The Nine of Swords tarot card meaning

The Nine of Swords shows a woman sitting in bed and leaning her face to her hands. We can understand that she has just woken up not by her own will, but because of a terrible nightmare. It frightened her out of sleep. She can’t hide her anxiety. Nine iron swords hang on the wall symbolizes the negative thoughts in her head. The wooden base of the bed is engraved with an illustration of one male who has overcome his opponent.  Images of flowers and astrological signs are on her quilt.

9 of swords — the general meaning by position


The Nine of Swords means tiredness of negative thoughts that disturb you day and night. The dilemma is that the more you are concerned about something is not working, the more you immerse yourself in depression. This is an endless circle that can be repeated again and again. Don’t give stress the right to control life. Remember that something that is in your head is not always in reality. Most likely you are prone to over-thinking and obsession. The card advises to look at the situation from the other side and pay attention to the positive aspects. Your life is not as pathetic as you think, but negative thoughts can lead to the state you are afraid of.

The appearance of the Nine of Swords in Tarot reading may be a sign that the Universe can hear your concerns and make them real. Continually thinking about negative scenarios, you attract them into life. For example, someone is afraid of being fired or that his partner can be a cheater. This person has no reason to think about it, but he is obsessed with this idea. So one day he will receive a letter about excluding from a project or find out about the partner’s new girlfriend.

Sometimes depression and anxiety quite literally keep you awake at night. You have trouble sleeping and can’t relax. If disturbing thoughts bother you all the time, the card recommends asking for help. If you can’t get out of the dark, someone can show the light. Talk to friends who can calm your obsession and give a new view of the situation.


The Nine of Swords reversed means that your thoughts are destructive. You see the world much more negatively than it is and it makes you spin in a circle of chaos and stress infinitely. However, these are just your pessimistic guesses that have nothing to do with reality. You are used to experiencing problems alone, but if you don’t have the strength to handle them anymore, accept the help of the loved ones. New people will bring a new vision and a way to alleviate suffering.

The fears and anxieties are over you, and the Nine of Swords feels it. Negative thoughts do not allow living freely and exclude the possibility of realizing your potential. You are paralyzed and cannot move around because you are afraid of the scary scenarios in the head. Remember that most of your thoughts will never become real. You must distinguish real threats and false ideas.

The reversed Nine of Swords also says that you are too cruel to yourself. You are depressing yourself and think that you are not worthy of being happy. Learn to think positively, and things will do better.

Alternatively, the card has a positive meaning. You are on your way to overcoming depression and have already worked through the above-described stages. You have learned to relax and realized that the world is much better than you have thought.

Nine of Swords for love and relationships


If you have the Nine of Swords in a Tarot reading, you experience discomfort in the relationship. The card is a sign of secrets and unfaithful partners. Guilt and regret destroy and distance you from the loved one. It is worth noting that the difficulties are not permanent, but short-termed and you can save love. Alternatively, the Nine of Swords means that your mental health is in danger. You are a victim of constant aggression and bullying in the relationship.

The card may also indicate the mental state of one of the partners. You or your loved one is experiencing stress and obsessive thoughts that affect your relationship. Problems can be caused by hormonal imbalances or, on the contrary, worsen your health at this level. In any case, you and your partner should support each other and treat with understanding. The difficulties are temporary and the patient is needed to overcome them.

If you are single, the Nine of Swords says you feel depressed for your old relationship mistakes. You think that things could be different, but you had ruined it by yourself. The obsession does not help bring the time back, but only prevents from being happy. Find a way to get rid of unpleasant ideas to speed up the process of healing and recover. Once you find peace, you will find love. Alternatively, the Nine of Swords means that you are a subject of gossip.


9 of swords reversed posiotion means that all the secrets and deceptions of partners will come to light. If you were unfaithful to your beloved, expect to be exposed and a big scandal, as the card, indicates a strong sense of guilt, regret, and shame. Unfortunately, your concerns about partner infidelity have a big chance to be true. In this case, your readiness for bad news can help bounce back and move on.

Besides, the reversed card, as well as upright, means mental health problems and anxiety of one of the partners. Fortunately, the Nine of Swords, in this case, indicates the end of your suffering and the beginning of the recovery process. Support each other at this difficult period for the relationship, and then you will successfully enter a new phase of spiritual intimacy. Refer to the supporting cards to find out the exact meaning.

If you are single, the appearance of the Nine of Swords says that you began to forgive yourself for old relationships failures. All fears and regrets are in the past. Now you are open to new people in your life. On the other hand, the card means immersion into depression even deeper. You cannot change the past, but you can improve the future by considering the made mistakes as a lesson. Alternatively, the Nine of Swords means a scandal where you are the main suspect. Keep yourself worthy to get out of it clean.

Nine of Swords for money and career


The appearance of the Nine of Swords suggests that you are deeply depressed and unhappy with your workplace. The business is going bad because you cannot cope with internal problems and anxiety. You have negative ideas about life, which prevents you from realizing the potential. Things are going the same with your finances. You are confused by your worries and material instability, but it’s all just in your head. Take control of the thoughts and understand that everything is not as bad as it seems.


The Nine of Swords reversed means that your work-related stress leaves you or takes control. In the first case, you are relieved because you have realized that the career has a better perspective than it had been expected. On the other hand, you are on the verge of losing the job or business due to your fears and anxieties. It is two sides of a coin so look at the supporting cards to find out the correct meaning. The card has the same divination for your finances. You either deal with your fears or immerse yourself in them. Ask your friends or professionals for help to avoid mental problems.

Nine of Swords advice

The card is calling you to start fighting the obsessive ideas. Understand that the world is much better than you think, and even if you have problems, things will become better soon. Start by returning a positive attitude.

Yes/No Tarot Reading

The Nine of Swords is a symbol of fear obsession. You experience a difficult period in your life; however, stress can make things even worse. The answer to your question is no.