Pentacles tarot card meanings: Queen

The Queen of Pentacles sits on a luxurious throne decorated with a variety of patterns including angels, fruits, goats, etc. These figures are symbols of visual pleasure and material well-being. The woman gently holds the gold coin in her hands and looks at it with love. She is dressed as a queen and has the appropriate royal crown on her head. The card is a direct sign of wealth and success. She is in the middle of a flower field with a picturesque landscape of mountains behind her. Her entourage reveals her connection to Mother Earth and nature. Baby rabbit running near her feet is a sign of fertility and stable life flow.

General interpretation


The Queen of Pentacles is a caring mother who copes with work and household chores. She is an invaluable worker who is fully committed to the case, and her colleagues appreciate this. It is easy for her to cope with the responsibility of the primary breadwinner of the family. At the same time, she cares for loved ones and spends a lot of time maintaining home comfort.

If you are a caring working parent, it is not surprising that the Queen of Pentacles appeared in your Tarot reading. You work to ensure the material abundance and the comfortable existence of your family. You are generous and love to make expensive gifts for your loved ones. You have found the right balance between work and home, which helps you to cope with responsibilities successfully. A healthy and warm environment is a priority for you. Also, do not forget to devote time to yourself as a reward for your hard work.

The Queen of Pentacles means the need to connect with the land, so eat right, have a down-to-earth attitude and spend more time in natural landscapes. Be practical at home and at work; do the tasks wisely using minimal resources. The Queen of Pentacles can also mean a caring mother, a mentor who guides you in the right direction. If you are working to improve the quality of your life by yourself, a caring mother is you.


The difference between upright and reversed Queen of Pentacles is that in the first case you give to others, and in the second you work for yourself. You are engaged in self-realization and ensuring financial independence. Perhaps, you have not completely left the custody of your parents, but you clearly plan your future, think about your own project or business to enrich. As an option, you are interested in taking care of yourself and your health. You adhere to good lifestyle and think First about yourself. This is a right approach but also remember about work and household duties.

Alternatively, the reversed Queen of Pentacles means that you do not have a balance between work and home. On the one hand, you work more than it’s needed, bring assignments home or regularly travel on business trips. On the other hand, you completely give yourself to your family, which negatively affects your work. This situation may not temporarily bother you, but it will lead to negative consequences. You may need to relax and gather natural energy to find balance.

Also, the reversed Queen of Pentacles can mean that you just can’t cope with all the duties. Balance search leads you to conflicts at home or at work. The best option, in this case, is to select one area. Talk to your partner to share responsibilities or ask the boss not to give so many tasks. Hire a nanny or a housekeeper as help at home.

Queen of Pentacles for love and relationships


The Queen of Pentacles indicates a high-quality relationship. You and your partner are in comfort and harmony. You trust each other, have the same goals and plan your future together. Both of you worked hard to create a safe financial atmosphere and deserve a reward, such as a romantic weekend in an expensive hotel or a trip. Most likely both of you love luxury.

The Queen of Pentacles can mean one of the partners and talk about his qualities. First, the Queen is an excellent mother who always maintains cleanliness and comfort in the house. She is the perfect woman, and everyone wants to either be with her or be her. A person with card qualities shows himself very generous, kind, responsible and honest in relationships. This is a very friendly and cozy partner.

If you are single, the Queen of Pentacles recommends looking for a decent partner. You have worked on yourself and your financial stability, so you deserve a stable and mature relationship. Do not rush to choose and wait until you find an equal partner, which can improve your life even more. Alternatively, this means that you will meet a person with the features of the Queen of Pentacles.


The Queen of Pentacles reversed means jealousy and lack of confidence in a partner. This leads to conflicts, the desire for control and manipulation by one of the partners. Maybe you or your partner is stuck in a routine and boredom of the relationship.

The card can say about the qualities of one of the partners. The Queen of Pentacles reversed personifies an unpleasant and lazy person who openly shows his displeasure and does not want to contribute to the development of a relationship. Alternatively, it can be a jealous, aggressive, manipulative and spoiled partner who has a material interest to you and a desire to improve the social status. As a parent, it is a neglectful and rude person.

If you are single, the card means that you are not ready for a serious healthy relationship, since you have not yet found yourself. You have no stability in life and do nothing to improve your situation. In a partner, you are looking for financial security and the opportunity to give you something that you do not have. If you find such a partner, the relationships will be difficult since you are totally dependent on a partner so it will not last long. Alternatively, it means the appearance of the Queen of Pentacles reversed in your life. Be careful as this is a charming but insidious person.

Queen of Pentacles for money and career


The Queen of Pentacles in your Tarot reading is a sign of success in business. You are smart, practical, organized and it helps you make the right decisions. Perhaps, a smart and successful woman will appear in your life as a business partner, mentor or assistant. Take her help and advice for a career boost. The Queen of Pentacles promises financial independence and wealth. Things are going well, and you can afford high-quality, expensive things, but do not waste your money on cheap items.


The Queen of Pentacles reversed says that you are experiencing a fall in business because of your randomness, unreliability, and lack of control. The card may indicate a potential partner who will bury your business. This is an unpleasant person who wants to manage but not to execute, so you are forced to do work that you cannot handle. Alternatively, it can mean an ambitious, career-hungry employee, who could interfere with your plans. In this case, watch your back! It can be a nice, attractive person, who is ready to take advantage of the situation and attack at any moment. The Queen of Pentacles means financial problems, dependency, and poverty. You are materialistic, spoiled and have the wrong approach to money.

Card advice

The card is a sign that you are doing well with all areas of your life. Your financial security allows you to relax and take care of yourself. Spend more time on natural landscapes, eat properly and self-develop. Remember the right attitude towards money and do not be materialistic.

Yes / No Tarot Reading

The Queen of Pentacles is an organized person, who can perform multiple tasks. She is able to provide wealth and care to her family. At the same time, she does not forget about herself and her interests. The answer to your question is yes.