The King of Wands tarot card meanings


The card depicts the King on the throne with the Wand in his hand. The man is dressed in the luxurious robe of fire red color and has a crown on his head. The throne is decorated with a lion and salamanders biting their tails as a sign of eternity and movement forward, which are also symbols of fire.

King of Wands main meaning


The King of Wands upright represents the powerful energy of fire, which gives the strength of mind and improves professional leadership skills. At the same time, you are not very interested in the creation with your own hands. A person who has the card will have important work to guide someone others to achieve the goal. You will succeed, as people will listen to you as the King, which is a sign of a natural-born leader. Your subordinates have the feeling that you know everything and are doing it right. In this way, you will assemble a successful team around you that easily passes obstacles under your admonition.

The internal energy of the King is delivered to all others, because of the correct motivation for success. He enjoys the rush of the race to the goal and perceives any obstacles as adrenaline. He is morally and physically ready to conquer any peaks and lead everyone. The King of Wands Tarot has an incredible ability to pull out all the best from people and send it to the right place. At the same time, he is sensitive to others and respects those who are with him in the team.


The reversed position of the King of Wands appears as the wrong approach to leadership and decision-making. You are very cruel to the people who help you and use insidious methods to achieve goals. Your desire to dominate leads to the fact that you lose control and go to aggressive actions. In a bad case for you, fire energy can bring a selfish person into your life who will manipulate you in professional activities. This may be an undesirable competitor that can be an obstacle for you or someone for whom your presence or success is not beneficial.

The reversed King of Wands warns you that your goals and expectations may be too high and unenforceable. You will suffer from the impossibility of realizing your ideas and eventually you will fall. If you have two goals, especially in different areas of life, your work will be in vain because it is sprayed in two directions. Moderate your ambitions and concentrate on what you can accomplish. Lack of progress can cause frustration in your actions. This is possible due to the refusal of some people to cooperate.

Those with whom you work may not be energetic or motivated to perform the necessary actions. Try to understand them and do not use pressure towards them. Try to listen to people and their professional opinions, as sometimes it appears helpful.

King of Wands for love and relationships


The appearance of the Upright card in love Tarot says that your partner personifies the qualities of the King of Wands. In this case, you should give more freedom to your loved one and not be clingy. At the same time, you yourself must be sufficiently independent as he. There may be unexpected emotional distance or physical rejection by the partner. Although in reality, your partner is only trying to protect you and create a comfortable environment. On the other hand, the qualities of the King are present in you, and the situation is the opposite.

If you are single, the card foreshadows that will meet someone who has the fiery qualities of the King. If you guess who it is, remember that he needs freedom and the right of independent choice. This will ensure a long relationship with him or her. Perhaps these qualities are inherent in you, so you have not been able to find a partner for a long time or have a failure in the love life. The problem of your loneliness can also be because you are very busy in other areas of your life, like work or study. In this case, Minor Arcana gives the advice to set aside a time and place for a new person in your life.


Love tarot warns you that the reversed card may mean that the relationship with your current partner will have negative consequences for you. Most likely your loved one is not set up for a long-term relationship, or at worst will deceive you. Maybe your partner is afraid of responsibility, and both of you should talk about it. Think together about how you can improve the quality of your relationship and do not expect that the decision will fall from the sky. You can also personify the fiery qualities of the King of Wands.

If you cannot find a loved one, then fate will most likely give you a man to fall in love with. Unfortunately, the Minor Arcana card warns that this is not a pleasant relationship since the partner becomes a pathological womanizer. Your potential partner may also have a lack of responsibility and self-confidence, so you should be careful with him and have more freedom. In order not to push him away, show that you also love freedom and are independent. He or she is afraid of being caught in a relationship cage, so be more relaxed, and maybe your partner will change for the better.

King of Wands for career and money


The King of Wands means only the best for your career and business. You have enough energy and motivation to act, but try to avoid rash decisions. Fortunately, you understand the responsibility of action and have confidence and a full leader pack for a positive result. Most likely you already hold a curatorial position as a boss or manager, what is seen in your tarot spread. The card is a great sign if you are going to start a new business, project or investment as it foreshadows success. The same can be said about your financial condition. A man with the qualities of a King may appear in your life and influence your career.


In this case, the King of Wands can mean that you are not focused enough at work and listen to the wrong advice of others. On the other hand, the card warns that you are behaving bossy and overdoing with the professional control. This way it can indicate a failure or even lose your job. The situation may be complicated by an adult male, the King, which will worsen your situation. In any case, this is not the best time for financial investment, and it is better to beware in case of opening a new business.

King of Wands advice

King of Wands reminds you that you have to look far into the future and focus on long-term results. Remember those small obstacles are only part of a long journey and all works will be visible at the end. Treat all troubles as something that makes you stronger. Some may interfere with your progress by stopping you and pulling back. Try to get rid of such friends. However, do not blame others for failures and do not be cruel to other people. In any case, you should not relax and act until you achieve the result.

Yes / No Tarot Reading

The King of Wands is always a confident figure who always succeeds in all spheres of life. Its presence can indicate a positive result, so the answer is yes.