The Sun card meaning for love, career and future

The Sun is the opposition to the Moon. The card is associated with joy, life, and positive energy. Besides, it foreshadows success and fortune. Fast keywords for interpretation: positive, success, joy, innocence, confidence, vitality, inner child, pregnancy, fortune, openness, enthusiasm, ego.

General meaning

The Sun represents positive and success. The card calls to always be happy and share this feeling with others no matter what you do. The warmth that is radiated by the person attracts both men and women. This quality helps to overcome any difficulties and achieve any goals. In addition, victories must be shared with others in order to double the flow of energy. The Sun shines love and kindness to everyone around.

If the person can’t get out of difficulties, the Sun is a good sign — good times are close. The card gives energy that helps to find a way out and realize all the mistakes correctly. The person feels confident and ready to conquer the future. Alternatively, the card indicates physical energy, strength and good health. The Sun means life.

However, where does this energy come from? Of course, from within the man himself. The Sun only gives access to this endless supply of resources and power. The person not only uses this energy to achieve personal goals but also radiates it. He has something that is not available to others, so he would not mind sharing it. The main thing is to send strength in a positive direction.

The Sun for love and relationships

Overall, the Sun is a good card in love Tarot. For those who are in a relationship, it means a period of happiness, harmony, and passion. Often it indicates a positive event in the future. This could be a marriage proposal, a wedding, or just good news. The couple should share this with loved ones. The Sun sometimes involves an event that brings partners together and instills trust in the relationship.

The Sun is the strongest fertility card. If the couple is not ready for this, they should take appropriate precautions. Otherwise, expect good news about the pregnancy.

Alternatively, the card means that negative events from the past will be highlighted. These may be unresolved issues, disputes or old mistakes. The Sun may also indicate relationship problems. The best way out of the situation is an open dialogue with the recognition of guilt and the search for compromise. In this case, the card promises to strengthen the connection between lovers. On the other hand, in the case of separation, the new relationship will be much better than the previous one. Support cards indicate the outcome.

For singles, the Sun means fun and enjoyment of bachelor life. The person has the confidence and inner glow that attracts a lot of people. It doesn’t have to be potential partners, just new friends. So the card can mean short romances.

Besides, the card is a reminder to spend more time with loved ones. They also need love and positive energy. There is a need to use every opportunity to please parents, friends and those who have always been in a person’s life.

The Sun for money and career

As for the career, the Sun is a good card. The person’s optimism is transmitted to others and leads to overall success. Hard work and a positive attitude are always rewarded. The card can indicate getting a promotion or improving relationships with colleagues or a boss. It is also important not to forget the enjoyment of fruits of the labor. The Sun is also a good sign for finances. The person shouldn’t miss the opportunity to earn extra money on the side. It is not worth saving money and the best expense is gifts for loved ones.

The Sun advice

The Sun is a good and positive card. A person doubles happiness when he shares it with others. It is important to share warmth and love with others as they lack this very much. Now is a good time to call children’s games to mind and have fun. If things seem worse than ever, don’t be sad, a positive attitude and confident actions can correct the situation.

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