The Five of Pentacles tarot card meanings

The Five of Pentacles cart shows two people walking in the snow. They both suffer from poverty and have only rags to protect themselves from the cold. One person has severe head and foot injuries; therefore, he uses crutches. The second person is barefoot and covers his head from the harsh winter weather. They pass by the window of a church decorated with five pentacles; the light is on, and it’s undoubtedly very warm inside. It is a symbol of support, hope and desire to help. However, since two people are strongly focused on their way, they do not notice the available help.

General meaning


Unfortunately, the map means serious financial problems and poverty. Basically, it affects material things, your work and wealth. You may have lost your job recently and are experiencing financial insecurity. You have lost almost everything in one moment which causes fear and deterioration of self-esteem in you. It is worth noting that, unlike a Major Arcana, Minor Arcana cards speak of temporary events, so a bad time will end soon.

The appearance of the Five of Pentacles can be interpreted as a feeling of loneliness and an intense concentration on your own problems. You think that no one wants to help you, but it is close as well as a warm church next to 2 people on the front side of the card. You just do not notice the good people and their actions as you are deeply immersed in their problems. Perhaps you are too proud and cannot ask for help, forget about this and go to your friends or relatives. Support is near; you must find it and accept it.

The problem is also in your negativity and exaggeration of problems. You would like to be better and have more, but you do not appreciate what you already have. Be more grateful, and in the future, you will be more satisfied with yourself and your life. A similar situation, when you are afraid of losing something important, although this has not happened yet and you have no prerequisites for such thoughts. The Five of Pentacles bewares that if you focus on the negative, it is more likely to happen.


The Five of Pentacles reversed means the end of your financial suffering. You may have found a new job, or an alternative source of income, or received financial help for a push. You feel you become more confident; the quality of your life improves as well as the chances for a prosperous future. Your hopes come true and financial difficulties are over.

Alternatively, the card in a reversed position may mean that despite the abundance of things, you feel poor. You feel that you are missing something and are trying to understand this. Perhaps, in pursuit of material wealth, you forgot about spiritual development. As a “symptom” of this “disease,” the feeling of loneliness even in a crowded company can disturb you. Concerns about insufficient money may also arise. You can’t buy anything you want, so you feel unworthy. Perhaps, you are afraid that you can spend everything on trifles and you will not have enough money for significant things in the future. Negative thoughts only oppress you but do not move forward.

How to cope with the flow of negative thoughts? The Five of Pentacles recommends forcibly getting rid of the slightest idea that can hurt your confidence. Remember that wealth is important, but having a strong family, good relations with people and moral stability, you can replace material disadvantages with these. Now you can feel desperately, but it is worth remembering that this will not always be and your hopes for a bright future are real.

5 of Pentacles for love and relationships


If you are in a relationship and the Five of Pentacles appeared in your love Tarot, don’t expect anything good. The card means hard times, so you experience difficulties and a feeling of loneliness in a couple. Perhaps the reason for your depression is your partner’s behavior. He does not pay you enough attention or even ignores you; thereby, you do not receive a dose of the necessary warm and are shrouded in the cold just like the men on the card. Problems can manifest themselves in the form of regular scandals, disrespectful criticism, and, in the worst case, cheating on the partner.

Alternatively, the card may indicate financial difficulties of the couple. Also, health problems of you or your partner are no exception. In any case, this can cause a distance between you and concentration on anything but not on a relationship. Remember that these troubles are temporary and if you love each other, you will definitely cope with this.

The Five of Pentacles for single can mean that you feel depressed and rejected. The man, who you had opened in your feelings to, refused you. This hurt your confidence. If you are in love and communicate as friends with your desired partner, you most likely feel cold behavior towards you. Therefore, you are afraid to move things further because of the fear of failure. The card can also mean the difficulties of a single parent.


The reversed position of the Five of Pentacles is a good sign in the love tarot. If you had difficulties, misunderstandings and quarrels recently, the card means the end of your torment. You and your partner will clearly feel the positive changes and the tide of harmony in your relationship. Alternatively, it can mean absolutely the opposite: you and your partner cannot cope with the problems and decide to break up. In this case, it’s for the better since you get rid of the toxic relationship.

It is possible that your current relationship caused a scandal between you and your relatives. The Five of Pentacles talks about your feelings about this: uncertainty, disappointment, and sensation of the wrong choice. Try to find people who are not against your relationship and ask them for help to convince others of this.

If you are single, the Five of Pentacles means that a period of loneliness and regular failures in your life will soon end. The card is undoubtedly a sign of positive change in love Tarot. You are ready for a new chapter in your life and feel more open in romance and flirting. You are decisive, self-confident and have very positive energy that attracts potential partners.

Five of Pentacles for money and career


In the career field, the Five of Pentacles means a series of setbacks associated with losing a job or failing at business. You have a lack of finances that depresses you. Alternatively, you can work on the specialty that you are not interested in, so you see no other way out only to isolate yourself in the workplace. Remember this is temporary and stay positive. The Five of Pentacles is one of the most unfortunate cards for finance. It means a lack of money, poverty, unsuccessful investments and even homelessness.


The appearance of the Five of Pentacles reversed means recovery in your work and business. If your career has not been changing for a long time because of the possibilities, expect new projects that will lead to promotion. In the financial sphere, the card also means improvement after long-term problems in the budget. You will gain stability and confidence.


Despite the fact that the appearance of the card means difficulties in life, it also means hope. Try to drive away negative thoughts in order to prevent them from materializing. Engage in spiritual development and learn to think positively to radiate the right energy. Remember that problems are temporary.

Yes / No Tarot Reading

The Five of Pentacles indicates the presence of material and moral insecurity. The card is associated with difficulties, poverty, and anxiety. It has a negative tone, so the answer is no.