The Eight of Wands tarot card meanings

The main elements of the card are 8 wands that fly and pierce the air, indicating your movement in life.  The background is clean and has no obstacles.  The valley and the river are visible below.

8 of Wands general meaning


The Eight of Wands is a good sign for entrepreneurs and those who just have grand plans. Tarot says your obstacles to the goal are complete and the clear road is open. You have enough energy for productive action and quick implementation of your ideas. Be prepared to spend all your time on business; however, it’s definitely worth it. Your enthusiasm leads you forward.

The card represents a large amount of energy and work directed in one place. This may be a project you are thinking about, working for a long time or something completely new. Your confidence in the need to achieve the goal will help you focus on actions and not pay attention to extraneous factors. Also, remember that you should definitely finish this business before you go to the next one. A mix of positive qualities and circumstances will help you achieve your goals in the shortest possible time.

An essential element of the upright Eight prediction is the speed of your actions. There is a good expression “strike while the iron is hot,” which should be in your head when you think about what to do next. When the Eight of Wands appears, do not stand still, but you need to take all the enthusiasm and act. You may have to go on air travel for business or relaxation purposes.

The only flaw of the Upright Eight of Wands is possible hasty decisions. So try to use all possible resources to your advantage. Also, have a plan and move in one direction only.


This position of the card indicates a large number of delays and barriers. Despite your enthusiasm and energy, you should stop on the path to big goals and solve minor problems. It causes frustration and annoyance. Try to find plan B to avoid obstacles and their consequences. You may have problems with your future trip.

Another assumption of the reversed Eight of Wands is that you are in a hurry, but your action plan is still raw, which can cause negative consequences. In this case, you should stop and review your next steps. Maybe you just have to quit your actions in order to wait for a better moment or the end of the existing unpleasant situations.

The appearance of Eight of Wands indicates that you have many ideas that interest you at one time and you cannot make a choice which direction to go in. Consider all the pros and cons and stop at one variant. Your problem may also be that you started one thing, but then you came up with a new idea and switched to it. Remember that you will never do anything with this approach because you are out of focus.

Eight of Wands for love and relationships


The card in such a position is a good sign for couples, as Tarot foreshadows intensive progress in the future. You and a partner can expect bright and beautiful moments, which can make you closer and strengthen your relationship. No matter how long your relationship is today, the Eight of Wands speaks of the rapid development that is complemented by romantic dates, sex, and passion. Love Tarot foretells that your couple will feel a quick change in a positive direction that knocks you and your partner out of love.

However, it is worth noting that you or your partner cannot cope with this pace of development and things will go down. Maybe one of you has not expected such a rapid development that does not suit him. There is also the option that you are busy with other things and do not pay attention to love relationships, so the development process is heading in the other direction. Problems are inevitable in this case.

If you are single, then the Eight of Wands speaks of the soonest appearance of love in your life. You feel a real attraction to this person, and the romance starts very quickly, develop rapidly and eventually die out. Most likely a holiday romance awaits you in the next trip. It is worth noting that this relationship will absorb you entirely and you will experience feelings of crazy love. If you are already in love with a person but do not know about his feelings for you, then the card foreshadows an answer to this question soon. The upright position speaks of possible positive news for you.


In this case, the Eight of Wands says that your relationship with your partner is fading away. You feel a lack of energy, enthusiasm, and brightness in sex life. Your couple’s development has completely stopped or is slowly moving towards a negative outcome. Your relationship can be quite young or last for years, you, anyway, feel that something is wrong. You and your partner are disappointed with the situation and want some action and progress. The card advises not to panic and wait a couple of weeks.

If you are single, then the reversed Eight of Wands will give you a relationship that ends in failure. You’ll be quite in love with a person, and the relationship will start rapidly, but then events will turn your feelings about your partner upside down. In the end, the romance will end because you’ll be disappointed in the chosen person. If you are already in love, then your loved one probably does not feel the same towards you, and you’ll find out about this soon. If you go on a trip, you can meet love there. However, it will not last long and will end in your misunderstanding about whether it was necessary to start.

Eight of Wands for money and career


The Eight of Wands foreshadows your career taking off, possible future trips or new meetings. In any case, you will feel a strong surge of energy and rush, which will add enthusiasm and help to make a strong leap forward. If you have an idea or project in your head, then the events for implementation will come sooner than you have expected. However, remember that quick decisions may not always be successful, therefore, prepare an action plan in advance. You should not jump into the first train, but wait because more successful opportunities can still be ahead. The card says that your finances will increase soon, but you should not invest in risky projects.


This position of the card indicates that you will experience a large number of canceled meetings and delayed trips. Your plans have no progress or are moving very slowly causing your frustration. Your career does not develop due to lack of opportunities and promotion. Another variant is that you have a lot of new tasks and cannot cope with the work. Toro foretells that you will not find a change in your career and finances in the near future and you have to wait. You are disappointed because you cannot earn enough money and you are afraid that it will take years to achieve the goal. Possible, problems with your finances are related to your impulsive attitude to spending, and you use money stupidly.

Eight of Wands advice

Despite regress or progress in your affairs, you must be patient. Eight of Wands will definitely give you a better offer or a way out of an unpleasant situation with time. You are sufficiently energetic to fulfill your plans, but try not to make hasty decisions and stick to the plan. Be open and attentive to new opportunities that can propel you in any areas of your life.

Yes / No card meaning

The central meaning of the Eight of Wands is rapid development, new opportunities, and travel. The answer to your question is yes, but you should remember about the possible obstacles.