The Nine of Wands tarot card meanings

The foreground of the Tarot card has a wounded, tired man who has gone through a serious battle. Nine of the wands that helped him win with their support are right behind him. Despite the sickness, the person is ready to fight again and defend his interests to the end.

9 of Wands General meaning


The Nine of Wands appearance suggests that you have an important project that is close to completion, but an unexpected obstacle pops up. But do not worry; you have enough energy to overcome any challenge despite the level of difficulty. You are close to your goal, and no problems can stop you. The card gives you the encouragement you need to withstand and get to the end. Be sure that after the last battle you get what you want.

The Nine of Wands is like a home stretch with one more obstacle before the big win. You certainly have the strength and ability to finish the job, but you must overcome another unpleasant step. You can meet undesirable competitors who appear from nowhere or enemies who are trying to break you and your point of view. Try to be flexible at times like this and stay calm. Remember that one failure can be corrected by another attempt and more active and thoughtful actions.

Falls and difficulties in the past could harm your confidence and attitude towards the world and people. Now you are broken and afraid that failure will repeat in the future, which prevents you from making decisions and actions. Gather strength for a positive breakthrough and move on.

On the other hand, the Nine of Wands speaks of potential risks. Plan your ideas, carefully consider negative development options and prepare Plan B to avoid bad consequences. Be alert and try to anticipate possible obstacles.


The appearance of the card indicates your insecurity and fear of long-term commitments. The reasons may be different. Maybe you think you are not able to fulfill the duty or do not feel the necessary support. Perhaps you do not have the required funding, knowledge, and experience. A sense of unavailability and fear of obstacles prevents you from taking responsibility and starting to act.

The Nine of Wands reversed assumes that you have built restrictions for yourself and cannot go beyond them now. It can be said that you are at the limit of your possible boundaries. You are in a cage and do not want to get out of it because of fear. Past failures only exacerbate this feeling, so try to get rid of them first.

Now you need to be more open to the new things and judge yourself and others less. Learn to take different sides of issues and ideologies, as presented by the Eight of Wands. Stream with the flow of life and absorb positive thoughts and feelings. Tarot recommends a holiday or vacation to restore energy. The Nine of Wands can mean the appearance of a mild form of schizophrenia and paranoia with thoughts that you are being pursued. In this case, the feeling of fear can harm you more than the possible danger. Contact a psychologist for help.

Nine of Wands for love and relationships


The appearance of The Nine of Wands is a bad sign for a relationship in Tarot reading. Most likely, you and your partner have experienced difficult times, which made you tired in the energy sense. Both of you do not have the strength and desire to lead the couple forward, and you seem to shift the responsibility to each other. You are waiting for a call, message, and action from your partner. Sometimes you think that it’s better to end the relationship, but the troubles are temporary, and you have to move on. Remember the difficulties that you have already passed and think about a peaceful future together.

The appearance of the Nine of Wands suggests that one of the partners had unsuccessful past relationships. This significantly hurt feelings and left a negative mark on the understanding of a happy couple. Remember that the past is already in the past and you must not to give it power over your future. Explain it and relax your partner if the fear comes from his side.

If you are single, then most likely you have not moved away from past relationships, which greatly negatively changed you. Your wound is still not healed, and you are very picky about new potential partners. Thus, you push the excellent options that can make you happy by yourself. You are afraid that you will always be lonely, but this is not so, and the situation will change soon. Try to think positively, but do not lower your guard as your next partner should deserve your love and protect you and your heart.


The reversed Nine of Wands says that your couple is in a long fight. In this case, both of you do not want to seek a compromise and feeds the unpleasant situation with constant thoughts about the negative sides of the partner. The quarrel might have passed already, but both of you still have wounds. Maybe you are thinking about ending the relationship. The question is also, are you happy together? Perhaps you or your partner has other more suitable variants on the side.

If you have been together for a long time, then you shouldn’t break up immediately, try to listen and understand each other. Consider the past as a lesson. Weigh the positive and negative sides of the issue and make a decision that makes you happy. If your relationship has just begun, most likely your partner or you have not moved away from the problems of past romances. Do not let falls from the past harm your future, don’t blame yourself and explain this to your partner.

Singles with the Nine of Wands in the Tarot spread can expect the appearance of a loved one. You have had difficulties with past relationships but have recovered from your wounds and are ready for a new person in your life. You have learned many new things from bad experiences and are ready to use this for developing a new happy relationship. The negative side of the forecast is that you have lost hope in sincere love because of problems in the past. Do not block yourself from new meetings and give yourself time to heal wounds.

Nine of Wands for money and career


If the Nine of Wands has appeared, then you are half way to your goal. However, this path is not easy and resembles a war zone more than a quiet road. You feel tired after a lot of obstacles, but remember that you still have the strength for further actions. The card also indicates financial difficulties. You have had a lot of unforeseen expenses lately, and you may need money soon. A good solution is to use savings or find ways to generate additional funds. The Nine of Wands also warns that you must secure your money and turn to additional methods.


This position of the card says about the struggle in your career and your unwillingness to find a compromise or accept changes. You feel that your work is going nowhere. Do not rush to action, stop or take a few steps back to recover. Try to find the right balance between work and personal life. Another option for the appearance of the Nine of Wands is that you are doing the wrong thing, which will give you nothing. Your finances are affected by the fact that you are irresponsible to budget. You do not care about the safety of money, and you can discover the miss soon.

Nine of Wands advice

Despite all the difficulties in the past, try to look positively at the future. The obstacles are already behind, and you have only a couple of steps left to do. Keep it up! Your wounds and fatigue will be appreciated.

Yes / No Tarot Reading

The Nine of Wands gives strength to continue the fight, despite fatigue and pain. It is difficult to determine if the meaning is positive or negative, so the answer is maybe.