The Five of Wands tarot card meanings

The tarot card depicts 5 men with wooden wands in a chaotic manner. This is an indicator of conflict and disagreements in the team. If you look from the other side, those wands are only raised to the top and are not directed against the participants. Colorful clothes for men show their different opinions, characters, and ideals.

General meaning


Fives, including the Five of Wands, symbolize conflict in Tarot. Now you are in the struggle for superiority and achievement of your goal. You cannot find a common language with your team, assistants because of disagreements. The problem is that everyone wants to express their opinion, but no one wants to hear someone else’s. Your implementation plan may come to an end; however, you cannot decide on the latest steps and ways of getting benefits. The solution is dialogue and listening to others’ opinions.

Sometimes it can be useful as you discover new development options. Debates can give birth to a solution to a problem that bothers the whole team. Try not to abandon ideas and try them out in the right environment. If your opinion is in the minority or you are alone against the whole team, the Five of Wands recommends being objective to yourself and others. Defend your thoughts if you consider them profitable or agree with others if they are right.

You may be part of a conflict because of ethnic and cultural differences. Most likely you have fallen into a new area and have difficulty accepting local rules and traditions. Remember that everyone can bring something new into your life and teach you. Be prepared for change.

The Five of Wands is also a sign of new things, attitudes, and approaches. Changes may be accompanied by greetings and disagreements; however, you will come to an absolutely unique outcome. You may have to become a leader and unite a group of people with different views. Enthusiasm and energy inside you will help create a successful action plan to achieve a mutually beneficial goal.


The appearance of the Five of Wands reversed suggests that you are not morally ready for conflicts, discussions and continuously try to avoid them. So you just walk away from the problem. Also, you do not want to deal with your fears and concerns that regularly bother you. Do not be afraid of conflicts, as they raise important issues and speed up the search for the solution. If you do not have enough energy to defend your position, try to find a compromise with the opponents.

The card may mean that you have just come out of a long discussion and are experiencing moral fatigue, so you need recuperation. Keep in mind the thought that all suffering is behind and you are no longer in a state of competition. The previous events have taken a lot of energy, and now it’s best for you to be with the loved ones and relax. You no longer have to fight for anything.

This position of the card may also indicate that you could not determine the direction of your actions for a long time and suffered from a variety of ideas. At the same time, you stood still because of the confusion of your thoughts. Now you have to realize it and find yourself. Tarot and the Five of Wands will help you with the decision and give the necessary energy. Remember that you need to be focused on one goal and strive towards it. It’s better to stop thinking about the possible benefits and opportunities.

Five of Wands for love and relationships


The Five of Wands means there are conflicts and differences in your couple. The problem is that you cannot discuss the situation due to employment at work or a trip of one of the partners. The sense of irritability and aggression drives you and affects your relationship. Perhaps you and your partner are in some kind of competition. If you are one of those people who enjoy fierce fights and your partner is also okay, this can improve your relationship. Direct all boiling aggression into passion and make romance more interesting.

However, if you prefer a quiet relationship and feel uncomfortable because of a conflict in the relationship, talk to a partner. The dialogue with the provision of argument and listening to the position of your loved one is the best way out. Stop being selfish and be loyal and tender to each other.

If you have not found love yet or searching for it, the Tarot card says that your love life is pure chaos. However, this does not mean that you feel lost or lonely. You have several fans who are trying to get your attention by any means possible. You may like your position and even very much, but you should not use it for selfish purposes.


If the Five of Wands appears, then your relationship was or is a roller coaster. You and your partner often had quarrels and disagreements, which worsened the quality of your relationship. Good news! Taro foreshadows that the end of constant conflicts will soon come and you both will find a feeling of peace. The reason for the long-awaited harmony is the common interests and opinions that helped to find a way out of the situation. Hard times helped you learn patience, the ability to find a compromise and cooperate.

The unpleasant prediction of the five of wands reversed is a toxic relationship, which you can’t get rid of. You may experience bouts of aggression from your partner, which scares you and offends. You are not able to cope with it by yourself, so it’s best to ask your friends for help. Contact law enforcement and special organizations if necessary.

If you are single, then most likely you are not happy with your status. Your life lacks passion, and you want the warmth of love. You have pushed several suitable partners for the relationship and cannot find the new ones. The reason may be in you because you feel insecure and uncomfortable on dates, which prevents you from finding a loved one.

Five of Wands for money and career


The Five of Wands is a card of conflict, competition, and chaos in the workplace. Now you are under constant pressure as you must compete with colleagues or business opponents. In the end, you get a positive result, but you have to fight for it. The good side is that its owner will soon receive a brilliant creative idea. Your finances are experiencing difficulties; however, this can be solved, and you will achieve a better position soon. Maybe you have a conflict over money with your loved one or business partner.


The appearance of the Five of Wands in your Tarot spread indicates that you had conflicts with colleagues that ended or will end in the near future. Your team succeeds when everyone comes to a mutually beneficial solution. The card can also mean that you are not competitive and are afraid to defend your ideas. Your finances have problems, and you have to work hard and struggle to improve the situation. You may be in conflict over money with someone from your close circle.

Five of Wands advice

The card is encountered if your life has conflicts or you will become part of a competition or debate in the future. Therefore, you should be calm, be able to defend your opinion and listen to others. Perhaps you are not energetically prepared for a dialogue with arguments, then try to find the most mutually beneficial compromise.

Yes / No Tarot Reading

The Five of Wands means obstacles associated with the struggle in the competition or debate for defending the opinion. The card has a negative feeling of battle and anxiety. The answer to your question is no.