The Page of Pentacles tarot card meanings

The young guy is depicted on the front side of Page of Pentacles. He holds the gold coin with both hands in front of his face, and his gaze is directed at it. He treated her with caution as the only value. His dream is to have an abundance of gold coins, and he will definitely achieve it. It stands in the middle of a field of flowers and in the distance, you can see a small group of trees. Mountains are visible on the horizon; they mean the upcoming difficulties that the young man must pass.

General meaning in readings

Upright position

The Pages of any suits are a positive sign for beginners and means inspiration and motivation. Suit of Pentacles refers to the material side of life and speaks of wealth, career, and physical health. New opportunities await you — new work, own business, a new approach to the realization of desires. When the Page of Pentacles appears in your tarot reading, you are at the initial stage of your project implementation. This may be a hobby that you want to make your main business. You are inspired by new opportunities and motivated by the potential of an idea. You know that you can achieve anything by focusing on the goal and not ceasing to act.

The Page of Pentacles is an ambitious student who is ready for new knowledge that can help him achieve success. The card appears when you understand that the main thing in the realization of your dream is specific skills that you must learn or improve. Another option is if you already have a career, maybe even a successful one, but you feel out of place. This is definitely a sign that you should try something new. In any case, your portfolio becomes more attractive with lots of skills and experiences.

The card often appears to novice entrepreneurs and is a sign of the start of your business. You are at a stage when you do not quite understand the details of the specialty, but have great enthusiasm and interest. Practice self-education and get the necessary skills for successful implementation.

Reversed position

The Page of Pentacles reversed means that you are discovering a new perspective and want to start your own business. However, you do not have enough desire, strength or skills for this. You still do not disclose your plans, continue to think about the best ways of execution and do not risk taking the first steps. Perhaps you are also not sure about your abilities and experience. Remember one thing, if there is an opportunity for success and conditions for implementation, start acting immediately.

Alternatively, the card in reversed position may mean that you are trying to implement your idea but cannot achieve the desired result. You obviously have the wrong approach. At the same time, failures led to the fact that you lost the original inspiration. Stay away from the business for a while in order to replenish energy reserves and return interest and motivation to the project. Look at the situation from the other side. Perhaps, failure is another life lesson that you must learn for the self-knowledge or success of your business. Turn on curiosity and perceive mistakes as an experience.

The reversed Page of Pentacles may also mean that you start implementing a new goal without reaching the previous one. You may have lost motivation, so go back to your initial plans and think about why they were so attractive. Inspire yourself with a successful outcome.

Page of Pentacles for love and relationships

Upright position

If you are in a relationship, The Page of Pentacles means that you and your partner were able to create a harmonious atmosphere. Your love is supported by loyalty and trust. However, if you have been together for a long time, both of you may have begun to notice that the passion is gradually fading away. This does not mean that you should break up. It’s better to think about bringing back romance and fun. Start with simple things and spend time doing non-ordinary activities together. On the other hand, you can return to the places, activities, food, thoughts — all that you had at the beginning of the relationship to return the initial feeling of love.

If you are single, the Page of Pentacles means that you have many options for relationships around, you just have to go on dates. Be open to communication and boldly take steps to meet new relationships. If you are in love with a particular person, take the initiative in your hands and show interest. Fate may even present you a chance to show yourself to a potential partner from a successful side. Remember that the one, who doesn’t try, never gets a positive result.

Reversed position

If you are in a relationship, the Page of Pentacles reversed is a warning. The card is a sign that harmony will be replaced by pain. It is highly likely that one partner will behave disloyal or unfaithful in relation to another one. Loss of trust can lead to break up, but you can overcome it together if you love each other. As an option, the card means a partner’s immaturity and weak temperament. If the problem is you, sort it out within yourself. If you love your partner, do not deceive him; otherwise, you will lose your loved one and regret it.

The Page of Pentacles can also talk about boredom and frustration in a partner or relationship in general. This is common for couples who have long been together. Try to return the fun to the relationship through joint activity to save the love.

If you are single, the Page of Pentacles reversed means your immaturity for a serious relationship. This is okay and does not mean that you should not date someone. Notify your potential partner of your not serious intentions not to offend him.

Page of Pentacles for money and career


Whether you’re an employee, have your business or looking for work when the Page of Pentacles appears, the card means good news. It also means launching a project that will lead to success. Perhaps it is time to improve your skills and knowledge. Go to the courses, engage in self-development and, the most important, invest all your energy. The Page of Pentacles in your financial tarot reading also speaks of good news in the form of reward. The card symbolizes a great time to buy a property or the emergence of a lucrative offer that will help you secure your future financially.


Unfortunately, the Page of Pentacles reversed to bring bad news. Your initiatives and ideas have a high chance of failure. There are many opportunities around you, but they are not helpful to you because of your laziness, procrastination or inability to use them correctly. If you are in full or part-time education, you are constantly faced with problems, and you cannot assimilate the information successfully. The card has a negative meaning for finance and speaks about the loss of stability and anxiety because of this. The problem can also be your irresponsibility.

Card advice

This Page is characterized more by the feeling of inspiration and enthusiasm than by actions and execution. Spend more time planning and maintaining motivation during your journey. Your task is to remain realistic, act rationally and plan available and executable steps to the goal. Develop a common sense and pragmatic approach to business.

Yes / No Tarot Reading

The Page of Pentacles is a talented, attentive and self-disciplined student. The card has a positive mood, so the answer is yes.