Chariot card meaning in reversed and upright position

The warrior is standing inside a chariot. His armor is decorated with crescents, the symbol of the beginning, and the tunic has different alchemical signs, the chemistry of life. A square on the chest means willpower. The crown on the head indicates victory, success and spiritual development. The chariot moves only by his will as there are no reins. The warrior stands tall symbolizing a constant movement.

The chariot is decorated with a canopy of six-pointed stars referring to the celestial world. Two sphinxes, black and white, sitting in front of the vehicle mean duality and opposites. You may notice that the sphinxes pull the cart in different directions, but the charioteer indicates them to move forward with the help of his willpower. The river in the background means the flow of life.

General meaning by position

This tatot card symbolizes journey and forward movement. The card is associated with confidence, willpower, and victory.


The Chariot is a card of willpower and dedication. The person has an opinion and ideas, knows what decisions will lead him to the best result and is ready to act. It’s better not to hope for a miracle but to focus on actions. The card gives strength and courage to overcome any obstacles. Other people may criticize, restrict or hinder the implementation of plans, so there is a need to have a strong spirit.

The appearance of the card already means a successful outcome. The primary duty of the person is to surrender to the cause entirely and concentrate on moving forward. Discipline, inner strength, and commitment are the qualities needed to achieve the goal. Looking for workarounds or easier ways are a terrible idea that will turn out to be a failure. Difficulties and contests are a kind of test for the person to prove his willpower.

The Chariot recommends acting decisively and talking about desires loudly. Only strong people conquer the heights. Nothing can break a person who has solid belief systems and ideals. The value of an opinion is its stability.

Sometimes, the Chariot predicts a long travel. A person may want to sell a house and go on a road trip. It may be something related to driving and moving from one city or country to another.


The reversed Chariot means problems in the working process. The person is faced with a problem or crisis and does not understand what to do. The reason may be new priorities, loss of motivation or defocusing. The card recommends taking a few steps back, reviewing your wishes and creating a new plan. Perhaps there is a need to change the course of action.

Sometimes, the Chariot in a reversed position is a sign of impassable tasks. The person lacks the will to cope with obstacles and reach the end. The best way to find strength for further action is to gain motivation. There is a need to remember what inspired the person at the beginning of the path or to find a new incentive. Thoughts about the final result and success are also inspiring to work.

For those who prefer to be the creator of their own destiny, the reversed Chariot means losing control of the situation. First, there is no need to worry. It is impossible to manage everything and always. The person must accept this fact and direct all his strength to the development of the most valuable things. Sometimes, craving for control can drive you crazy. Help from other people may be needed sometimes.

The Chariot for love and relationships


The Chariot typically indicates the need to love yourself. For those who are in a relationship, the card recommends focusing on personal feelings first. This is especially true for couples who have long been together, where one of the partners dedicates himself completely. Everyone must develop as a separate person and have lives and interests outside of relationships. Concentrating on work or other people does not mean forgetting about the loved one or family.

The best way to distract from relationships is to create goals outside. This could be a hobby, a creative project or a career promotion plan. The Chariot also talks about self-improvement. Spiritual development involves spending a lot of time alone. Thus, the person will find inner peace and bring harmony to the couple.

Alternatively, the Chariot means commitment and the need to put restrictions in the relationship. The main thing is mutual responsibility and equal rules for both partners. This creates a special bond between the lovers. The established limitations also relieve anxiety and give confidence. However, the person should not be aggressive and insist on those restrictions that the partner doesn’t want. Each issue must be discussed within the couple.

For those who are single, the Chariot card recommends enjoying a bachelor life. A relationship is not the main thing in life, and the person will definitely find a soul mate sometime soon. Now is an excellent time to learn self-love.


The reverse Chariot means forcing to responsibility. When a person is in a relationship, he is obliged to give up a part of himself and be engaged in the development. However, sometimes, one of the partners requires more commitment than the other is willing to give. Most likely this is not the fault of someone specifically. Lovers just have different opinions about healthy relationships.

The person who requires more responsibility from his partner should try to understand the position of his loved one. Perhaps there is no need to take things so seriously. It is better to focus on love and enjoy a relaxed relationship. An easy attitude helps build strong, long-lasting bonds. Also, pressure on the partner can lead to the decision to break up.

The Chariot in a reversed position often means separation. One or both partners do not feel that the relationship has a future. It may be a temporary break to return the old passion. If the couple loves each other, they will find a way out.

For those who are single, the reversed Chariot means unpreparedness for a relationship. Perhaps the person wants warmth, but he is not ready to be responsible. The card does not mean eternal loneliness, but only the fact that now is not the time.

The Chariot for money and work


The card indicates that the person is too worried about the opinions of others. The main thing is to be confident in the correctness of the chosen path despite the criticism. Also, the Chariot recommends not to spend a lot of effort on small tasks, but to concentrate on a big goal. If a person cannot decide on a career, the card advises considering the positions related to transport or software. As for money, the Chariot points out the need to pay debts. The person may want to purchase a vehicle soon.


Ambition and strength are the main elements of the Chariot. The reversed position means the need to revise the attitude to work. The person incorrectly evaluates his powers and the tasks assigned to him. This leads to overworking or failure to fulfill duties due to non-readiness. It isn’t recommended to make risky investments or sign questionable contracts. More time and information are needed to make the right decision. Research and calculations are the keys to success.

The Chariot advice

The Chariot foreshadows success and the overcoming of any obstacles. The main thing is not to miss the moment and act fully concentrating on the work. Only self-confident individuals win. The person must openly express thoughts and believe in his ideas. In case of a lack of internal energy, there is a need to work on motivation. The best way is to visualize the expected success.

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