The Fool card meaning in reversed and upright position

The Fool is standing on the edge of a cliff and dreamily looking upward in anticipation of a new adventure. It seems he doesn’t care that he can fall into the unknown at any moment. He has a small bag with everything he needs (he obviously requires a little). His left-hand holds a white rose, a symbol of purity and innocence. Mountains in the background represent obstacles. The young man knows about their presence, but he doesn’t care so far. The Fool focuses on the beginning of his journey.

The Fool is numbered 0, a number of unlimited potentials, so it has no certain place among Tarot cards. It can be placed both at the beginning and at the end of the Major Arcana.

Card keywords: Beginnings, adventure, innocence, naivety, growth, recklessness, freedom, spontaneity, a free spirit, foolishness, optimism.

General meaning in upright position

The Fool symbolizes potential and opportunities. The person also stands on the edge of a cliff and is about to take a step into the unknown. But it won’t stop him as the adventure is calling. He is not afraid that others consider him a madman because he follows what his heart wants. Curiosity pushes him to learn all the secrets. The Fool is about adventure, self-discovery, and improvement.

The card is a green light. There is a need to take action immediately, even if the person is not ready. The Fool has neither a plan nor a map, but he goes ahead because of his believes. Incredible opportunities are open now and why wait for the signal to use them? The person should take what he has and use his creative mind to make dreams come true.

The Fool doesn’t know what a serious approach is. He is always having fun! The person must adopt this quality and enjoy life. So do the children. They laugh, sing, dance and discover the world with amazement. There is a need to get rid of anxieties and doubts. Meditation and relaxation is a great way to forget about problems. The Fool doesn’t worry about minor troubles and boldly goes forward in the hope that the Universe will show the path.

What does The full mean in reversed position

The Fool reversed means a new project but it cannot start due to lack of resources. It seems to the person that he is not ready or now is not the best moment. Fear of the unknown paralyzes him. There is a need to drop all anxiety as this behavior can lead to depression and the desire to control everything. The one must choose to act or leave this project for later. In the case of a decision to go forward, there is no need to worry, since the Universe is on the one’s side.

Alternatively, the reversed Fool indicates dangerous decisions. The person behaves too spontaneously and risky, preferring to live “at the moment”. This leads to thoughtless actions and consequences that cause problems to all. Having fun is great, but it should not cross the border. Sometimes, keeping a free spirit under control is necessary.

On the other hand, the Fool in a reversed position can mean a quiet soul who prefers having fun in private. This is not bad, but why not show the one’s playful side to the world. It is much more interesting and adorns daily routine.

Card meaning for relationship in upright position

For those who are in a relationship, the Fool means the playful character of one or both partners. These are two crazy personalities who have found each other and are plotting insane plans. They have fun and always have topics for conversation. Lovers want to enjoy life together. The card often indicates marriage or a new stage in the relationship.

The Fool has a prediction for singles and heralds a meeting with a potential partner very soon. This is a very funny, sexy and interesting person. There is a small chance that this will be a long-term relationship, but the romance will be bright and impressive. Anyway, the card says that a person makes a good first impression easily and has many friends and fans.

For those who cannot find a good partner for a long time, the Fool recommends creating an account on one of the dating sites. This is not the most effective way to find a soul mate, but it can be fun. The person can start to communicate with someone from another country and practice their pickup skills. However, it is better to indicate not serious intentions in the portfolio or at the beginning of the chat so as not to offend anyone.

However, the Fool brings bad news to those who are in love and want to know about the feelings of a loved one towards them. The potential partner has no serious intentions, although he may want to try. The relationship ends in nothing good and can bring pain.

The Full in reversed position for love

For those in a relationship, the Fool reversed says one or both partners don’t take it seriously. Maybe this is just a romance and the couple should understand it. The reason for this is a lack of maturity and selfish desires. However, it is worth noting that lovers have a good time together. If there are responsibility cards, for example, 10 of Cups, 2 of Cups, in love reading too, the relationship can be successful. Both partners will want to settle down eventually.

On the other hand, the card in a reversed position may indicate a wrong choice of partner. He or she isn’t ready for a relationship and is trying to break free by any means. It may end in deception or cheating. anyway, the relationship won’t last long.

Alternatively, the card means an unstable relationship. Partners quarrel exactly the same as making up. Both doubt the happy future of the couple. The Fool often appears reversed in moments of fear of losing a loved one. Fortunately, the problem can be solved. Lovers should honestly talk and get rid of the factors causing a quarrel. The relationship will stabilize over time.

For singles, the Fool reversed speaks of a lack of confidence. The person can’t find a soul mate for a long time and doubts a happy future. The cause of sadness can also be past relationships. Anyway, there is no need to be sad, but it is better to relax and wait until fate gives an ideal partner. Meeting new people is a good way to combine fun with the search for love.

The Fool for money and career


The Fool often appears to those who are just starting to work. The card symbolizes enthusiasm and creativity. However, it must be remembered that work is a responsibility and not fun. The person must show himself as a professional who can perform any tasks. The Fool also warns of difficulties, but don’t be afraid, because success is given to those who don’t know the fear and fully devotes himself to the cause. The card can also indicate career promotion, cash flow and payment for the project.


The appearance of the Fool reversed is a sign of danger. The person shouldn’t choose what sounds good because it is often not true. There is a need to learn to always check information before believing in it. Things may not be clear, but it is better to refuse the offer if there are any doubts. Perhaps a faithful friend or colleague has already tried to tell the person about it. Also, the reversed card does not recommend starting new projects. For finance, the Fool reversed recommends refusing risky investments and non-transparent offers.

The card advice

The Fool is a free spirit, so don’t give pleasures up. Life is only one, so there is no need not spend it on fears and doubts. However, the person should know when the fun is acceptable and when it is better to be responsible and serious. Since the Fool is a card of beginnings, it recommends leaving the fears and moving only forward. There are always difficulties, but they can be overcome.

The Full answer: Yes or No

The Fool represents adventure and fun. It is a free spirit full of optimism and enthusiasm. The card means moving forward without fear and doubt. The answer to your question is yes.