The Six of Wands tarot card meanings

The card has a person with a wreath sitting on a horse among happy people. They celebrate the victory and congratulate the winner. The white horse symbolizes strength and success. The wand in the rider’s hand also has a wreath and signifies future achievements.

6 of Wands general meaning


The card is an excellent sign as it directly represents success and mass recognition. In addition to successfully completing the task, praise other people is also guaranteed if the Six of Wands is in your Tarot reading. Most likely you have just presented what you have been working for a long time to the world or even received an award. You used your talent, skills and positive qualities to the maximum. Focusing only on your goal helps you walk forward with the significant steps without paying attention to obstacles. This undoubtedly gives you confidence and unique energy to continue your work.

The Six of Wands means that you believe in yourself and your business. Experience positive feelings for those, who equally well achieve the same goals. Do not fall for fear and go only forward. You are 100% worthy of what you have and can show your pride and achievements to others. The card may be a sign of creating your brand, product or business that is related to promoting yourself and listening to other people’s opinion. If you do not understand what it means, then most likely you will soon find out. You will be awarded with not only success but also public recognition and praise.

The negative meaning of the Six of Wands is your selfishness. After winning, you might think that you are superior to others. This attitude leads to disappointment and criticism of people. Keep your ego in control and be worthy of your achievements.


The appearance of the Six of Wands reversed says that you doubt your abilities and are afraid to fail. You have lost confidence and need the support of other people. Negative feelings in you could be caused by unsuccessful attempts to achieve the goal. Perhaps you got what you wanted but did not experience the much-awaited recognition by others. You expected a positive outcome, but something went wrong, and you are unhappy with your position. Criticism and negative feedback only oppress you.

You are no longer self-confident and worried about your professionalism in front of others. Your reputation may be at risk. If you have experienced a failure in the project which you expected a positive outcome from, try a new one. You need to change the environment and try your abilities in a new place to rebuild your reputation. Maybe you should create your own business. However, it is better than trying to rehabilitate.

The Six of Wands talks about your wrong approach and that you’re chasing two goals at the same time. However, you will never get what you want in that way. Focus on one thing for more motivation and energy to succeed.

A card can also mean a transition from success to routine or negative consequences. You have achieved success and continued to work, but one case brought you down. Triumph is always temporary, and you need to work harder to win again.

Six of Wands for love


It is worth saying that the Six of Wands is not an appropriate card for love tarot. It symbolizes the success of one person for the common good of the couple. The card does not carry the meaning of teamwork; therefore it is difficult to talk about it towards the relationships. However, this is not a sign that you or your partner is selfish or overshadowed.

If you are in a relationship, then most likely the Six of Wands means success in love amid a favorable financial situation. Remember that both of you should support each other and share joyful moments. Your couple has the power and energy necessary for work, so it is probably worth thinking about the project together. Share ideas, worries, plans, and happiness to strengthen the relationship.

If you are single, the Six of Wands is a sign that your next partner will be successful and energetically strong, maybe, a public figure. You will undoubtedly be proud of your choice. This person will help you in development and will lift you up on a pedestal.


The appearance of the Six of Wands in tarot reading can be a bad sign for couples. Your relationship has difficult times, constant quarrels and less time spent together. A possible reason is a failure in a collective project or a selfish attitude of one of the partners because of the excellent career success. You do not support each other, do not help in the implementation of plans and ignore each other’s ambitions. If one of the partners has achieved victory, he celebrates it himself without the participation of a loved one. Perhaps this behavior is rooted in the nature of the person. The card also means shattered expectations and frustration.

If you are single, then you may not have enough strength and self-confidence to start a new relationship. On the other hand, you are behaving too vigorously with potential partners; therefore, no one considers you as a variant. If you are in love, then your desired partner may not be serious about relationships. The reason may be the innate selfishness and irresponsibility, or it is a temporary phenomenon.

Six of Wands for money and career


The Six of Wands is undoubtedly a good sign for your career and means victory. Most likely a promotion is waiting for you after a successful project. The card also means a new job with good potential and a salary. If you have an idea for your business, be sure of a positive result. But do not think that recognition and success simply fall from the sky; you must be strong, motivated and work hard to get a reward. If the Six of Wands appears in your Tarot spread, your finances will change in a good way. Appreciate the money you have and keep working hard.


Reversed card position speaks of failures and projects with poor results that lead to career risk. In the near future, you may not even think about a promotion or reward. The Six of Wands is also a bad sign for business since you cannot achieve what you want. Now you and your company’s reputation may be at risk. Your goals are difficult to achieve due to the fact that you do not have enough drive, enthusiasm or skills. You must direct all efforts to correct your attitude and the situation as a whole. Show your leadership skills. The Six of Wands means financial losses due to unreasonable risks or a negative outcome of your project.

Six of Wands advice

Tarot foreshadows your victory; however, you must not stop working hard even if you think that luck is on your side. Your project and career have every chance to succeed. An important part of your triumph is the recognition of others, so you should be worthy of praise Perhaps you have already achieved a victory so you must work harder and continuously move forward to keep the status and increase the positive result. Respect the praises of others and share your rewards with loved ones.

Yes / No Tarot Reading

The Six of Wands means victory and a pleasant feeling of triumph and recognition by others. This is another confirmation of professionalism and motivation for further actions. The answer to your question is unconditional yes.