The Four of Pentacles tarot card meanings

The main character of the Four of Pentacles is a man who is sitting on a stool. He has 4 coins with symbols of pentacles, which he apparently does not want to give to anyone. He squeezes the first coin in his hands and keeps two more under his feet for fear of losing them. The last fourth coin balances on his head symbolizing his connection with spirit. A man is interested in saving his money, while they also bind him. He cannot move or walk, fearing that someone can take his possessions. He sits alone away from his hometown and people; he has no one to speak. All he has is wealth.

General meaning


The Four of Pentacles recommends checking your attitude towards money. Do you think wealth is the most essential thing in life? Are you managing the budget correctly? Do you feel greedy for every coin or waste your savings without a hitch? The good news is you know how to earn money successfully and always achieve your goal because of the focus. You manage your savings correctly by making profitable investments and thoughtful purchases. You live in a luxurious or at least a comfortable atmosphere for you. You control the budget and spend money slowly and greedily.

However, you have a flaw; it is the fear of making extra expenses that, in your thoughts, can lead to a loss of wealth. You are conservative in the approach to wealth and do not allow yourself such pleasures as expensive trips, gifts, thorough self-care, etc. But why to make money and not to spend it? Maybe you understand that you do not reward yourself for work or are inferior in life because of excessive economics. Learn to balance.

Alternatively, the Four of Pentacles suggests that you overestimate the significance of material things. You rate yourself and people by their wealth. The card says respect money but don’t make it a cult. If you are not happy with your finances, learn how to manage them and avoid extra expenses. In addition to money, the Four of Pentacles can refer to your desire for constant control in the details.


The reversed Four of Pentacles can appear in your Tarot reading in the period of your life when you realize that you had a wrong attitude to money. Now you understand that wealth is not a guarantee of happiness. Now you choose the tactics of abandoning material dependence for the search for real pleasure and love. You want to change the design of the house in a more minimalist direction since luxury is no longer your priority.

Alternatively, a card in a reversed position may indicate that you are spending too much money. You spend money on new things to have fun, but it only causes stress because of an empty wallet.

Maybe your love of wealth turned into greed and the desire to earn more. You are continually looking for alternative options for getting money, working day and night forgetting about your loved ones. If you have a business, you are ready to sacrifice product quality for quantity and greater profit.

Another reason for the Four of Pentacles is your need for security and stability. You are doing everything in your power to control the certainty of your surroundings and consider that the outside world is very chaotic. You feel the need to clean up your environment and find relaxation in the home cleaning.

4 of Pentacles for love and relationships


The Four of Pentacles is not the best card if you are in a relationship because it means jealousy and a desire to control one of the partners. It can negatively affect all aspects of your life, especially in cases outside of your couple. So you can lose everything for a relationship.

Alternatively, it may mean that you or your loved one has a negative sense of the past when your couple had problems. One of you has harbored a grievance or is continuously bringing these issues in the form of accusations. If you feel offended by your partner, try to forgive him and move on together. If the problem is in your partner and his negative approach to you, make a lot of effort to prove that you love him and want to live in harmony.

If you are single, the Four of Pentacles claims that you are afraid of a new relationship and therefore cannot find a suitable new partner. One of the possible reasons for this is that you are a person who is afraid of change and is always having difficulty entering into new relationships. Perhaps, you still have feelings for your ex and do not want to open your heart to a new person. In any case, you must solve these problems in order to start a new relationship successfully.


The Four of Pentacles reversed is a good sign in a love Tarot. If you are in a relationship, then you and your partner are in complete harmony within the couple and with the outside world. Both of you are free from fear and doubts, and this only moves the relationship forward.

If you quarrel often and do not trust each other, the Four of Pentacles recommends leaving the toxic relationship and moving on. It should be noted that this applies only to those cases when you feel that love expels your life and negatively affects you and other areas of life. Accept this decision positively as the beginning of a new chapter in your life.

For singles, the card in a reversed position means that you have fully recovered from past relationships and are ready for new ones. You may have had difficulties, but now you are free from fear and ready to meet a new person. Your feelings for the ex are behind, and your heart is open. Your love life will be transformed for the better.

Four of Pentacles for money and career


The appearance of the Four of Pentacles shows that your career is stable and prosperous. Perhaps, you are afraid of losing your position, so you are very careful about your work. In the worst case, you paranoid and isolate yourself in the workplace. You are distrustful of your co-workers because you think that they can steal your idea, success, and customers. You can even have a reason for such fear, but do not exaggerate. If you own your business, the Four of Pentacles claims that you value people’s work and the quality of your product. Perhaps you should encourage the most valuable employees with the promotion or increase their salaries. In finance, you have stability. Maybe now you are saving money for a big purchase, such as a house or a trip. In the worst case, you overestimate the importance of material things.


For a career, the Four of Pentacles reversed means that you will be very generous in ideas and actions for the success of a team project. However, this is the only positive prediction; the card basically promises only negative consequences for your career: loss of work, a fall in business or even bankruptcy. You should not look for easy ways and try the risks that promise success; it will bring you nothing good. The Four of Pentacles recommends working harder. Also, be careful with the surrounding people, as there is a high probability that someone can steal your ideas, customers or even business. A card means financial losses associated with excess expenses like gambling, fraud or risky investments. On the other hand, it can mean your generosity towards anyone or the purchase you have long wanted.


The card recommends not paying attention to the material aspects of life. You can earn any amount of money and have everything you want but not be happy. Concentrate on spiritual development and your personal life. Do not be afraid to lose some of your finances or spend extra money. You have already earned your wealth by hard work and can do it again.

Yes / No Tarot Reading

The Four of Pentacles means stability and balance in life. It speaks of the correct budget management of and the targeting only a positive result. The answer to your question is yes.