The Four of Cups card meaning in Tarot

The Four of Cups card meaning in Tarot

The Four of Cups shows a young man with arms crossed. He sits under a tree and is completely immersed in the process of meditation and his thoughts. Three cups, symbolizing new opportunities, stand on the ground near his feet, but he doesn’t notice them. A hand from nowhere offers him another cup, but the guy ignores it too. It seems that he is not even worried about them.

General meaning by position: reversed and upright


The appearance of the Four of Cups means new opportunities. However, you, like the guy in the card, ignore them for various reasons. Aren’t they good enough? Or are there better things to do? Do not be afraid to try something new if it has high chances to bring success.

The Four of Cups argues that the reason for the rejection of new opportunities can be the fear of repeating old mistakes. Earlier, an unpleasant situation, relationship or failure at work left a mark on your confidence. The man in the card crosses his arms as if protecting himself. However, restricting yourself leads to nothing. Work on anxiety and open up to new opportunities.

Alternatively, the card assumes that the guy knows what he is doing. His answer may be “Not now, but maybe later” and he will definitely return to the consideration of the proposal again. The man is waiting for a moment or a sign to make a decision. The Four of Cups does not mean that you should answer yes to the opportunity; it only indicates its presence. Favorable options can come one by one, and each is better than the previous ones. Do not lose the head from the first offer and wait to get to know all the variants. Perhaps now is not the moment and it is better to reject everything to think about the next steps.

Sometimes, the Four of Cups appears when life gets boring. The card recommends reviewing the concept of some things and breathing life into them. You no longer feel connected to what you are doing and things around. Cut yourself off from everyday duties, social life, to be alone with the inner world.


The Four of Cups reversed means a period of self-knowledge and conscious isolation from the outside world. Meditation and privacy are the best ways to plunge into the subconscious. However, do not ignore loved ones and spend some time with them. Notify them of the desire to be alone and, after self-study, say about your return to normal life. Never push yourself out of this state due to the opinions of others! This is important at the moment. It’s not forever, but for now don’t let the little things, which you hide from, bother you.

Ask yourself what is essential for you in the future? The Four of Cups reversed means having new opportunities, but is it worth saying “yes, I’m in?” Do not lose your head and weigh the pros and cons of the proposed option before making a decision. However, if you are satisfied with the offer, hurry up and do everything to achieve the maximum result.

Sometimes, the Four of Cups reversed means that the world around you too is dull and disappointing. Challenges seem overwhelming. Instead of facing a problem and fix it, you retreat. But this is not the way out because everything is in your hands.

Four of Cups for relationships


If you are in a relationship and the Four of Cups appears, it means illusions. The reality is not always the same as we want. Having certain ideas about a partner or love in general, a person faces difficulties in perceiving real things. You are a prisoner of fantasies and do not appreciate the relationship you are in. Instead of getting frustrated, find the pros in the partner, since he or she definitely has some good features.

If you are single, the Four of Cups talks about the unforgettable mistakes of past relationships. It’s impossible to build the future without getting rid of the past. Stop constantly thinking about what you were doing wrong and why the partners are leaving. Having the head turned back, you do not see what is ahead. Every day can bring a new romance, so be positive. Sometimes we find love in the most unexpected places. But choose potential partners carefully.

Alternatively, the card means that you have experienced a big shock in your personal life and are afraid to experience it again. Something or someone broke your heart and imprinted in the memory. However, isolation is not a solution. A new person can give some warmth that heals wounds.


The Four of Cups reversed appear when relationships seem boring. It no longer works as before, and one or both partners decide to stay or leave. The card means the need to evaluate all factors and make the final decision. Learn the priorities, thoughts, and goals to find out exactly what you want. Alternatively, the Four of Cups in a reversed position means a wave of enthusiasm and the desire to improve or save relationships. You have already been at the door with suitcases in the hands but suddenly changed your mind. After analyzing the situation, things seem not so terrible and even turn out to be important.

If you are single, the Four of Cups reversed means the end of the isolation period after a trauma. The recent relationship broke unexpectedly and brought a lot of pain. You have decided to spend some time alone, forget about friends and give up dating for successful healing. Now it’s time to go out as the wounds have disappeared.

If you are in love, the Four of Cups in a reversed position means the fear of opening the heart. Instead of talking about real feelings, you isolate yourself from this person. Listen to the inner voice and desires in order to decide what to do. It may also be related to a friend or family member, who you don’t want to tell the truth to. In this case, think about how this may be important for them and take a step towards an open dialogue.

Four of Cups for career


For a career, the Four of Cups means feeling bored and not satisfied with the current position. Work and money do not inspire anymore. Envy of the others’ success wakes up and makes it difficult to see opportunities around. New offers may come in every day, but you don’t even know about them. The same is with finance, just look around to find new sources of income.


The Four of Cups reversed means the end of a period of stagnation and envy in a career. After assessing the situation again and drawing attention to the open opportunities, the desire to work got back. An inflow of positive energy helps to improve career and finance. Now you are ready to conquer any goals. Resentment for what you do not have replaced by gratitude for the things that you are gifted.

Four of Cups advice

The card tells about the period of desire being alone and refusing the proposed things. This is okay, and we all need it sometimes. However, warn friends and family members about this in order not to hurt their feelings. Also, the Four of Cups does not recommend rejecting all offers. New opportunities open every day, but some may turn out to be very significant. Evaluate all the options and pay attention to what is interesting.

Yes / No Tarot Reading

The Four of Cups means boredom and disappointment. The card symbolizes the rediscovery of values and a possible change in the direction of attention. There is no sure answer.