The Strength — meaning for love, future and money

The Strength Tarot card shows the girl holding the lion’s head with both hands. She managed to tame a wild beast with tenderness, kindness and love energy. The lion is a symbol of passion and desire. A woman shows that even a predator can be calm when he feels the inner strength and warmth of another creature towards him. It doesn’t mean that she uses force to suppress the animal. The girl just uses her energy in good faith to control the lion. Her white robe speaks of the purity of the soul. Flowers as a belt and a crown symbolize her connection to nature. The sign of infinity on her head represents the infinite wisdom and potential.

Strength, courage, power, persuasion, confidence influence, raw emotions, energy.

Upright general interpretation

The Strength card talks about power and determination. It symbolizes the spiritual strength of man, which is able to overcome any obstacles. It’s about a persistent person who goes to his goal. The appearance of the card means that the individual doesn’t seek control, but others are under the influence of his energy. Someone may underestimate this. However, the “invisible” power is an advantage. The person controls the situation without making significant efforts, and nobody knows about it.

Strength is also about confidence and the ability to overcome any obstacles. The person experiences fear, fatigue, but continues to move forward. The card indicates a reliable friend who is always ready to help. He is ready to give all his energy to understand the situation and solve the problem.

Sometimes people find it difficult to control their emotions, especially anger and sadness. The card gives the power to “tame” the wild beast inside the person. Energy and “animal instincts” should be channeled in a peaceful direction. Now is the moment to find balance and calm. The most effective method to finding harmony is forgiveness, love, and kindness. There is a need to turn to the therapist for additional help.

Reversed general meaning

The reversed Strength card talks about an internal imbalance of self-confidence. This may indicate both an oversupply and a lack of energy. The person should think about how to return harmony within himself. In the case of frequent failures and lack of strength for further action, there is a source of power within each human being. An excellent way to regain courage is to recall past experiences of success and what was needed to gain it. The person can use memories as inspiration to overcome obstacles.

The card in a reversed position may also indicate physical and mental tiredness. The person worked a lot and exhausted internal resources. This is especially true if the job is related to servicing or communication with people. Reaching goals also requires a lot of energy. The individual needs rest and activity change.

Alternatively, reversed Strength means that the person is a prisoner of his emotions. Sadness or overexcitement can lead to rash decisions and regret. Aggressive behavior can scare others and destroy relationships. The person must learn to control the internal energy to direct it to safe areas. Professional help may be needed.

Upright Strength meaning for love

Some people are not sure about the meaning of the card in love reading. However, many agree that the appearance of Strength is a good sign. For couples, this means a stable, healthy relationship. Both partners are strong personalities connected by common goals. They are not afraid of obstacles and problems. Furthermore, they strengthen their love. Such relationships can exist even at a distance and last for many years. Lovers see support in each other.

Speaking of a long-term relationship, the Strength card indicates that one partner will have to look after the loved one due to declining health in older age. Many couples can face this. There is a need to care about the health and emotional condition of the couple.

Alternatively, Strength speaks of imbalance of effort. One partner does too much to maintain the relationship, while the other stands aside. This is bad for both lovers. The card also shows a strong dependence of one person on another. One of the partners regularly cares about the emotions and health of the other, forgetting about his own problems. Strength can also mean dominance in the couple.

For singles, Strength is a sign of a new romance that can grow into a solid relationship. The person is full of confidence and strength that attracts partners with the same characteristic. The potential partner will seem very charming and extraordinary.

Reversed Strength meaning for relationship

The reversed Strength is not the best card to predict the future of a couple. However, even if it appears in a love reading, this isn’t a good sign. Jealousy and lack of confidence weaken the bond between the partners. Someone in the couple feels lonely and clings to the loved one who responds with ignoring or irritable behavior. Everyone should have a private space. The card indicates an unhealthy relationship that can last long until both realize it.

Reversed position of Strength can mean serious problems in the couple. Everything points to an upcoming separation, but one of the partners does not want it to happen. However, his or her efforts are one-sided. It really can prolong the relationship, but for how long? The result depends on one person.

For single women and men, the reversed Strength is a sign of unpreparedness for a new relationship. The card is a warning of a lack of internal confidence that can lead to wrong love decisions. A weak spirit lowers the person’s vigilance and makes him a victim of bad people. This may indicate a series of short-term romances with painful consequences.

Before starting the next relationship, the person must ask himself whether he is ready? In case of uncertainty in response, there is a need to work on self-confidence. The individual is not sure that he is worthy of a kind, loving partner. After reviewing an opinion about himself, the person will find out that he is much better than it seems. A positive attitude will surely attract worthy people.

Upright Strength for money

There is a moment for a breakthrough! The Strength card gives a person the confidence to promote his career. The appearance of the card also means the green light to any business start-ups. Do not be afraid to take risks, but think over every decision. If a person is looking for a job, he should pay attention to the positions associated with the help of people or animals. As for finance, the card promises stability and even a small influx of money. However, it’s better not to spend everything at once, but to save. Strength foreshadows a big purchase soon, which will require this money. It is also better for a person to refrain from borrowing large sums.

Reversed Strength for career

Like upright Strength, the reversed card promises courage for career success. However, a person must get rid of doubts and uncertainty to achieve the goal. Those who have a business idea should have enough strength to speak out loud about it. Reversed Strength also indicates a good time for finance. However, the money will have to be used not for entertainment, but to pay for unexpected expenses in the future.

Card advice

The Strength card endows a person with courage and his task to reveal it within himself. A source of infinite energy will help realize plans, pass obstacles and reach the goal. The only things that can prevent this are uncertainty and self-doubts. Maximum efforts should be made to overcome these disadvantages. Sometimes, the card indicates the need to control emotions and direct them to the right channels.

Yes/No Tarot Reading

Strength symbolizes courage and inner balance. The card gives a person power for further action. The answer to your question is yes.