The Moon — meaning of the mayor tarot arcana

The card shows the night sky and the full moon between the two towers. The Moon symbolizes the spiritual world, intuition, and dreams. Its lights are not as bright as the sun has, but it is able to light the road in the night. The path between the two towers leads to the subconscious.

General meaning

The Moon means the fears that have emerged from past failures. The person constantly thinks about what happened and builds illusions that hinder him in the present and future. Instead of trying to figure it out, he prefers to hide the anxiety in the depths of the subconscious. Negative emotions have a dangerous effect on the person. Fear often comes from our childhood, where one accident produces shock for the young subconscious. Small anxieties can be cured with rest and self-suggestion. However, if this is a significant problem, it is better to contact a specialist or hypnotist.

These may be temporary illusions. The arcana card recommends not making important decisions now to avoid regrets. If necessary, the person must rely on intuition. The only communication with the subconscious and the correct analysis of the situation can help find a solution. The main thing is not to allow fears to limit actions. Conscious blocks hinder the implementation of plans.

The appearance of the card symbolizes the divine power of this cosmic element. There is a need to keep track of the lunar cycles and use the right moments for visualization and rituals. The New Moon gives the opportunity to make successful beginnings. The Full Moon is for celebrating achievement and self-improvement.

The Moon for love and relationships

The Moon means a change in love Tarot. For those in a relationship, the card indicates the need of the partners to discuss the future and revise plans. Most likely, both feel that something is going wrong and they must find the new course of the relationship. If they have different goals or just one lover sees the need for change, parting can be a salvation.

People around may consider the couple perfect. However, this is far from reality. The Moon is about the fact that every relationship has its own skeletons in the closet. Disagreements, scandals, and insecurities should remain only between lovers. At the same time, partners should not ignore each other’s shortcomings based on the opinion of those who are outside.

The Moon at the beginning of a relationship can be a wake-up call. Despite the romance and the early period of love, the person should be attentive to his partner as he can hide dishonest goals. Perhaps not all the facts about him are discovered, which prevents from learning him completely. Answers are promised to be reviled soon.

Alternatively, this tarot card is a sign of deception. But there is no need to jump into guessing and throw accusations immediately. Guilt is not confirmed until evidence has been found. The best decision is to wait until everything becomes clear. The main thing is not worrying ahead of time.

For singles, the Moon says that the next partner is not what he seems. There is a need to be careful and check the facts before starting a relationship. Alternatively, the card says that one just needs more time to open up.

The Moon for money and career

The person suffers from loneliness in the workplace. The Moon recommends making friends with colleagues to brighten up the routine. It is difficult to start a conversation but it will be pleasant with time. The card means failure to find a job in a field that the one has studied. Don’t be upset because it’s never too late to learn something new. About finances, it’s dangerous to rely on other people’s advice when making important decisions. Someone is trying to profit from the one’s failure.

The Moon advice

The card symbolizes fears and illusions. The person must direct all his strength to get rid of it. It is important to understand the cause of the problem before fighting. Don’t hide anxieties hoping to forget about them because nothing is forgotten while it is inside of us. Intuition is the best advisor when making important decisions.

Yes or No Tarot Reading

The Moon is a symbol of illusions and dreams. The card means skeletons in the closet, risks, and confusions. The answer to your question is unsure no.