The Queen of Wands tarot card meanings

The card has a mature woman seated on a throne. The Queen is the personification of self-confidence and self-sufficiency. She holds the wand in her hand, which indicates a consistently high rank. A black cat or panther at her feet symbolizes the power of taming.

Queen of Wands main meaning


The Queen of Wands is a strong tarot card that represents the female energetic given by the power of Fire. It shows your willingness to implement goals and overcome any obstacles. You have your own unique way of thinking and ideas; you are ready to defend your position and be independent of others. You have a clear understanding of what you have to go to achieve the planned and know how to find a common language with the necessary people. The Queen recommends starting to act immediately since you now have the passion required.

The upright position of the card indicates an active life with possibly new activities for you. Be sure that you have enough strength for all this since the Queen, by nature, is a born leader who inspires. She provides extra life energy that affects your health and internal vibrations. You will feel how your confidence increases as she gives additional courage. Also, it’s typical for the Queen of Wands to be the center of attention and show off an impressive side.

The only flaw of the Queen of Wands that interfere is the excessive stubbornness caused by unshakable self-righteousness. Your ego will burn you. In the worst case, the Queen reveals a terrible, cruel part of you. However, despite all the impulsiveness, you quickly calm down, that’s why anger and shouts are almost instantly replaced by caresses and hugs.


In this case, the female card meaning is that a strong, tyrannical and manipulative person is in your surroundings. You feel strong pressure and are in the “war zone.” Aggressive energy towards you is caused by other negative moods, such as envy, jealousy, etc. In addition, you can experience these emotions first or in response to the attacks of the opponent. Aura of lies hovers around you. You or someone around you crave control while being petty and narrow-minded. You do not feel respect for yourself, which affects your self-esteem.

Reversed Queen of Wands says that you feel like a victim and shy in your actions. You are afraid to show yourself because you think that others will not approve it and will cease to perceive you as a serious partner, interlocutor. In the past, there could be a situation where you experienced a fall and now feel embarrassed and do not believe in the restoration of reputation. Over time, it will pass, and you will be fed with positive energy that will help you withstand anything. The woman also indicates that there may be someone in your environment who needs your support. Your main advice in helping this person is that everything will get better with time, just act and not pay attention to the troubles.

Queen of Wands for love and relationships


If you are in a relationship at the moment, this means that the partner has all the qualities that the Queen of Wands represents. Your loved one has a strong energy, easily copes with difficulties, and has a possibility to help you with his influence. You experience difficulties living with such a person; however, you will never feel lonely or bored. Tarot card believes that your relationship has positive energy for both partners. Together you feel comfort, and confidence in the future. If you have been together for a long time, the Queen of Wands Tarot card, as is a symbol of fertility, mean a pregnancy.

Upright Queen of Wands means the appearance of love for singles. In this case, Minor Arcana believes that you are already ready for a relationship and fate will give you a loved one. Your future partner can have all the qualities of the Queen and will be an excellent support and leader for your relationship. It is also possible that you have these qualities like courage, confidence, passion for your favorite work, etc. Your future partner will see a balance between responsibility, independence, and funny character in you. The women’s card will give you enough femininity and sexuality to attract more attention. You just have to feel your positive qualities and show confidence.


Reversed position can also indicate the presence of strong energy in your present partner, but it is embodied in the negative qualities for you. You feel the pressure of constant acts of aggression, jealousy, or feel like you are being manipulated. You can also cause a toxic relationship if all the negative qualities are expressed from your side. Remember that you suffer from such behavior and your partner too. Another option is that the partner is not confident of himself, which is reflected in the personal life of the couple.

The Queen of Wands can symbolize yours and your partner tiredness from external factors. Take the time to relax, and it’s best to do it together, maybe a fun trip. If you started thinking about a child, it’s better to wait with this matter. The card can also warn you about possible difficulties in conceiving or taking care of a child after birth.

If you are single and the Queen of Wands Tarot appears, you are most likely not ready for a relationship. In the future, you will meet strong personalities who will not make you happier but will only overwhelm your interests. At the moment you are not confident, and the situation will just get worse with the appearance of such a person in your life. Take care of yourself, think positive to gain strength.

Queen of Wands for career and money


The Queen of Wands in the Tarot reading is a good sign for your career and says that you are active in work. You easily cope with duties and tasks, so others are surprised by your energy. Perhaps people will notice the manager’s talent in you as you demonstrate good curatorial skills. If you are planning a new business, be sure that the implementation will be easy for you. In the future, there may be a mature woman, the Queen, who will help you and affect your career. At the moment, you are perfectly managing your finances and are able to make the right money investment decisions.


The Queen of Wands reversed talks about problems in work and difficulties in solving them. Feelings of frustration, fatigue reduce your motivation and worsen performance. Failures in a job can also be because you have assumed assignments that you cannot carry out. Hire an assistant to share responsibilities and improve your working ability. An adult woman can appear in your life and add hardship to your career advancement. Taro warns you about wrong investment decisions and spending in everyday life that affect your finances. Another option is that you go in the completely different direction and save too much. Try to find a balance.

Queen of Wands advice

Now you are on full alert; therefore, the Tarot card meaning recommends starting to start acting in all the areas of life. This is especially true for the work, as the positive energy in you has a huge chance to help in achieving a promotion or successful execution of the project. If you feel weak, take some time to rest.

Yes / No Tarot Reading

The Queen is a passionate person who helps career minded people. Her appearance is a sign of success in this area. The main feature of this card is confidence, so the answer is undoubted yes.