Ten of Swords meaning by position

The Ten of Swords shows a ruthless scene. A man lies head down with 10 swords stuck in his back. He died because of the multiple wounds and blood loss. A red cape covers his legs and part of the body as a sign of a dignified departure.

Despite the black clouds, the background looks promising. Sunrise on the horizon means a new wave of hope and fresh opportunities. At the same time, the sea seems absolutely calm, which symbolizes a sense of peace even in the darkest times.

General meaning


The Ten of Swords means pain after the end. You have painfully survived the breakup, have lost your job or a significant contract. It happened abruptly and rocked your world. The shock from experience makes you helpless and distrustful. The card can also mean betrayal. You strongly hoped and depended on the actions of the wrong person. Perhaps your friend is gossiping behind your back, or a colleague has deceived you to get the position. You are not sad because of the pain of betrayal, but because you understand that your relationship will never be the same as before.

Alternatively, the Ten of Swords means that you play a “victim” to make people pity you. Remember, even if you have experienced betrayal or deception, this is not a reason for tears and despair for the sake of attention. Have the courage to live on! You cannot change the past and actions of other people, but you can teach yourself to take offense correctly. The card advises to accept the situation as it is and let it go. Now, you have to get used to the new life, despite the pain.

However, the Ten of Swords also has a positive prediction for you. Dark times and pain are behind! Analyze what happened and take it as a valuable experience before moving forward. Use the positive within you as a source of energy to fight. It’s not easy, but you have already coped with the hardest. One day, you will realize that these past events were as important as a lesson.


The Ten of Swords reversed means that negative changes took you by surprise and you do not know how to handle them. You will have a hard time dealing with circumstances and overcoming pain. However, remember that the beginning of a new life awaits you after this. Everything happens for a certain reason. Difficulties make us stronger and affect personal growth.

The reversed card can also mean a negative situation in the past that has left deep wounds. However, instead of helping the healing process, you mask them and don’t understand that you only worsen the situation. Old problems must be solved and forgotten before moving on.

Alternatively, the reversed Ten of Swords means relief from pain and problems. When the card is upside-down, it seems that swords fall down and no longer cause such pain. When you review the situation again, you will find it the foundation for change. The card in the reversed position recommends looking at the experienced circumstances as a way of liberation from the past life for a better concentration on the future. Now you are completely free and can choose any direction, including those that were previously unavailable.

Ten of Swords for love and relationships


The Ten of Swords is a bad sign if you are in a relationship. The card means separation, divorce, and severing ties. This should not be a surprise, as you have long known that relationships have problems. Well, accept this fact calmly and focus on healing the wounds. Infidelity or betrayal can also cause break up. Sometimes the Ten of Swords means an abusive relationship. The appearance of the card is a sign of your danger so you must leave your partner. If it is hard for you or you are afraid, ask your friends, relatives or special organizations for help. You have to keep yourself safe.

Alternatively, the Ten of Swords says that you are dramatizing and playing the “victim” in the relationship. You are trying to attract the attention of your partner, although it only annoys him. Your “games” can lead to break up, so you must find another way to get what you want. The next scandal can be the last.

If you are single, the Ten of Swords claims that your wounds from past relationship have not yet healed. Perhaps your previous partner offended you, and you understand that it was an unhealthy relationship, but you were not ready to break up. You have not yet bounced back, but feel very tired. Review your behavior and priorities. Take care of yourself and find a hobby outside of the love life. You are not ready for the new relationship and emotions.


The Ten of Swords reversed has a much more positive meaning than the upright card. If you are in a relationship, then you think that you are on the verge of breaking due to constant scandals. You and your partner were really in tough times, but Tarot claims they’re over. Harmony and love will soon come to the couple. However, remember that a storm cannot pass without consequences. The recovery process may take some time, but it is important for a happy future.

If your partner regularly abuses you and you feel dishonored, the Ten of Swords reversed means getting out of the relationship. The card warns against an increased level of aggression towards you soon, so act faster. If you are afraid, ask for help. Spend time in a safe environment to recover.

If you are single, the Ten of Swords reversed talks about the healing process after break up. Take time to analyze your mistakes in previous relationships and set requirements for a potential partner. Learn to control your aggression and hatred; exes do not deserve you wasting your energy. Alternatively, a reversed card speaks that you were not ready to leave tour recent partner. Now you feel desperate and cannot accept what happened.

Ten of Swords for money and career


The Ten of Swords has a bad career prediction. The card means that you will lose your current position soon or that you are hit something that is already dead. Your colleagues hate you behind your back and spread negative rumors and criticism. Alternatively, you always force yourself to work more than you can to exhaustion. However, this does not lead to a better or greater result. You just waste your energy. Take care of yourself and remember that you will become nobody if you lose your strength and spark. The appearance of the Ten of Swords means the failure or collapse of your business. About finances, the card cautions you about possible troubles, so avoid non-transparent deals and risks.


The Ten of Swords reversed means that you have overcome the stress of work and got rid of the possible causes of the business collapse. Alternatively, the card predicts the opposite. A certain situation does not make you work beyond the capabilities. First, think about your health! Change the environment or project if you understand that your current position is harmful. If you own the business, the Ten of Swords means a better state after trouble or a complete collapse. Financial meaning is also unclear. Trouble can bypass your budget and investment, or you lose everything. Refer to supporting cards for the exact answer.

Ten of Swords advice

The Ten of Swords is a negative card which means an unexpected end. You must overcome stress and heal the wounds of failure. Do not rush to jump into a new business, give yourself time to recover. If you are a victim of betrayal, learn to forgive and remember that you cannot change the past.

Yes / No Tarot Reading

The card has negative energy. The Ten of Swords means the end, destruction, and failure that leaves deep wounds. The answer to your question is no.

The Ten of Swords has a negative meaning. The tarot card foreshadows the end of love, money, career, and depression in the future.