Ten of Pentacles tarot card meanings

The main character of the Ten of Pentacles is a white-haired man in luxurious clothes sitting with two white dogs at his feet. Young couple with a child stands nearby. This man is a patriarch and has immense wealth, which he shares with his family. His work has led to success, and now he ensures the financial well-being of his loved ones. His actions helped him create his legacy.

10 pentacles — general interpretation

The whole family is gathered in a large castle which speaks of financial abundance and comfort. However, this means much more than the decoration of a luxurious life. Family emblems and flags on the walls indicate a long history and strong spiritual connection between generations.


The Ten of Pentacles is a sign that you have achieved success in life, especially in the financial area, because of the correct approach and decisions. You also created a comfortable and stable home atmosphere. Now you feel the desire and need to share your wealth with others to show your kindness and warmth. Your wealth allows you to provide your family with comfort and you feel great satisfaction from the fact that they are happy.

You have worked with dignity all your life, and now you no longer have to expect anything since you already have all. You are completely financially secure, and you are undoubtedly grateful for such a life. Your success guarantees you everything you want in the future. The card is the embodiment of hard work and dedication for the sake of long-term benefits. A thorough approach leads to unlimited success.

The Ten of Pentacles is a family card and tells that you love to spend time at home. You trust those who you share the same DNA with and are confident in their support. In return, you give them your time, love, care, protection and comfort. You respect your family history, previous generations, and traditions. You realize that you are part of something bigger.


The reversed Ten of Pentacles says that you have to ask yourself what is security for you and what is right for you now. Do you work hard to spend money at the club or on the next pair of shoes, while you dream of financial stability? Do you push your partner to marriage because it’s necessary even though you both feel comfortable without it? Don’t you dare to change a job but not satisfied with the conditions? Reconsider your concept of security and stability as you might expect something better.

The Ten of Pentacles in a reversed position may be a reminder that wealth can be a trap. When you earn a lot you spend as much; that causes the need to gain more and more; otherwise, you will be unhappy. Expensive purchases become an addiction; it doesn’t bring pleasure anymore. You rent big mansions and fly business class just to maintain your status. In the worst case, this can lead to significant losses or even debts. If you have a luxurious life but are still not happy, find something that is really interesting to you.

The Ten of Pentacles reversed can say that you do not have stability in the family or at work. Unjustified investments, a broken marriage, quarrels with parents or dissatisfaction with the quality of life bother you. Try to re-evaluate your approach to everything and choose another direction for actions.

Ten of Pentacles for love and relationships


The Ten of Pentacles is a positive card in love Tarot. It means that you are in a stable relationship that has a strong base. Both partners are involved in the development of the couple’s harmony and creating a comfortable atmosphere for two. It means family coziness and your attentive attitude to traditions. Couples who have long been together should think about a new, more serious stage in life. The Ten of Pentacles means marriage contract, settling down and jointly made decisions.

The appearance of the card is a positive sign for the future of your family. You must make a material contribution like buying a house, creating a saving account in a bank or preparing a will for a financially secure life. Your conflicts with your husband or wife are based on differences in traditions or inherited from past generations. First, you must realize and accept this to resolve the conflict. Try to find a compromise and regard the interests of your partner as something new.

The Ten of Pentacles foreshadows love for singles in the near future. You will find this person spiritually close to you and an option for a serious relationship. You may need to think about settling down. Perhaps you expect a relationship with a wealthy person.


The Ten of Pentacles reversed is a sign of conflict in love Tarot. You often quarrel with your partner, which leads to insecurity and thoughts about breaking up. Your relationship has an unstable foundation, and you or your partner prefer work and material values to home comfort. You are definitely not sure that this relationship can become something serious. The card in a reversed position can also mean a marriage on a financial basis without love.

You often have disputes at home for money and blame each other for this. Financial limits can be a serious problem in your relationship. The card is also a sign of disregard for established traditions and family values.

If you are single, the Ten of Pentacles reversed means that you do not need a serious relationship at the moment. You are not ready for the responsibility and prefer a fun, easy-going relationship. Alternatively, the card can mean a non-traditional relationship soon.

Ten of Pentacles for money and career


The appearance of the Ten of Pentacles is a sign of medium-sized business development in a huge empire. It also means a family business. Your workplace suits you and guarantees a stable future. In a financial sense, a card means an unexpected influx of money into your budget, for example, inheritance. The Ten of Pentacles means wealth, influence, family privileges, and old money. You should also take care of your future comfort, create a trust fund or prepare a will.


The Ten of Pentacles reversed is a bad omen for your career. You are not confident in your workplace and are afraid that you will not be able to support yourself and your family in the future. The card means collapse and punishment for illegal actions in your business. The Ten of Pentacles reversed talks about problems with finances, unsuccessful investments, and bankruptcy. It also means problems with the division of the inheritance, the exclusion of you from a will, and your unprepared will. The positive side of the card is that you build your wealth without the help of a family.

Ten of Pentacles advice

The card talks about the importance of family and tradition in your life. Use this as a motivation for future achievements. If your parents can provide you with a job and a happy future, do not miss this chance. Also, take care of the future of your children and grandchildren; if you have created your wealth by yourself, train them in your business and prepare an inheritance.

Yes / No Tarot Reading

The Ten of Pentacles shows stable family relationships supported by a financial base. An inheritance may be waiting for you. The answer to your question is yes.