The High Priestess card meaning in tarot readings

The High Priestess sits between two columns. One pillar is black and has the letter B for Boaz, meaning “in his strength”, and the second white with the letter J for Jachin, meaning “he will establish”. The black and white colors symbolize duality — darkness and light, masculine and feminine. The High Priestess is wearing a blue robe with a cross on her chest and a crown with horns — symbols of her wisdom and authority. Her hands hold a bundle with the inscription TORA, the Greater Law. It is not yet available, but it will be open to a student when he is ready to learn the knowledge inside. The crescent moon at her feet refers to her divine feminine and subconscious world.

The veil behind the High Priestess protects her from the looks of strangers and separates the visible from the invisible. It is decorated with pomegranates, a symbol of femininity, fertility, and abundance.

Difference between general meaning: urpight and reversed position

Fast card keywords: intuition, inner guide, divine feminine, mysticism, fertility, the subconscious mind, search for answers, secrets, rumors, knowledge, wisdom.


The High Priestess is the protector of secret knowledge and subconscious. Her duty is to teach humanity that the world does not end with what we see. She has the right to take us through the protective veil and reveal secrets of the Universe. The card is a sign that now is the best moment to learn the knowledge in the depths of the soul. The High Priestess is just a guide. The person must learn the truth independently through meditation and visualization.

Intuition is what connects us with the subconscious world. Listening to intuition, the person gains access to secret knowledge that can solve any problems. This may be contrary to logic and rationality, as this is a completely different level of thinking. There is a need to strengthen the connection between the conscious and the subconscious by relaxing in private. Follow the flow of life is the best decision.

Regardless of gender, the High Priestess invites to turn to the Divine Feminine. It is associated with wisdom, compassion, and a balance between masculine and feminine energies. The person must trust feelings and think with the heart. Why destroy if you can build? Why compete if you can cooperate?


The reversed High Priestess means that a person listens to someone else’s opinion, while he should think about what is better for him. There is a need to direct all attention to the words of the inner voice since this is the only truth. It is time to move away from the outside world and plunge into the subconscious.

The card often appears reversed to those who are afraid or ashamed to listen to intuition. The person denies that inner knowledge is his superpower and refuses to use them. The High Priestess recommends using the subconscious as a source of answers and energy. The person must find a quiet place, far from the noise of everyday life, to hear an inner voice. Clearing the mind of anxiety improves the connection.

Alternatively, the High Priestess in a reversed position means rumors or hidden information. Someone says too much about the person or hides important facts from him. Don’t worry as this does not solve the problem. Open dialogue is a good solution to find all the answers.

The High Priestess meaning for love


The High Priestess has many love predictions. The card often symbolizes the relationships that lovers hide from others. This may be a necessary measure or a voluntary desire of both. In addition, the card can mean pregnancy. The woman already knows that she is expecting a baby or it will be a surprise. Anyway, the couple accepts this news happily. Perhaps the birth of the child will happen very soon.

Regardless of the length of the relationship, the High Priestess means romance and good sex. Lovers spend a lot of time enjoying each other. This may be an unexpected wave of passion between adult partners.

Sometimes the High Priestess means relationship problems. One or both partners hide the fullness of their feelings or don’t talk about it at all. This causes tension and distrust. Lovers doubt whether they should be together. The card often indicates couples where a woman is distant and cold towards a man.

For a single man, the High Priestess is a sign of meeting an attractive, sexy woman. It’s a very feminine and elegant creation. She may behave inaccessible or really be unattainable to him. For a woman, the card means a large number of admirers. Men find her sexy and attractive.


For those in a relationship, the High Priestess reversed means hiding or ignoring an elephant in the room. Lovers don’t notice that they lose interest in each other. Even if it is noticeable, they do not dare to express emotions about it. Tension destroys trust and desire to be together. This is especially noticeable in bed where sex may be absent for a long time.

The lack of intimacy and frequent conversations leads to the fact that one of the lovers decides to fill it with someone else. The reversed High Priestess often indicates that the man hides his mistress. But this does not exclude the possibility of cheating on the part of women. The partners are only waiting for one of them to mark the end of the relationship.

How to understand that the partner is hiding something? The appearance of the High Priestess reversed is a clear sign of this. It doesn’t always mean that he or she has a lover outside the relationship. The card may represent a lie or understatement. Does the partner keep silent a lot and quickly end regular dialogs? These can be problems at work or personal anxieties that the person doesn’t want to disclose.

For singles, the High Priestess reversed, as well as upright, means attention from the opposite sex. However, the person doesn’t feel that all these compliments are sincere. Anyway, numerous admirers don’t give inner happiness, but only a discomfort.

What does High Priestess mean for money?


The High Priestess means new opportunities or promotion. The person doesn’t know what awaits him yet, but it will be revealed soon. The appearance of the card means an inspiration or creative process for those who are related to art. This may also be a sign of a secret project. Boss or colleagues trust the person and told him about it. The High Priestess is not the best card for finance since it means money difficulties. However, it’s a bad idea to tell everyone about it. Outsiders need to know a little more than nothing.


Unknown factors prevent the person from obtaining positions or promotion. Most likely this is the one who has the benefit or wants revenge. It may also be a group of people who act in secret. The High Priestess reversed can also mean being fired for reasons that are hidden. Before blaming everyone, the person should talk to the boss about the explanation. Now is the moment to be watchful as lies are everywhere. Only intuition can tell the truth. The card recommends verifying the information before signing contracts. Do not make important financial decisions without listening to all the options and opinions.

The card advice

The card recommends putting intuition first when making any decisions. The inner voice can answer any questions, so it’s the main adviser. The High Priestess often indicates secrets and gossips. Don’t panic, it is better to resolve the issue through an honest conversation.

High Priestess Yes or No

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