The reversed Devil tarot card — meaning of major arcana

Woman and man are naked and chained to the podium which the Devil stands on. There is a feeling that they can’t escape, but this is not true. The chains near the necks are loose and can be easily removed. Little horns grow on their heads, which means that they become like the Devil over time. Their tails symbolize animal instincts and desires. The grapes and the fire signify pleasure and lust.

Meaning in reversed position

The reversed Devil card is a harbinger of a breakthrough. But first, the person should get rid of negative attitudes, preferences, work, etc. Fears and limitations are other obstacles to success. Good changes come only to those who think positively. Sport, healthy diet, hobbies and free time with the loved ones improve well-being.

Alternatively, the card in a reversed position means deliberately diving into the dark corners of the soul. Curiosity gives courage. However, the main thing is not to give animal desires to devour the person. There is a difficult task to recognize and curb the one’s shadow. If the person does not control the situation, he can become a hostage to depression. Perhaps the therapist’s help is needed.

Sometimes, the card means guilty of hidden dark fantasies. But the longer it lasts, the harder it’s handled. The best way to get rid of the load is to tell all to one trusted person. However, if there is a danger of harming oneself or someone else, it is better to contact a specialist.

Reversed devil in love readings

For those in a relationship, often means danger. Perhaps a person considers a partner as a sexual and intriguing individual, but it will only be a wrapper with a poisonous filling inside. The reversed card symbolizes a despotic lover who loves to dominate. It may be attractive at first, but then it develops into manipulations, abusive behavior and total control. The Devil card warns of emotional or even physical damage.

Also, the appearance of the Devil in a reversed position means a tendency to bad habits. One of the partners does not control his/her desires. In most cases, this indicates drug addiction. Other types of excessive use, such as alcoholism or overeating, are also possible. Such people are not stable, which means danger to others. In the worst case, the card is talking about the partner with perverted fantasies and thoughts of murder.

For a long-term relationship, the reversed card can mean fatigue and the absence of past passion. Love has passed, and the partners are thinking about leaving. In this position, the Devil may also indicate a series of breakups and reunions, which will eventually end in the complete separation.

For bachelors, the reversed Devil is a warning about the need to carefully choose sexual partners. The person should consult a doctor as there is a risk of STDs.

Money readings

When the Devil appears, the person begins to get what he wants and deserves in his career. However, as for finances, the card foreshadows problems due to thoughtless actions in the past. Unfortunately, the situation is deteriorating faster than it seems. The one should change the attitude towards money and learn to appreciate what he has.