The Star tarot card meaning

The Star card shows a naked young woman who stands on one knee on the shore of a small pool. She is pure and innocent. Her one leg is on the ground, a sign of her capabilities and common sense, and the other is in the water, meaning her intuition and the inner voice. She holds two containers in both hands that symbolize the conscious and subconscious. Water from one vessel pours back into the pool showing the cycle of fertility. Her second-hand pours water over a dry ground, which creates 5 streams, representing the five senses. One big star in the night sky means her core essences. Seven little stars around are the chakras.

Keywords for interpretation: Hope, change, self-knowledge, renewal, a new approach, opportunity, inspiration, healing.

The star card meaning

The appearance of the Star is a sign of good change in life. The person comes to self-knowledge after a period of difficulties. The card is about realizing the core essence and connection to the Divine. It’s associated with entering a peaceful phase, mental stability, and calm energy. There is a need to devote more time to self-development. The Universe gives man its blessing.

This card has a special magic that can make the most incredible things real. The main thing is to believe and be ready to accept it at any time. The card represents the hope and realization that a person’s dream can come true very soon. Don’t be afraid to believe and dream. Fears only prevent us from rising up to the stars.

Perhaps the person lacks inspiration and meaning of existence. This is a harbinger of significant changes, transformations and the replacement of old with new. The Star symbolizes the spiritual journey that will lead to the highest version of oneself. A person must forget about the limitations, grievances, and illusions in order to resume connection with the inner world. The card advises sharing the wealth and positive energy to help others also find a new version of themselves.

The Star for love and relationships

Often, the Star means a relationship where one of the partners is Aquarius. For those who are in a relationship, the card talks about potential and future together. Lovers feel how their bond turns into something more for both of them. Partners should think about common plans and becoming a family. Joint relocation is possible.

Each couple has problems in the relationship, so there is no think about parting because of petty quarrels. If partners love each other, they will always find a solution. However, it is not necessary to deny that scandals take a lot of energy and drain emotionally. After solving the trouble, the lovers should take the time to recover. Both should get away from the routine and noise, but not ignore each other. Vacation for two is required.

The Star recommends finding a hobby that is interesting to both. This is a great way to recover from quarrels and strengthen the couple. The best option is to try something that both partners have never tried. The card can also indicate one project or business for two.

For singles, it is a good sign in readings. Bachelor life comes to an end and the person must be ready to accept a new love. Past mistakes have become unnecessary but have left an invaluable experience. Now, it’s important to spend more time among people in order to meet a potential partner. There is a need to pay attention to those of the opposite sex who don’t quite fit your criteria. Love may appear where we don’t expect. The person must be ready to show his responsibility in a new relationship.

Alternatively, the card means the return of a former partner. He or she wants to renew the relationship and forget about past disagreements. The Star doesn’t indicate an outcome.


The Star for money and career

New opportunities are coming. The Star foreshadows a career boost, a new important partner or customer, opening the one’s own business. Alternatively, the card means that the person is not satisfied with his current workplace. The best way out is to find a new position or change the career direction. Those who are looking for work should pay attention to the entertainment industry. The Star indicates a good time to invest. This is not a sign of fortune or unlimited wealth, but extra profit is guaranteed. The main thing is to assess the risks correctly.

The Star advice

The Star means change after a period of failure, fatigue, and boredom. The card recommends moving away from the noise and unnecessary people to restore energy and discover new goals and approaches. Massages, spa, yoga, and other relaxing physical treatments also help soothe the soul.

Yes or No Tarot Reading

The Star means a period of renewal and spiritual change. The answer to your question is yes.