The Queen of Swords — tarot card meaning

The Queen of Swords is a brave woman who sits on a stone throne and looks towards the future. Her left hand is raised in the position of receiving something, and the right one holds a dangerous sword directed to the top, which symbolizes her desire to find justice. The throne is decorated with the figure of a cherub, which refers to her soft side, and butterflies that express changes. All Swords cards show severe weather and how the wind bends trees and moves clouds. In this case, it means that the Queen is ready to face any outcome of change.

General meaning in fortune telling


The Queen of Swords gathered intelligence, spirituality, and maturity. She can use her experience and a clean mind to make decisions, at the same time, she is flexible and easily accepts change. You also prefer to use the head, but not the heart and emotions. Compassion for others is an integral part of human nature, but sometimes it can prevent you from carrying out the necessary tasks and reaching heights. Fortunately, you understand it. The Queen of Swords knows that you are not cold and unfeeling, you just feel comfortable in an intellectual connection with a person. You want to know everyone and everything that surrounds you.

Also, the Queen of Swords means that you prefer facts to rumors and meaningless talk. You are interested in finding the truth and can filter unnecessary information. When communicating with people, you do not tolerate a lie. Besides, you know how to gather all the details and get to the point, so you always tell it like it is. You always have your opinion and, therefore, people respect you.

Being an independent and intelligent person, you have the limits of your inner circle. You do not let unworthy people close and categorically reject those who violate the cordons of your personal space. People feel that you need special treatment, so, sometimes, they decide not to deal with you. However, you can also be attractive and inviting. Once a person begins to understand your motives and way of thinking, he begins to respect you, and you open your soft side in return.


The Queen of Swords reversed assumes that you think with your heart, but not with your mind. You are too sensitive in some situations that prevent you from making successful decisions. Perhaps, now, you are facing an important choice, and your emotions prevent you from choosing the right path. Clear your mind and analyze the situation with a more rational approach. Pay more attention to details that were previously ignored.

The appearance of the reversed Queen of Swords may be a sign that someone is using your feelings and confusing you. You do not even notice how others influence your decision. Maybe, you are shy to do some actions as you are afraid of the unexpected reaction of other people. You must gain confidence and courage. Analysis and objectivity will help you take steps correctly.

Sometimes the reversed card position personifies the person who you are forced to deal with. It is a cold, bitchy and unemotional lady that has a lack of compassion for others. The card can also symbolize you. People see you as an isolated, narrow-minded, intolerant and annoying person.

Queen of Swords for love and relationships


First, the Queen of Swords means that you are in a relationship with a person who personifies the quality of the card. This can also be related to you. The Queen in a relationship is a slightly selfish creature that requires personal space but has supernatural insight. Most likely she does not like to appear in public with her loved one and be affectionate. However, she is very gentle, loving and loyal to her partner. The card also says that such a woman does not have enough freedom when she is in relationships. The Queen is happy when someone is waiting for her at home, but sometimes she misses being independent and single.

Alternatively, the Queen of Swords means a woman who has an opinion about your relationship. This is a friend, mother or sister who has experience in love affairs and has an objective approach. Of course, only you control your future, but Tarot recommends listening to criticism of this woman.

If you are single, you can personify the qualities of the Queen of Swords in your love life. You like your independent bachelor life and want a partner who will accept your love of freedom. Perhaps you are looking for a new person in your life who can enrich you with new things and knowledge, but you are already self-sufficient enough. This is great because you are not in a hurry to make choices and can be selective. Alternatively, the Queen of Swords means your potential partner. This is a mature person who has experienced a lot, maybe a divorce or even has a child from the first marriage.


If you are in a relationship and the Queen of Swords reversed appears, you or your partner personifies the negative qualities of the card. The Queen is very afraid of being lonely or, alternatively, suffers from a lack of freedom. Be careful if the card symbolizes your partner. Most likely that you are cheated or manipulated. Besides, the Queen of Swords reversed may be an adult woman who is ready to break your relationship by any means possible.

Alternatively, the card in a reversed position means that you or your partner could not get rid of the pain of the previous relationship, which prevents you from creating harmony now. The problem is that you cannot open up to each other and be loving and loyal partners. Talk about your fears to start trusting each other and deal with this issue together. Do not criticize your partner as we all have flaws.

If you are single, most likely you will meet a person who personifies the selfish qualities of the Queen of Swords reversed soon. This is the partner you should stay away from. The card can also mean you and your fears to be single. Alternatively, you had a trauma in the love sphere, for example, divorce or deception. It can make you aggressive, pessimistic and negative. Analyze the cause of your anger to relieve pain. The main thing is not to spill emotions on other people.

Queen of Swords for money and career


The appearance of the Queen of Swords in your Tarot reading means a mature woman who will give you good advice or criticism that will help you develop your career. You will immediately recognize her as she is respectable, wise and honest. Consider her a role model. This Minor Arcana card also means communication and honest, constructive statements. Your colleagues appreciate your ability to say things as they are. For finance, the Queen of Swords is a wealthy woman who will give you important advice. Her help is priceless. In addition, use your sociability for lucrative financial offers.


The Queen of Swords reversed means an adult woman who criticizes you and spreads gossip about you in the workplace. Alternatively, the card indicates your communication problems, which prevent you from expressing your point of view. Your pessimism and negativity can also be the cause of bad relationships with colleagues. The Queen of Swords means a sly adult woman who will give you bad financial advice, so be careful. Besides, the card indicates that the lack of communication will lead to losses.

Queen of Swords advice

The Queen knows how to use her intellect and control emotions properly. The map recommends taking these qualities as a basis for making important decisions. All Swords cards mean communication, so think about how you can improve your speaking skills.

Yes / No Tarot Reading

The Queen of Swords is an independent and rational woman. Sometimes, she can be emotionless or, on the contrary, sensitive to pain. Maybe is the answer to your question.