The Hanged Man tarot card meaning in upright and reversed position

The Hanged Man looks at the world upside-down as he is tied to a T-shaped cross made of wood. His facial expression is absolutely calm, which means that he does it on his own will. The halo around his head speaks of new insight and enlightenment. This is not surprising since he sees everything from a different perspective. He wears red pants, referring to human passion, and a blouse of a blue color, a symbol of knowledge. His right leg is tied to a tree, but his left leg is free and bent at the knee. His hands are tied behind his back.

General meaning

Fast card meaning: pause, surrender, new perspectives, delays, stagnation, letting go, breakthrough, change.


The Hanged Man talks about the need to stop and revise patterns or life in general. The old model of behavior will not always work, and when it fails, it will bring trouble. Temporary “pauses” is a great way to step back and look at things from the other side. Most likely, intuition will tell the person when to take a break. However, if he or she doesn’t feel it, the Universe will put things on hold in the form of delays, health problems, etc.

Things may not go well when the Hanged Man appears. Work slows down, relationships get worse and the person can’t do anything about it. There is no need to spend strength on pushing what resists in response. This is a sign that the person needs to rest and re-evaluate goals and plans. This will open up new perspectives and give inspiration for further action. The main thing is not to resist and take a new point of view.

Sometimes, the Hanged Man means “stuck” position. The reasons may be different, from personal fears to lack of resources. Anyway, Tarot recommends accepting this fact and doesn’t resist. The Universe gives the sign that this is the wrong way and the person must do something else. There is a need to step back from the routine and think about something new.


The reversal of the Hanged Man indicates that the person ignores the need to revise his or her attitudes and habits. The one has more important things to do at work and at home. This can be dangerous as constant activity drains the body and mind. Rest is necessary! Otherwise, the Universe will respond with health problems or project failure.

Alternatively, the reversed Hanged Man means external locks that stop the workflow. The person is irritated by the fact that he cannot move further because of prohibitions or the lack of something. The card recommends using what is and moving according to the flow of life. Things don’t always go as we expect.

If the person has been paused for a long time, the reversed Hanged Man is a good sign. This time has allowed to realize the new and gain energy for future actions. Now, the one is ready to make a breakthrough and change everything for the better.

The reversed Hanged Man also says that the person is constantly postponing the beginning. Fear makes up excuses like unpreparedness or lack of necessary components. This is not true! The card says to start acting otherwise the universe will decide everything without asking about readiness.

The Hanged Man mean in love readings


For those who have a partner, the Hanged Man is a sign of the need to re-evaluate the relationship. The best way to do this is to move away from each other for a while. The person can discover that he is not as happy with his current lover as it seems. This can be painful, but it’s true. The card often indicates breakup.

On the other hand, the Hanged Man can talk about a second partner. If the person sees that his beloved behaves strangely and cold, things are bad. Most likely, he or she has changed his point of view about the relationship and decides what to do next. Both partners should accept the separation calmly as it’s a part of the life flow.

However, the Hanged Man does not always mean negative. The person can come to a positive decision during a reassessment of values and point of view. He or she can realize that love is the most important thing in life and that his or her current partner is a gift to the Universe. Quarrels will be left behind and a happy future awaits the lovers.

For singles, the Hanged Man recommends moving away from negative people. These may be close people or exes who prevent the person from building his happiness. There is a need to get rid of old memories and unnecessary advice. Also, the one must escape from the old pattern to find love.


The appearance of the Hanged Man in a reversed position means that the relationship is in serious trouble. Most likely both partners feel the tension and the presence of the problem. Love can overcome any obstacles but lovers should work hard. First, the couple should be aware of the cause and effect. Next, partners must come up with a solution during an open dialogue. The chance of success is small, but it is.

However, if the relationship is destined to end, the person shouldn’t be sad. Loneliness is not scary and there is always a chance to meet love somewhere near. This is better than tolerating a bad relationship.

Alternatively, the Hanged Man reversed means that the relationship is on hold. One or both partners understand that their union will develop and outgrow into something bigger. Not an exception that someone is not ready for this. Relationships depend on what lovers will choose.

For singles, the Hanged Man recommends getting rid of long-standing habits. The new relationship will never work if the person makes old mistakes. There is a need to analyze all the failures of the past and find out what the reason was. Also, don’t blame the formers as a person chooses who to date. The one should be more responsible in selecting the next partner.

The card meaning for money and career


The Hanged Man means a period of stagnation in a career. It bothers the person because he is not sure about the future. The universe suggests that it is time for a change, but this does not mean the need to make a decision now. If the one is not ready, he or she can step back for a while to think it over in a relaxed atmosphere. Things will clear up over time. If the person has financial problems, the card recommends re-evaluating them. The truth is that anxiety makes things a nightmare, but they may not be so bad in reality. In addition, the Hanged Man says that sharing and being generous can be very beneficial. The person must change his attitude towards money and do the opposite of what he did before.


The Hanged Man reversed, like the upright position, indicates problems at work. However, in this case, the person is afraid to take responsibility and change the circumstances. He prefers to blame others and hide. This is an absolutely wrong strategy! Now, there is time to regain control of life and career. The person must realize what he wants and use it as a motivation for action. For finances, the card means budget issues and the fear of losing money. There is a need to look at the current situation from a different perspective to see the solution. A financial expert can also help.


The appearance of the card indicates the need to look at the world from the other side. New perspective helps solve a problem or find a new meaning of life. This may take some time, so there is a need to pause and move away from the routine. The person must abandon old habits and behavior in order to see hidden opportunities. The Hanged Man often indicates stagnation in work, relationships, or life. The one must realize his power and get out of it.

The Hanged Man:  Yes or No?

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