The reversed Sun tarot card meaning

The card shows a huge sun that radiates positive in the blue sky. It is a source of energy on Earth. Four sunflowers on the wall symbolize the four elements and the four suits of the Minor Arcana. Naked child on a white horse is shown in the foreground. The child is a sign of joy and connection to the inner world. He is naked he has nothing to hide because he is innocent. Horse’s white color also means purity.

Universal meaning in reversed position

The reversed Sun means inner child and how adults forget about fun. The person must learn to let go of worries, offenses, and problems from kids. They just like to play, which is both simple and difficult for an adult. The card calls to move away from work and daily routine to spend time on foolery. There is no need to hesitate because the inner child always lives inside each of us.

Alternatively, the card in a reversed position means feeling hopeless due to endless problems. Something has greatly weakened the person and deprived him of enthusiasm. He can’t find positive moments, although they always exist in any situation. Depression kills the desire to achieve goals. The future seems confusing and difficult. However, there’s no need to panic since The Sun reversed is never a negative card. The difficulties will last for a while and it will take efforts to overcome them.

On the other hand, the reversed Sun speaks of an overabundance of confidence that leads to selfish behavior. The person must analyze his strength and establish whether he is so good enough. Maybe he overestimates his abilities that hinder the achievement of goals. The card recommends looking at things as they are and recognizing that some things are more difficult than they seem. There is a need to check the availability of the target.

The reversed sun in love readings

When it is reversed, it means no passion in the relationship. One partner feels cold from the other. The spark of love that was in the initial stages has disappeared. The couple sees no possible future together or is aware of the existence of serious difficulties that may prevent it. This may be due to jealousy. Sometimes, the Sun in this position means a canceled wedding.

Partners spend not enough time together. The Sun in a reversed position claims that someone in the couple feels lonely and unimportant. Personal space is good, but do not forget about the needs of a loved one.

The Sun reversed is negative for relationships, but there is a way out. Lovers should remember happy moments and positive sides of each other. Partners should communicate a lot and immediately report a problem presence.

For singles, the Sun reversed is an advice to stop behaving selfishly while meeting new people. It repels and cancels the possibility of a second date. Confidence is good, but people love when they are listened to and treated with care. It’s best to just be yourself.

The Reversed tarot card for career and moey

The reversed Sun means difficulties in the workplace and bad relationships with colleagues and boss. It doesn’t seem to a person that his contribution is sufficient and affects the overall success. Alternatively, the card in a reversed position means impossible goals and depression due to failure. The best way out is to take a break and revise plans. It also helps to restore confidence and motivation. Now is not the best moment for investment and big purchases. The person should use the advice of people with a different opinion. On the other hand, the reversed Sun means an overly pessimistic view of finances. Everything is not as bad as it seems and one more calculation will prove it.

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