The Lovers — reversed and upright tarot card meaning

The naked man and woman stand still beneath the angel Raphael. His name means “God heals” and tells about both physical and emotional healing. The man watches a woman who looks at an angel. It represents the path from the conscious to the subconscious and to the super-conscious.

The Lovers stand in the beautiful Garden of Eden. The woman stands next to an apple tree, where a snake wraps around one of the branches. The apple tree symbolizes physical pleasure that distracts from the Divine represented by the angel Raphael. The fire tree with twelve flames, the number of zodiac signs – the sign of time and eternity, is behind the man. It also symbolizes passion.

The volcanic mountain is associated with the eruption of passion and energy that occurs when two naked bodies meet each other.

Lovers difference between reversed and  upright position

General card keywords: love, relationship, partnership, friendship, harmony, choice, decision, soulmates, values, self-love.


The Lovers represents a bond between two people. This does not necessarily speak of a romantic relationship, but also of friendship and another form of partnership where there are respect and trust. Lack of clothes on a man and a woman means that they have no secrets and open the soul to each other. Their honesty is their power.

The card also has an individual prediction. The person begins to understand what is valuable to him and forms his vision of the world. Along with this, he gets rid of non-essential things. Therefore, the Lovers is also about the need to choose. The individual must be open with himself and correctly identify desires and interests. It helps to create a landmark for the future. This decision may be the most difficult in life, but it must be made. The main thing is to focus on love for oneself, for others and for the world.

Sometimes, the Lovers means building harmony. It can be the creation of something completely new from opposites or the reconciliation of different people. Anyway, duality is beautiful and brings mixed emotions. Someone may see fear and disgust in this, but someone will recognize a masterpiece.


The Lovers reversed indicates tensions when communication with loved ones is difficult. New views of one or both may be the cause of misunderstanding. There is no need to break the relationship due to a temporary quarrel. If people have sincere feelings, they will overcome any obstacle. However, they shouldn’t wait if both understand that they have become strangers with opposing views to each other.

Sometimes, the Lovers reversed talks about the need for self-love. The person does not rejoice in his achievements, but looks at others and wants to have what they have. The same is with skills, an appearance and other benefits of people that may cause envy of others. It is important to realize that all people are equal and can achieve anything. If one can, then the rest can too.

Alternatively, the appearance of the reversed Lovers indicates the need for an important decision. However, the person avoids this because he is afraid to take responsibility for the consequences. It can be really difficult but it’s necessary.

The Lovers reversed can also symbolize internal conflict. Most likely this is due to the blame for what was done in the past. The person must forget about it and establish a new system of beliefs for making better decisions in the future.

Meaning for love and relationship


The Lovers is the best card that can appear in a love Tarot reading. It symbolizes soul mates and harmony between the two. The card foreshadows an influx of romance and a special set of circumstances for lovers, which will strengthen their connection. This is a very special relationship. Many people dream of meeting their soul mate and having the same happiness. However, this is not always possible. The couple should appreciate the fact that they have each other.

The Lovers doesn’t talk about a perfect couple. Disagreements happen in every relationship as there are no two absolutely identical people. However, the map indicates that different personalities not only complement each other but also improve. This is the harmony that creates eternal alliances. Partners respect each other’s opinions and share secrets. Open talk is the key to success for the couple.

The card is associated with strong sexual energy. Naked people and a volcano symbolize wild passion. However, this is much more than a physical attraction, but a spiritual dance of two lovers. This chemistry is palpable by others and can be maintained at a distance. However, of course, it reaches its peak when partners meet in bed.

For singles, The Lovers is a sign of upcoming love. The person may not expect this, he will simply feel a strong sexual and emotional attraction to a stranger. Bright romance will grow into a long relationship. This will be true love, tender and passionate.


For those in a relationship, the Lovers reversed is a sign of trouble. The quality of sex may be at the same level, but partners don’t feel the emotional attachment that was in the past. Both felt they had found a soul mate at the beginning of the relationship, but now that feeling has gone. This may concern only one person who is still trying to recapture the passion. In this case, there is an unequal investment of efforts.

Alternatively, the Lovers Tarot reversed means loss of trust. One or both are afraid of losing a partner because of his or her suspicious actions. This leads to another scandal or even a temporary separation. First, there is a need to understand the reason for the lack of confidence. This often happens due to the lack of common goals and joint activity. The lovers spend too much time separately and take care of individual plans, which is also not bad. They should speak honestly and express their opinion about the problem in order to fix it.

It should be borne in mind that strong differences and goals can really destroy the relationship. The Lovers reversed can really indicate that this is the end. However, if both partners value love, they must return harmony to the couple. Everyone must find a balance between home and other matters. They should definitely spend more time together.

For singles, the Lovers in a reversed position talks about a new partner. However, it won’t happen so soon. Alternatively, a card means relationships supported only by sexual desire. It’s not enough to build something serious. The romance can be intense, but it will end up quickly.

The Lovers for money and business readings


The Lovers represents an important career decision with lasting consequences. The person must choose with his heart to succeed. Alternatively, the card means a long and productive partnership. The Lovers speaks not only about relationships between people but also between man and money. If the person has financial problems, he should talk with a friend or professional about this. Now is a good time to make an investment, take a loan or start a business.


The Lovers reversed, as well as upright means an important career decision. However, any of the options isn’t pleasant. The person must think twice before making risky moves or investments. The reversed card means no control over finances. Most likely, the problem is a large number of romantic gifts and the expenses related to the current relationship.

The card advice

The Lovers indicates an important decision that must be made by the heart. Following desires and passions is the only way to choose right. The card is also about maintaining harmony between two people. This is only possible through trust and honest dialogues.

Lovers — Yes or No answer

The answer to your question is yes.