The Page of Wands tarot card meanings

The central element of the card is a man, of average physical build, with the wand, which he holds with two hands. His gaze is directed at the young green leaves on top of the wooden stick. This means the emergence of the idea and the concentration of the Page on it. Pay attention to his clothes, which are made in warm shades. His tunic has a clear pattern in the form of salamanders, which generally refers to the element of fire and the transformation process. The background resembles a desert with several sandy mountains that personify a place where nothing can grow. However, as we can see, the wooden stick could.

Page of Wands general meaning


The Page of Wands symbolizes your freedom of thought and ideas. You enjoy the process of work; you are guided by your feelings and energy attraction when choosing a business for the day. If you have enthusiasm and passion, you can make everything work to fulfill your goal. Perhaps, you do not have a clear plan, but you definitely should not miss the opportunity.

When you dream, you have no limits; that gives you the opportunity to generate ideas that go beyond everyday life. You are as a revolutionary who is not afraid of the impossible. The appearance of the Page of Wands says that now you have a creative spark that transforms into a holistic idea. Notice that the man in the card surface has not yet begun his movement. At this stage, you just have to put a stick in the ground, think about the implementation. You should do more research and testing, explore the market and target.

The main meaning of the Page of Wands is a transformation and a new journey. Unusual opportunities are open to you, and you have a great interest to start an action. You feel a real call that cannot be ignored since you obviously have a curious mind. The new experience will give you an unforgettable experience. An experienced mentor who has already passed your way can help you.


The Page of Wands reversed believes that you feel that changes will happen soon, but you don’t know what it is. Maybe you have an idea that just sprouts inside you like a seed and you do not know how to react and what to do. You are standing still and do not know how to act as you are not fully aware of the idea essence. This is normal, and many creators go through it. Think about your thoughts and create a complete picture of the goal and plan. Sit back, relax, create a creative atmosphere and “play” with the idea.

Alternatively, the Page of Wands in this position speaks of poorly implemented plans. You had an idea and high hopes, but you didn’t fully understand yourself and the question as a whole, which led you to the wrong decisions and approach in general. Tarot card recommends trying it all over again. Go back to your original idea, correct it, study it in more detail and find an alternative way to implement it. If the idea did not work for the first time, it does not mean that it is unworthy of a second chance of success. Focus on the execution plan and approach the question creatively and responsibly.

Perhaps your idea and approach encountered problems, barriers that lowered your motivation. You are not sure of the possibility of a successful outcome. You are prone to anxiety and inner fears.

Page of Wands for love and relationships


The Page of Wands is a good sign in Love Tarot and means a new light of passion if you’re in a relationship. You and your partner are experiencing a surge of passion that develops into romantic days and bright nights. You seem to be back in the first moments of your love. The card predicts a lot of time together in the form of recreation, travel, hobbies or another type of activity that will bring you closer. You and your partner are very energetic, which, together with a sparkle of passion, can lead to sudden rows and hot make-ups. In any case, it only strengthens your couple.

If you have a problem, a disagreement with a partner, or you feel lonely in a relationship, the Page of Wands recommends taking a break and relaxing. The beginning of the relationship was beautiful and romantic, but now feelings have died down, and you started to think that you are not suitable for each other. If you are still aiming to keep the relationship, do not press on the partner and give him personal space in order not to completely kill the attraction between the two of you. It also provides the opportunity to miss each other. After a while, start flirting with a partner and arrange romantic dates to return the passion.

For singles, the Page of Wands foreshadows a relationship full of passion and flirting; however, this romance will be short. Your partner will share your ideas, and this will make you happy. Do not be jealous and needy in order not to push away a potential partner.


The Minor Arcana card reversed says that your relationship does not have enough passion that leads to thoughts about whether you need each other. You feel like you are distant or have nothing in common. With this attitude, relationships will not work, and the separation is worth considering as an option. To return the old harmony and interest to each other, you need to reincarnate the passion. Communicate more to learn more about each other.

The Page of Wands reversed is a bad sign for moving relationships to a new, more serious level. Do not force the partner to be responsible if he is not ready. The card may indicate a decline in the interest of your loved one to you. This is manifested in the form of selfish behavior and not wanting to listen to your opinion.

If you are single, the Page of Wands reversed means lack of enthusiasm and your unwillingness to find a partner. You do not experience interest in new relationships, which affects the potential partners’ attitude towards you. Alternatively, this may indicate that you have learned something new, unpleasant about your desired partner. Do not believe the rumors and listen to the facts.

Page of Wands for money and career


The Page of Wands says that you are in the early stages of creating your project or business. Tarot protects you from stupid decisions and actions; it recommends to think before doing. The card can also mean a business trip or travel related work. If you expect the result of a long-running project, the Page is a positive sign. You can even get a promotion. The card means positive news to your finances and talks about possible future lucrative deals. Be smart about profits and don’t waste everything at once.


The appearance of the Page of Wands in a reversed position speaks of your desire to move your career forward, but you do not have enough drive. Maybe someone is stopping you on the road to success. Most likely your boss and colleagues find you irresponsible. The project you have been working for a long time has a chance to fail. The Page of Wands bewares that in the future you may find unpleasant news about your finances. The problem is the wrong approach to spending money.

Page of Wands advice

Now, you have all the opportunities to start something new. Perhaps you have a few ideas, but you need to focus on one. Create criteria and choose the best, which are most likely to lead to a successful result. Also, think carefully about the execution plan. Do not force yourself, as inspiration comes in unexpected moments.

Yes / No Tarot Reading

The Page of Wands symbolizes energy, ambitions, and fearlessness. This is a young man who is not afraid of obstacles, opens up new opportunities and starts new projects. The answer to your question is yes.