Six of Pentacles tarot card meanings

The Six of Pentacles shows a man in fiery red clothes who give a few gold coins to two beggars who are on their knees. The left-hand holds a balanced scale which means equality and fairness. The man is financially secure and allows himself to be generous with those who deserve. The thing that distinguishes the Six from other cards of Pentacles is that it implies a help with the equal return. In one moment of life, you are a giver, in another moment you are a beggar. Now you have financial abundance, but sometime you may need help. Provide yourself with people and their loyalty in advance, when you have a good time to get their support in a hard time.

General interpretation


You, like the man on the front side of the Six of Pentacles, have the wealth and desire to help people. The card is a sign of financial harmony, independence, and good intentions. You actively cooperate with charitable organizations donating your money and time. You are satisfied with yourself and the feeling of helping others. If you cannot afford financial investments, you give your warmth and support; sometimes it’s more important than money. Perhaps your help is small, but remember that any contribution is significant.

The Six of Pentacles means that you have a person who asks you to borrow money. This is a faithful person who will give you back the amount when his business becomes better with the time. This is most likely your relative or close friend. Remember that you can provide only temporary assistance and not full security to prevent him from losing his importance.

On the other hand, the Six of Pentacles assumes that you a beggar and accept help from powerful people. Accept the gift with gratitude and do not abuse the kindness to you. Think about how you can use donated resources to gain stability and not depend on the giver.


The Six of Pentacles is a message to those who are used to giving to others and forgetting about themselves. Take time for yourself; make a gift to remind you that you also deserve proper treatment and thanks. It can be a beautiful piece of jewelry or a box of chocolates. It can be a beautiful piece of jewelry or a box of chocolates; the significance and size of the gift are not important. Also, you should feel the limits of helping others and not overworking for someone else.

A card in a reversed position can say that you give but not get back. Maybe you lent money to a friend and he still hasn’t returned, or you helped someone with a cold reply. Besides, to force a person to give back, you should also take this situation as a lesson in that it is not always worth helping. Alternatively, consider another option to return, for example, useful work for you.

On the other hand, the Six of Pentacles reversed may say that you are not able to return the debt. Perhaps you misjudged your abilities and now do not know how to pay back.

The reversed position of Six of Pentacles also speaks about the wrong motives of your generosity. You are trying to impress someone or prove something with your good acts. It’s more a selfish approach.

Six of Pentacles for love and relationships


The appearance of the Six of Pentacles in love tarot is a good sign for your relationship. You and your partner live in harmony and are generous to each other. You both earn good money and can afford frequent gifts and support. Money is not essential; you can just give your love, care, and warmth. It is also worth noting that the important point is the balance of giving and receiving. The right approach strengthens relationships and makes them last longer.

The Six of Pentacles promises to singles that they will meet their true love soon. This is a gentle, kind partner who will protect you financially, take care of your feelings and make lovely gifts. Do not forget to give yourself, your time and warmth in response to this person. To meet a decent person, you must also be kind and generous with people. Use not only your finances but also other resources like time, energy, etc.

If you are in love, then most likely this person does not want to hurt your feelings and shows himself very gently towards you. He feels he needs to be more responsible and caring.


The Six of Pentacles reversed talks about relationship imbalance. You or your loved one is using finances or feelings to manipulate the other. It is an unhealthy love, which leads to dependency and oppression. On the other hand, one of the partners uses the bounty of the other and gives nothing in return. If it’s you then you offend a person’s good nature. Such a problem in a relationship can lead not only to break up but also to the mental issues of one of the lovers. The situation should be changed as soon as possible to avoid this.

If you are single, the Six of Pentacles reversed means that you are not giving your potential partners anything in return for their warmth and gifts. Your greedy approach is a barrier to new relationships. Alternatively, you are too generous, so people don’t miss the opportunity to use you. This does not mean that you should not be kind, however, be attentive to the toxic people in your life.

If you are in love and are interested in what this person thinks about you, most likely the answer is negative. However, you will receive the response as gently as possible, since this person is very kind and does not want to hurt your feelings.

6 Pentacles for money and career


The Six of Pentacles is a great career card that means workplace value and success. There is a person in your life, your boss or an influential figure, who is generous with you and gives his support, time and advice. This person helps or affects your promotion. If you have your own business, this person may be an investor or a philanthropist, who contributes to your company. In a financial context, the Six of Pentacles symbolizes generosity towards you or from your side. In one case, you get gifts, and in the other you give them; maybe you are funding a charity. Other cards in your tarot reading help you find out your position accurately. Also, if you have been hard working for a long time, expect awards.


The appearance of the Six of Pentacles reversed foreshadows bad news for your career. You cannot find a job, feel undervalued in the workplace and are afraid of being fired. If you are in a senior position, be kind to your colleagues to be able to contact them at a difficult time. Alternatively, the card may indicate that you are a yes-person for higher ranked people. There is nothing wrong with a close relationship with the boss; however, remember about self-esteem. For your business, the Six of Pentacles reversed means a denial of funding. Perhaps, your work is paid a little, and you do nothing to improve the situation. The card means poor financing and debts. If you are okay with money, do not be greedy. Alternatively, you are too kind, and people use it which leads to money fraud and loss.

Card advice

The card symbolizes generosity, so, First, you should not be greedy, especially with those, who help you. At the same time, be careful to avoid being used. Pay off your debts and do not forgive others ones. Always keep a balance between what you give and what you get.

Yes / No Tarot Reading

The Six of Pentacles stands for success, fairness, and generosity. The card says gratuitous kindness and financial assistance. It is positive and means good luck in response to good actions. The answer to your question is yes.