The Ace of Wands tarot card meaning

Ace of Wands main meanings


The main point which the Ace of Wands Tarot shows can be compared with the seed, which is sure to grow into something strong and big. At the moment, you have a goal, opportunities, and inspiration to carry out all the plans and translate this into long-term success. Another great example that shows the meaning of the card is a spark that has a big chance of flashing a huge flame if you show initiative.

The appearance of the upright Tarot card means the omen to begin implementation. The Ace of Wands feels your inspiration and gives you the strength and luck to start the creative process. Try to get away from planning and move according to your instincts toward your goal; your actions should be associated with spontaneity. If you are sure of the correctness of the idea, the decision, just act. The essence of your further actions is a continuous movement to achieve the goal. However, do not hurry and it is better to start with small steps sometimes and goes into large-scale operations with time.

The Ace of Wands upright symbolizes a breakthrough moment in your life when you can change a lot with the help of an idea or a project that you are currently doing or will be doing soon. You are now at the top of your creativity and are filled not only with inspiration but with a passion too. The absolutely new world is up to you so just take advantage of the opportunities. Think about what you want and make it real as the Aces signify a potential.


This position of the Ace of Wands indicates your lostness and non-acquaintance of what you concretely want. You do not feel the necessary motivation and inspiration, so you see no reason to take the initiative. This condition has a substantial negative effect on your energy. You are not sure sometimes that you are in the right place, and you do not understand the meaning of such a life at the moment. At the same time, it is a challenge for you to get out of this state because you have no other variants and desires. Unfortunately, you cannot change the situation on your own, but time can; wait for the inspiration to come.

In case you have goals and cannot fulfill them, the Ace of Wands reversed believes that you do not have enough desires. Because of not knowing what to do next, you feel the pressure of responsibilities. For example, in the case of your work, your boss is not satisfied with your achievements that do not reach the original plans. In this case, you should also wait for inspiration. A temporary break can help you to relax and organize a favorable environment for the creative passion appearance.

Reversed position of the Ace of Wands can talk about delays and difficulties toward the implementation of the idea. This is temporary. However, it still affects your confidence, especially if you are ready to act and motivated but must sit still. It is also possible that you have an idea and know what to do, but you do not have appropriate support, for example, a lack of money, equipment, energy, etc.

Ace of Wands for Love and Relationships


In this case, the Minor Arcana promises a new stage in your excited relationship. This can omen different things, for example, moving up to a new home, perhaps, an unexpected trip for two or even a wedding. The Ace of Wands is considered a fertility card, so pregnancy and childbirth are possible in the near future; this is especially omen for married couples. The Tarot card also embodies passion and love energy, so romantic nights with incredible sex are also foreshadowed.

Anyway, if the upright position of the Ace of Wands appears, it speaks of a positive future for your relationship. Your future together with your partner depends on the divine energies that will lead you only for the best and fill feelings with meaning. Create more romantic moments and spend more time together.

If you are single, the Ace of Wands suggests that you will most likely find the love soon. Be watchful, and fate itself will point you to the right person. Most likely you already know this person; you both are in the same circle of friends, working in one place or at least he or she is not far away. If you are already in love but do not know whether it is worth taking the first step and admitting your feelings, here is the omen. The card says that the time has come.


Reversed Ace of Wands love reading predicts relationship problems associated with slowdown progress sometimes. Feelings become less bright, and both of you may not see the future of you as a couple. The problem also appears because of you or your partner; someone deliberately slows down relationship due to the fact that he or she lost interest. In this case, Tarot reading recommends taking everything into your own hands and bringing diversity and fun. Talk with a partner; it is possible to change the location, to do a collective business, etc.

The appearance of the card can indicate your dissatisfaction with your sex life. The absence of a spark that was at the beginning of a relationship distances you from a partner. However, the problem will be solved with time, and you should not break up because of this.

If you are single, you can expect an unpleasant series of unsuccessful dates. The Ace of Wands thinks that the problem may be in the choice of partners or in you, your low-energy and lack of initiative. Partners see you as not interesting interlocutor. Also, the Aces card suggests about a long lull, because of poor energy, you push dates away. This is temporary, but for now, you have to show your funny side toward partners more.

Ace of Wands for Career and Money


Get ready for significant updates in your schedule of the day as the card anticipates new projects and a possible promotion. This position of the Ace of Wands represents creativity, which is related to spirituality, cosmic and wild power. Rely on your instincts! Tarot reading suggests that you have a creative project or work that captivates all your attention. The nature of this idea is specific and is related to your inner voice, which will also help you perform a task. Your finances will improve due to additional profits in the form of gifts, rewards or successful investments.


In this case, the Ace of Wands reading says absolutely the opposite. The Minor Arcana foreshadows terrible news related to the lack of initiative in work. You feel bored and cannot find an idea or solution, what causes work and team difficulties. If you are looking for a job or expect a response from your employer, you will most likely be rejected. The Tarot card is a bad sign for your money and investment.

Ace of Wands advice

In most cases, the card foreshadows a positive outcome. You may encounter difficulties or experience them now, but this will end with time. The main thing for you now is to show your growth potential and do what you have long wanted to do. The Ace of Wands appears as the green light to your dreams, so stop thinking and start implementing. If you have no ideas, think about what is your hidden passion.

Yes / No Tarot Reading

As the Aces Tarot card, Ace of Wands gives the answer yes to any questions.