The Knight of Wands tarot card meanings

The card depicts a knight in full uniform on his horse. Fighting yellow robe with a pattern of salamanders symbolizing belongingness to fire is on him. Also, he has a war helmet with feathers referring to flames. His main weapon is the spiritualist wand, which gives him energy and enthusiasm. The position of the horse raised front legs, says about the readiness to rush into the fight. Like other cards from Suit of Wands, it has a minimalistic background with natural elevations, sandy hills. Knight of Wands is a fairly strong and passionate card that foreshadows future achievements.

Knight of Wands general meaning


Unlike Page of Wands, which means the birth of an idea in the form of a small light, Knight of Wands says that there is an idea, which has already turned into an obsession. The card means strong energy inside you that motivates and inspires to action. You have a clear vision and know what you need to achieve the goal. Tarot gives you a sign that you need to start acting.

You have the courage to conquer unknown territories and do not even feel fear since you are sure that the more difficult, the more valuable the success. Do not be afraid to take risks achieving the goal. You are so confident in yourself and your idea that you feel you can conquer the world. The farther you are in the race for the result, the less you feel the limitations and barriers.

People around you also feel your confidence and perceive you as a very charismatic person. You attract and fascinate a lot of new people. The question is whether you can keep your energy and attitude. Try to get only the best from people and learn how to include them to your journey.

The bad side of the King is that you can be in too much of a hurry and act before you think. You are irritable because things are going too slowly. So you instantly fall into the business without understanding the essence and not having a plan. If you also have some ‘waiting’ cards, then perhaps it’s best to think about a better moment to start.


The Knight of Wands in this form indicates the presence of a project or hobby that is personal, and you like it very much. You do not want to benefit, this is what you are interested in and more for your comfort than success. Most likely you are learning new skills, such as learning to read Tarot, dance, draw, etc. You have a passion that comes from the heart.

Reversed position of the card indicates that you have strong internal energy and obsessed with the idea but, for some reasons, you can’t start to act. Perhaps some people hinder you in the implementation of the plan and against your success. Lack of funds or constant delays disappoint you. Cheer up and try to find alternative ways of realization, until you have lost the passion and faith in your vision.

The appearance of the Knight of Wands reversed can also talk about your wrong approach to the execution of tasks. You run away from one case to another, while you lose the focus of the primary goal. Haste also leads to impulsive actions that can lead to a negative result or something which you will have to regret for. Try not to hurry and slow down even if you have a strict deadline. Do not make decisions instantly; analyze the situation from the beginning. You are clearly upset that not everything is under your control, but remember that you can ideally do those things that are up to you.

Knight of Wands for love relationships


The presence of your Tarot spread card, First, indicates that your partner has the same qualities as the Knight. It is a free spirit that is full of revolutionary ideas and courage. This person has a sufficient level of responsibility to maintain long-term relationships; however, this does not mean that he wants this. Such a partner has strong sexual energy and is more interested in the physical part of love.

You also try to contribute to the relationship with full dedication. To further strengthen the relationship with a partner, try to spend more time together. Project, hobby or rest just for you two is a great option. Maybe your couple is awaiting relocation or emigration to another country. In any case, these are only positive changes that you should share with your partner.

If you are single, the Knight of Wands symbolizes the emergence of a worthy partner with the above features. The card can also describe you and say that you are confident and ready for the responsibility and serious relationships. Potential partners feel your energy and sexuality that attracts them like a magnet. However, this is definitely not the time to settle down; perhaps, you have other more important responsibilities at work.


The appearance of the Knight of Wands reversed in your love Tarot says that you have a partner personifying the card features. You must be careful because your partner is aggressive and very jealous. The worst option is a pathological womanizer or cheater who has other negative qualities. Perhaps you have the character of the knight in your couple. If the card characterizes you, then you must learn to be more responsible before you start a serious relationship.

Reversed position of the Knight of Wands also indicates that you or your partner does not rate the relationship as something important. One of the partners does not have enough enthusiasm to make efforts to develop a couple. Lack of desire eliminates the possibility of a positive outcome.

If you are single, the card can mean you personify the qualities of the knight. In this case, it is better not to think about a serious relationship, since you are not ready for the responsibility. The Knight of Wands may also indicate a future partner who will not treat you seriously or be very aggressive towards you. Think first about yourself, your mental and physical health. You may have one-night dates; if you do not want this, be careful.

Knight of Wands for money and career


Upright card position says your career is waiting for a change. You are enthusiastic and ready to act decisively. If you want to start your own business, do research and prepare a detailed plan as the Knight also symbolizes the presence of possible obstacles. If changes in the workplace do not occur, you feel boredom, discontent, and frustration. The Knight of Wands also hints on a business trip or a new job related to this. The appearance of the card is a positive sign for your finances and means unexpected cash flow. Use them wisely, as Tarot warns you of a possible tendency to spend them instantly.


The Knight of Wands in this position indicates that you are not confident in choosing the right profession or change jobs regularly. Most likely you are just not focused on creating a career. Alternatively, maybe you had a project or idea that didn’t work. Perhaps, you did not have enough experience and skills, picked up the wrong time to implement, or did not invest maximum efforts. Come back and try again in an unhurried manner. If you want to start your business, be careful and plan everything in advance, taking into account possible problems. The Knight of Wands means bad time for your finances because of your irresponsibility.

Knight of Wands advice

In any business, learn to be responsible. Learn all the details, plan ahead and do not rush to decisions. Take the problems easy and learn how to wait for the right moment to continue.

Yes / No Tarot Reading

The Knight of Wands means ambition and strong energy that helps to overcome obstacles more like a lesson. The coming changes seem unpredictable, but the answer to your question is yes.