The Page of Swords meaning

The Page of Swords shows a young guy with a sword up. His body follows the sword as if he only raised it. But his face and eyes are looking forward to tracking everything that is happening around him. A strong wind waves his hair and moves the clouds, which gives dynamics and drama to the scene. He stands on the green grass, the weather is sunny, and a flock of birds flies far away. We feel the positive of the picture, which speaks of the correctness and profitability of the young guy’s ideas.

General meaning in fortune telling


The Page of Swords is a card of new ideas, curiosity, and enthusiasm. You cannot wait for a new business or project to start as you are burning from an excess of energy and interest. The appearance of the card in your Tarot is a sign of the need to start an action. However, all the Pages warn that any path is difficult and risky, so be prepared for obstacles. Use your passion and desire to go all the journey without stopping.

Your curiosity rolls over! You are thirsty for new knowledge, practices, and ideas. The Page of Swords means fresh thoughts that inspire you and give energy. You, as an annoying student, ask a million questions a second, because you want to know all the details that are very mystical, but attractive. Remember that you are a beginner and it is okay to make mistakes as this is also a lesson.

Swords cards mean communication and, in the case of the Page of Swords, the word is your main weapon. Use your speaking skills to convey your ideas and perspectives to people. You may have to face the need for public speeches or the podcast recording. This may be unusual for you, as well as a lot of things that you open now, but remember that you are a student and only at the initial stage of learning.


The Page of Swords reversed means that you have difficulty expressing your ideas publicly. You prefer to keep thinking with yourself or have a private diary. Perhaps you are writing a book that you are afraid to show to others, or you have an opinion about a public issue that cannot be told to the world. In any case, the appearance of the card means the need to share your views.

Maybe you are trying to get recognition from others, but you are in a hurry and don’t use your energy properly. You are enthusiastic but spend it on useless things. Most likely you just do not know how to act. For example, you are trying to do two things at once, but none of them works. Refuse this approach and move in one direction.

Alternatively, the reversed Page of Swords means that you promise a lot but do not act. If you are not sure that you can complete the case, do not take it. Beware of unfulfilled promises towards you too. If you want the work to be done efficiently, control the actions of another person and remind him of responsibility. Also, do not say what you will regret.

The Page of Swords reversed as well as the upright means that you are a student, who is just studying specialty. Perhaps many people accept your curiosity as stupidity and molestation. Ask people only important questions and show your gratitude.

Page of Swords for love and relationships


If you’re in a relationship, the Page of Swords means a conflict grown out of nowhere. Your love life is calm enough, but one small detail has caused a dispute between you and your partner. You could have forgiven this detail at an early stage, but now it has become a significant argument that bothers both of you. Now, you have to stand your ground and defend your ideas, but do not forget about the future of the couple. The conflict is temporary, so try to complete it without a trace on your relationship.

If you have been with a partner for a long time and want to move to a more serious stage of your relationship, the Page of Swords is a sign of delay. What you want to get may take longer to implement. For example, you dream of living together, but the process of saving money for your own apartments or the place selection and purchase will take longer than expected. Be patient!

The Page of Swords advises singles to be more open to new people. Tired of being a bachelor? Spend more time in public places, attend social events, parties and other places where you can meet your love. Learn to speak right and interestingly to attract a potential partner. Besides, the card can mean that you need to wait for a new relationship a little longer than you would like.


The appearance of the Page of Swords reversed means that your partner is too cold and uses this as a way to control you. He can also use other manipulations that are not the norm for healthy relationships. Perhaps you feel that his attitude towards you has changed and he treats you wrong, not like before. In addition, the card means that you are offended by the past partner because he behaved disgustingly. You punish your present partner for the mistakes of the recent one, although he is a good guy/girl.

If you have been in a relationship for a long time and are already planning to go to a serious stage, the reversed Page of Swords means a disappointment. What you want now can bring you more difficulties and problems than positive consequences. For example, you think about living together, but you will find each other unsuitable for this.

If you are single, the Page of Swords reversed means fighting for a potential partner. Maybe he or she has a relationship with another person, or you have competitors among his/her fans. Alternatively, the card indicates that your potential relationship will turn into a disappointment for you.

Page of Swords for money and career


The Page of Swords indicates that you are a real dreamer, have ambitions and are full of creative ideas. You must direct all your enthusiasm for the realization of your plans. The appearance of the card indicates the need for additional training or development of skills to increase your chances of success. If you are expecting news about promotion or employment, the answer will be positive, but it can be delayed for some time. The Page of Swords means delays in payments, investments and other cash transactions for your finances. You have a lot of fresh ideas on how to earn more, but do not deny yourself the advice of a specialist before you get down to business. Contact a specialist in the field you need or a person who is smarter and wiser than you.


The Page of Swords reversed means that you have not yet found a job that suits you completely. You jump from one position to another because you don’t feel like you belong to the industry. You are ambitious and have the whole world open to action, but you do not know which direction to go in. You must find a balance between what you like and what has a prospect of further success. If you expect news related to your career, the answer will be positive or negative, but you will be frustrated anyway. If you are hoping for investment or finance approval, you are most likely to be refused.

Page of Swords advice

You are full of enthusiasm and fresh ideas, begin your journey to achieving the goal. The Page of Swords recommends not to disperse your energy on unnecessary actions and focus only on the most effective ones. Any journey has obstacles and small victories, so you should take your mistakes as a lesson. Remember that you are not a master, but only a student; do not hesitate your curiosity.

Yes/No Tarot Reading

The Page of Swords is an energetic, curious and intelligent youth who has a creative and clear mind. He knows how to overcome difficulties and fight internal demons. The answer to your question is yes.


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