The Empress tarot card meaning in love and career readings

The Empress is a blonde woman with a beautiful face and kind thoughts. Her crown has twelve stars symbolizing twelve months and planets, the natural circle of life. She is dressed in a white robe with a pattern of pomegranate, a symbol of fertility. The woman sits on a luxurious throne of cushions made from velvet. One cushion features the Venus symbol, the planet of love, beauty and fertility — the sign of the Empress.

The lush forest in the background refers to the connection with Mother Earth. Nature gives a sense of peace. Golden wheat springs in front of the throne symbolize abundance from a recent harvest.

Empress meaning in universal readings

General card keywords: Mother Earth, motherhood, care, warmth, help, nature, femininity, elegance, beauty, fertility, abundance, creativity.

Upright position

The Empress is associated with femininity in all its images. The card also speaks about the balance in both men and women. It invites to feel the surrounding beauty through touch, sight, sound, taste and smell. Relaxing treatments like a day spa, dinner with loved ones or time alone help. This is a good moment to discover talent within oneself and gain an art-related hobby. The person lives in abundance when his old dreams are reality. The Empress calls for gratitude.

The appearance of the card may also indicate the need to strengthen the connection with Mother Earth. The person should surround himself with nature and breathe clean air. It can be a forest, a beach, mountains, anything.

The Empress refers to motherhood and care. The person is full of energy that inspires him to help others and give warmth. It is an honor that will also be rewarded. Sometimes a card directly indicates becoming a “mother”. This may mean pregnancy and childbirth or the need to become a guardian.

Reversed position

The Empress reversed calls for self-love and self-care. If a person helps others for a long time, he loses his energy and needs to be fed. There is a need to spend time at your pleasure without limits. Just like Upright, the reversed position of the card recommends spending time on the natural settings. It may be a small picnic in a forest, relaxing by an ocean or hiking in mountains. There, the person will inhale energy along with the air.

Empress appearance in a reversed position means creative block and lack of ideas. Worry about what others think is blocking the flow of thoughts. The person must get rid of fears. If the one is not ready to present his talent to the world, he can create in private.

Alternatively, the reversed Empress means an internal critic who constantly reminds about the flaws of the body. The person must learn to love how he or she looks and to highlight the advantages, even if he doesn’t believe that they exist. Everyone is beautiful in his own way.

The Empress for love and relationships


The Empress talks about sexuality and beauty. The person is in demand among the opposite sex and attracts people like a magnet. This may concern not only love relationships, but friendships too. Now is a good time to make useful connections.

Getting the Empress in love reading is a good sign. For young couples, the card means a sweet period of enjoying each other. The partners find each other very sexy and have a great time in a bedroom. It creates a strong bond between lovers and promises a long-term successful relationship.

Those who have been together for a long time can expect a new wave of love and romance. Partners rediscover each other’s inner sexuality. They share energy that helps them achieve the goals outside their love life. Scandals can happen, but they are short and only strengthen the connection between lovers. The card indicates a new stage in the relationship and more responsibility.

The Empress is a maternity and fertility card. This may mean an upcoming pregnancy or childbirth. Both parents must be responsible, especially the mother, and surround the child with love.

If the person is lonely, the Empress can mean the return of the ex. Alternatively, the card indicates the appearance of true love in life. Even if the person doesn’t care about his love life, Tarot promises the unexpected appearance of an attractive stranger. However, it’s important not to miss a potential partner due to fear or busyness.

For those who are in love and want to know what their loved one thinks about him, the reversed Empress is a good sign. He or she has warm feelings in return. There may be acts of care and mutual sympathy.


For those who are in a relationship, the reversed Empress can mean excessive care of one of the partners. Someone plays the role of “mother”, and someone unknowingly is a “child”. This leads to co-dependency and control. It makes it difficult to build a mature relationship. The couple must fund a balance, support and care for each other equally. The basis of any relationship is trust and independence.

Alternatively, the Empress in a reversed position means the fear of one of the partners to express his or her feelings. First, the person must realize that these are absolutely pointless concerns. There is no need to fear rejection or disapproval of the loved one. An open conversation will help both speak out and find a way out. All fears will go away after that. However, if the person has a reason to afraid of the reaction of the loved one to certain thing, this is another case. There is a need to choose priorities.

For singles, the reversed Empress points to a large number of romances in a person’s life. They all ended in failure, although they started very promising. The problem is the inability to show the true side of oneself. The person’s behavior doesn’t show his or her essence and desires. This creates misunderstandings. There is a need to learn to be sincere, and not to play a role.

What does the Empress mean for career

Upright card

For those looking for a job, the Empress recommends considering positions in the fashion or beauty industries. Those who already have a career can expect an interesting project soon. The main things are to leave all fears behind and go with the flow. Current problems promise to be solved in the near future. The Empress symbolizes wealth and financial success. The map recommends sharing it with loved ones or strangers. This may be gifts to relatives or charity. The person must rely on instincts before investing or spending money.

Reversed card

The reversed Empress is associated with resentment due to insufficient recognition of merit. However, this is only insecurities, not reality. In fact, many colleagues have respect for the person and his or her work. Also, the card recommends avoiding hasty decisions. For finance, it’s a sign of stability. The person has money and may not be afraid of difficulties. However, this is not a reason to do extra expenses. Every budget decision should be deliberate.

The tarot card advice

The card speaks of warmth and care. The person must help others. It can be a small gift or assistance that will warm one who needs it at a difficult time. This will surely be rewarded in return. The Empress refers to Mother Earth and speaks of the need to strengthen the bond with nature. Walking in a park, forest, by a sea is a great way to recharge.


The Emress: Yes or No Tarot Reading

The Empress is a caring mother. The card is associated with femininity and fertility. It foreshadows problem solving and business success. The answer to your question is yes.