The King of Pentacles tarot card meanings

The surface of the King of Pentacles shows a man on a throne decorated with heads of bulls referring to the zodiac sign Taurus. His robe has a pattern of bunches of grapes and vines; his legs and the place near the throne are surrounded by flowers — the indicators of the material wealth. He is the king and his crown and scepter in his right hand show his status. In his left hand, he holds a coin, which means his material significance. The King has the ability to create a financial abundance and increase his income through self-control and discipline. Behind, you can see his castle, which he built himself with the help of great work and effort. The King of Pentacles is proud of his achievements and finances; he worries about their safety.

General meaning


The King of Pentacles is a sign of material wealth. It is fair and works hard to get financial abundance. He rewards those who have the same ambition and strength to provide them with what they want. He has wisdom and is ready to help others with advice. The appearance of the card in your tarot reading means that you are successful. You have achieved this not by luck, but by smart decisions, discipline, and hard work.

The King of Pentacles says that you have a unique mindset that is able to generate profitable ideas and implement them. You are the undisputed leader and real businessman. You do not rely on the goodness of fate, but plan, study, act and overcome obstacles to achieve the goal. Having achieved success and having gained financial abundance, you are sitting on your throne and do not see the need to work to get something else or to confirm your position.

The card also marks the end of your assignment or project. You, like the King of Pentacles, have made the best of your ability to perform everything at the highest level. Now you can relax and enjoy the fruits of your work. Besides material wealth, you are spiritually rich too. Now you also know the right approach to success, which includes a detailed plan, self-control and pondering over all decisions. Next time, use proven methods and don’t risk trying new ways.


The King of Pentacles reversed talks about your attitude to money. On the one hand, you know how to earn cash and bring a huge profit to your company as an employee or boss. Your career is excellent, and you live in abundance. At the same time, when you get access to the money you start to spend it on expensive, unnecessary things or finance risky projects. In short, you do not value money and do not have self-control, so you quickly spend all your earnings.

On the other hand, you exaggerate the importance of money and status, which negatively affects all aspects of your life. You exhausted yourself with regular work, which impairs your health and relationships with the loved ones. You are ready to even sell your soul for the sake of additional income or easy money. You are inspired by those who are “above” you by status, and, having achieved success, you start looking at people “below” you with scorn.

Another reason for the appearance of the reversed King of Pentacles is your stubbornness. You do not want to change and accept something new, so you are stuck in a routine and boredom. You may even realize that you become predictable and life loses its meaning. Stability is good, but you have to make a rule not to give up the options to try something new and break free.

King of Pentacles for love and relationships


If you are in a relationship, the King of Pentacles is a good card. It means that you have done a great job and have established successful relationships with a partner. Together you have created financial stability, mutual understanding, and comfort. Now you can relax and enjoy harmony and love.

Perhaps, your loved one personifies the qualities of the King of Pentacles. This is a mature man, loyal and patient, who can ensure the stability of your couple. This is a great person for creating a family as he treats the partner and children with care. He considers it his duty to work hard to ensure a high standard of living for his family. Despite the tenderness towards relatives, it is difficult for him to show his emotions. He will show his love with gifts and financial stability.

If you are single, the King of Pentacles promises a relationship soon. You have a stable life and maturity, which indicates full readiness for serious relations. Soon you will meet a partner who personifies the quality of the card. This is a mature man with serious intentions, a desire to form a family and opportunities to ensure its stability.


The King of Pentacles reversed means that your couple has not reached the desired level of comfort and stability. Due to lack of understanding and maturity, you often quarrel with a partner. In the worst case, jealousy, control, and manipulation slowly destroy your relationship.

If you consider the option that your partner has the qualities of the King of Pentacles, it is an adult male who has not reached the required level of maturity. You suffer from his irresponsibility, instability, and insecurity. In relationships, he is selfish, does not support you and does not help improve relationships. It is normal for him always to lie, be disloyal towards his partner and use the services of prostitutes. He cannot provide a family with money because of greed, laziness, or destructive hobbies like gambling.

If you are single, the King of Pentacles reversed can mean that soon you will start a relationship with a wealthy partner. However, do not rush to rejoice, because over time he will understand that this is a way to control you. At first, he shows himself very generous and gives a lot of expensive gifts, but then he will use this for multiplication. Perhaps this person has other negative qualities of the King of Pentacles.

King of Pentacles for money and career


The King of Pentacles is an excellent career card and means a successful business start or expansion in the market. It means getting a higher position, achieving the goal and a breakthrough in work. It also means the appearance of a status man who will give you important advice for your career development. If you have not decided on the direction, choose something related to finance like banking or own business. In a financial sphere, the King of Pentacles means gaining stability and confidence as payment for hard work. You are financially abundant and can be generous with your loved ones.


The card in a reversed position means problems in business and failure to achieve goals. Maybe you cannot build a career because you chose the wrong direction or are irresponsible. Perhaps, an adult man will be on your way to success. He is greedy, cold-hearted, and cunning, so you should not trust him; resist his negative influence. If you are awaiting confirmation of hiring or promotion, you will most likely be denied. The King of Pentacles reversed means financial troubles or even bankruptcy. The reason is your budget mismanagement, unnecessary purchases, and addictions like gambling. Alternatively, it means that you have money but do not have the joy of owning it. Be generous with loved ones.


If you have already achieved what you wanted, relax and have fun. Share your joy with loved ones; be generous and give presents to friends and relatives. At the same time do not make money the most important thing in your life and remember how hard it was to gain them.

Yes / No Tarot Reading

The King of Pentacles personifies a responsible, successful, and confident person. The cart means wealth as a result of hard work. The answer to your question is yes.