helps to honestly point out each other’s shortcomings and discuss a further course of action. It is worth noting that only loving partners can overcome obstacles and save the relationship. Both of them should understand the need for compromise.

As the worst prediction, the reversed Death means the inevitable death of one of the partners. In this case, there is a need to pay attention to health and bad habits. The card can indicate that one of the lovers will leave this world much earlier than the other one.

For singles, the reversed Death card is a sign of the need to lead an active social life. The period of transformation after past relationships is ended and the person is ready to let a new love in his life. Attending events with many people will help find a potential partner.

On the other hand, the Death indicates that the person is not ready for new relations because of the unwillingness to let the past go. It is worth remembering that many people experience difficult times after breaking up. But, after complete rebirth, they find happiness with a new person. The transformation period may take a long time, but it is a mandatory step. The main thing is not to resist.

Death and money


The appearance of the Death card indicates the instability of the working position. Today you are the employee of the month, and tomorrow is unemployed. Tarot recommends taking action to avoid dependence on work or boss. Don’t think about replacing the current workplace, but plan B must exist. On the other hand, the card can also mean positive change. If you are uncertain about a new job or business, the Death tells to forget about doubts as success is guaranteed. The card foreshadows financial problems and a limited budget. Spend money wisely and control the situation. Difficult times and challenges are an invaluable experience.


The Death card reversed talks about the need for a career change. The present work seems boring and monotonous. However, the person continues to do this because of the fear of losing stability. A regular salary is good, but it does not always satisfy additional needs. There is no need to quit the current job, but the search for a more suitable position is important. The appearance of the Death also means a financial crisis. It’s best to have savings for a rainy day. The card recommends revising the attitude towards money and getting rid of extra expenses.

Death advice

Despite the frightening associations, the Death card means change and a period of transformation. It is recommended to accept this and not resist. A person should think about a bright future to overcome the pain of this process. The luggage of the past is better to leave behind to go forward easily.

Yes/No Tarot Reading

The Death talk about change, which is accompanied by loss and pain. The card has a negative aura, so the answer to your question is no.